UEP Shines Bright Light on FLDS and Attorneys


~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 22, 2010.

24 Responses to “UEP Shines Bright Light on FLDS and Attorneys”

  1. i love that all the attorneys, except the ones for the flds, are cutting through the bs. the flds ones on the other hand are piling the bs up.

  2. Ah b’leeve the Dark Devil has ahold of him, fersure.

  3. Everyone knows that FLDS would lie about anything. And do.

  4. Jerry’s tattling to Lyle about Mayor Zitting (exhibit 6) is worse than childish!

  5. Oh, man.

    Quite a whammy about the Twin City Water Works funds going directly into the household of RJA over the years.

    Hello, Arizona AG’s office.

    And is anyone home at the IRS?

  6. That was an explicit recreation of their conversation, cement.

    Looks like a transcription from a recording if you ask me.

    That is a lot to recall verbatim from memory.

  7. Joseph Allred to WSJ regarding the Twin City Water Works:

    “The company has never been audited.”


  8. No, Twist, Cement is talking about the letter also included in the exhibits. And he’s right — it was the most 2 year old thing I think I’ve seen yet.

    “Uncle Warren? Is David Z supposed to be talking to evil gentiles with his door closed? Because he IS and I can’t spy on him in there…”

  9. Yes, I know, Rebeckah.

    What I meant was that Jerry has an amazing memory if he was able to reconstruct that conversation with David Zitting from memory only.

    I doubt he was taking it down in shorthand while they were talking.

  10. what i don’t get is why it is taking the state so long to drop the hammer on them….

  11. Does that mean lots of pocket recorders for gathering evidence against people? So when he took me to lunch and told me I was acting a little cranky at times and was wondering what the problem was, he was likely gathering evidence? Oh well, any evidence won’t do him any good at this point.

  12. Oh who knows, Pressure? Besides there is sure to be other state business for courts to attend to.

  13. No Texastwist, he said they recorded it. I hope they provided a copy to whoever decertifies police officers. Roundy clearly lied when he swore his oath to uphold the law.

  14. I think we may be talking two different exhibits, Rebeckah.

  15. This is a good one from Page IX of the Reply Memorandum:

    “With all due respect to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Fiduciary suggests that the Utah Department of Commerce is a better source for corporate information….Warren Jeffs is still the President of CPFLDS.”

  16. Cement, was that Bruce who took you to lunch? I don’t know if he actually recorded the conversation but it was his side that did. 😉

  17. “I think we may be talking two different exhibits, Rebeckah.”

    Oh, maybe we are, Texastwist. There are so many.

  18. No, Jerry before I left. The same Jerry that is a childish tattler.

  19. Ahhh, yes, that would make sense, Cement. Possibly the only time he ever feels worthwhile is when he’s tattling on someone. Me, I worked hard to teach my children not to tattle unless it was really important. (In our house the rule was that if you tattled and I didn’t think it was “really important” they’d get the same punishment as the person they tattled on. It was remarkably effective. 😉 )

  20. Twist, that WAS a good comment about the SLT.

    Another good one was when they said they should depose Warren and his schedule should be pretty open, since he is incarcerated.

    That Zack and Jeff Shields sure do have a way with words!

  21. i loved the comment about wsj’s schedule being open due to his current incarceration myself.

  22. With all of the gems that keep popping up in Warren’s dictations and other communications, one has to wonder what all is in those that haven’t been made public.

    When I read new dictations I almost always think things can’t get any more bizarre than the previous ones.

    I’m almost always wrong about that.

  23. That filing totally rocks! I love all the recent use of Warren Jeff’s own compulsive dictation. Karma can be a real kick in the butt sometimes.

  24. More related FLDS funnies:


    “Rod Parker, a Salt Lake attorney who represents FLDS members opposed to the fiduciary’s plans for the trust, calls the allegations that Jeffs is still in control of the sect from prison ‘outrageous.'”

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