Raymond Jessop out on BAIL! (not)

In response to the “Bills Truth or Fallacy Game” seen here:


We recieved an anonymous email with this photo – seems like one of our eyes in Texas spotted this Church sign, and snapped it.

Amazingly, for a little Church sign, it tells so much in so few words.

And while others dream that the brick walls will fall down around various incarcerated sex offenders, in reality that just isn’t going to happen.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 26, 2010.

23 Responses to “Raymond Jessop out on BAIL! (not)”

  1. Hmmm, has the marks of Stamp all over it…

  2. Yah think?

    “Mess up”? CALL : Jessop Bail Bonds
    We specialize in ‘Victimless’ crimes

    CALL : Give A HOOT [448- 324668]
    We won’t give you the 3rd Degree
    We’ll ask for Probation
    [FREE child care services]

  4. Ya never know what you’ll see driving around the countryside.

    Imagine that!

  5. Plus you wouldnt believe what a C-Note will do to for a Pastor on Monday.

  6. LOL

    “Free Childcare Services”

    Is that for those secular Children or those FLDS theological Children wives?

  7. i love this. is that the HOOT church in Eldorado?

  8. Pretty good job of photoshopping but you didn’t line up the letters inside the squares of the letterboard. πŸ˜‰

  9. HOOT Church, Church of HOOT, ElDorado HOOTERS Club, yep the same.

  10. Be carefull Rebeckah, or we’ll send you out with a camera next time!


  11. We get to have our little jokes.

  12. Willie, Rod Parker, Hugh and Bill set em up.

    Somebody has to oblige and hit them out of the park!

  13. Say…..Some guy named Big Willie’s on the phone he’s asking for a group rate? Wants to know if child services includes child brides while they make court appearances? He’s asking about a free shuttle bus service to and from his ranch?

    I told him we can work out all the specifics, just as long as he doesn’t have any fugitive flight history and he hung up on me. I hate folks that ask so many questions and then answer them nothing.

  14. In my best Fred Rogers voice:

    Stamp won’t you be my neighbor?


  15. Did he ask for a special trailer for his sacred cows? I hear he never goes anywhere without them, ya never know when he will need milk butter cheese or a steak.

  16. hee hee

    Do I get to appear on your show and talk about postal rates?

  17. In my best Fred Rogers voice:

    Stamp won’t you be my neighbor?


    We are still having some weather issues here. Hope to be back pestering eveyone at full strength by next week.
    Blues I also appreicated your post at your site.


  18. its bright and sunny here in texas walton, come on down.

  19. We’re all philatelics today. Go get ’em.

  20. Opps. That was me.

    cajIM LOL. Answer them nothing.

  21. “He’s asking about a free shuttle bus service….”

    Of course HOOT offers that.

    Air conditioned and we’ll cover up the B word just for him.


  22. Hee hee, I give a hoot πŸ˜‰

  23. LOL @ the sign – and extra LOL’s at the B****** buses.

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