“Lost Boys” Recommend UEP Resolution



~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 19, 2010.

52 Responses to ““Lost Boys” Recommend UEP Resolution”

  1. Wow!!! quite an insider view
    but – how does this come under the heading Elissa recommends UEP resolution?

  2. HHG — I had to correct the title of the post. I saw Hoole filed it and got Elissa stuck in my head, but this is actually filed by the “Lost Boys” or “Interested Individuals”.

  3. Well seems WARREN said over and over he was NO LONGER prophet,, Wicked, Disgusting , Cruel Asshole that he is.

  4. So the ‘truth will prevail’ may really not be all that prophetic if you attach incriminating exhibits about the hidden agenda and stratagem on how to have an undeclared ‘Holy War’ in the Courts and play the aggrieved party. So what is the next ploy when the Court rules that bogus filings and motions must stop?

  5. So Willie the Thug is one of 3 UEP Trustees, therefore he lied under oath up there in Austin?

  6. Different Willie GrannyT. The “Willie Jessop” that is one of the UEP Trustees is really William E. Timpson (Jessop). After his real dad got exed, his mom was reassigned to Fred Jessop so he magically became a “Jessop”.

  7. I know that but keep getting the willies. stirred. and shaken.

  8. he’s got that magic DNA to go with it.

  9. Great reading.

  10. Dictation of November 24, 2003:

    “…it will be mostly the young people that are brought to these places of refuge even without their parents.”

    Not really news, but there it is in black and white.

  11. Also from November 24, 2003:

    “…there is no such thing as an underage Priesthood marriage but that it is a protection for them if they will look at it right…”


    “The Lord will have me do this, get more young girls married, not only as a test to the parents, but also to test this people to see if they will give the Prophet up.”

    The following day, on November 25, 2003, Warren Jeffs married a girl who was 13 at the time — one of Merril and Ruth’s daughters.

    Within the following two months, he married two 14-year-olds.

    I’d say Merril Jessop passed the test.

  12. It almost seems like warren wanted the government to take over the UEP property and evict the flds from their hoimes as a “test”.
    All so he could contnue underage marriage. Thanks for posting this, fascinating material.

  13. Man, pass the popcorn. What a soap opera!

  14. Its like a never ending series of Big Love –

    Oh, wait, it is! It is!

  15. “Dictation of November 24, 2003:

    “…it will be mostly the young people that are brought to these places of refuge even without their parents.”

    Not really news, but there it is in black and white.

    Twist, ya think he got permission slips for doctor visits and such?

  16. “WARNING’. “This is ONLY a test”. What? All these public resources, governmental actions, Law Enforcement responses and costs on local citizens? So that the Prophet Warren Jeffs can ‘test’ his congregation to choose God or the Government, Warren or the Public Officials and FLDS Church or the State Authorities? ‘Holy War’ undeclared and masked as self proclaimed group persecutions and courtroom defiance(s).

    Sedition, anarchy and intentional planned outlaw acts intended to test a fanatical sect run amuck within the United States. Federal Government Task Force is needed to respond to this crime syndicate covert religion bent on confronting the duly elected officials and existing laws by felony actions. This isn’t a test as much as it is a rogue religion bent on ‘Holy War’ with the U.S. Government.

  17. In Warren’s self-fulfilling and self-deluded (with the noble assistance of gifted Naomie and) prophecy, it was desirable for Warren and other FLDS men to be arrested and charged.

    His desired result has come about, so what’s all the whining about?

    “So stop your fussing, boy. Your time will come.”

  18. Sure he did, Stamp.

    Lee Anthony Steed, FLDS Westcliffe, Colorado: “We are seeking to be peaceful and law-abiding and pleasant people.”

    “Seeking to be…”

    Yeah, right.

  19. Brilliant.


    He Got what he Bought.

    Test that out, SUCKA!

  21. Oh, just read some dictations.

    They “were” always on a “Quest for Perfection”

    But now they are on a “Quest for Tests” . . . .?????????

    Looks like they threw “Perfection” out with the bath water!!

  22. Twist

    The are “Seeking to be law abiding by living in a land where anything goes”……..

    Looks like Texas aint it.

  23. First, in the late 1990s, he and other FLDS leaders began to use the Trust to facilitate increasing numbers of illegal activities. Second, as he predicted, these illegal activities resulted in civil tort actions. Third, he commanded the FLDS to answer the courts nothing. Fourth, he specifically made answering them nothing and the foreseeable loss ofthe UEP Trust a religious test. Fifth, he purported to have received revelation that the Trust and halfhearted people were rejected by God. Sixth, he caused certain UEP Trust property to be sold to support himself as FLDS prophet and a federal fugitive. Seventh, he allowed the UEP Trust, FLDS Church, and himself to default in the tort cases. Eighth, he commanded the FLDS people to exercise their religious rights to chose between protecting the Trust and protecting their prophet and underage “marriage.” Ninth, he and the other former trustees abandoned the Trust and their fiduciary duties, requiring the Utah and Arizona Attorneys General to petition for court intervention. Tenth, he refused to appear as this Court intervened and eventually reformed the Trust to remove its unlawful purposes. Eleventh, years later, he caused the commencement ofextensive litigation to assert the incredulous claim that the FLDS’ religious rights have been violated.

    There you have it.

  24. Yep, ‘Warring’ Warren fighting the ‘Holy War’ that he not only predicted but planned and executed under his delusional and fanatical command of his diehard congregation. Sorry, this doesn’t count as a prophetic event but rather a hidden agenda unleashed on an unsuspecting citizenry, being added to the victims list of unchecked serial felonies which have been indicted, in part and further investigations are necessary to arrest this criminal crime wave.

  25. No wonder Jessop and Keate went so meekly off to prison . . . they are soldiers in Warren’s holy war.

  26. Warren MUST have been sent by God to punish those folks, and what a job he’s done!

  27. Are FLDS sending any help to haiti??? LOL

  28. Notice how he raked Mayor Allred through the coals for making a few decisions without his input. And they squack about the current board of trustees not being religiously neutral. What hypocrites!

  29. This is on page 57 of the PDF.

  30. Another thing I read last night but can’t find right now is the statement that the more pure and innocent a girl is, the younger he will marry them. Ouch.

  31. love the footnotes.

  32. will the followers have the courage to read these things?
    will these writings that have been brought to light be seen by them as being the door to freedom for them once and for all?

  33. Good lawyering. That is spot on.

  34. No. The followers will not read these dictations. They have been expressly forbidden to do so. No TV news, no newspapers, no internet. And anything they have already seen has been chalked up to media tampering and superimposed pictures. They have no desire to change the “status quo” and beleive what they see.

  35. It is simply amazing to me that some people will deny what they see with their own eyes ….

  36. Thats extremely saad little ex plig kid. you know why? Because they have NO courage to know or understand the truth, to make a decision on their own, and to be led around the rest of their lives, by thieves, liars and cheats!

  37. Yes, DD, they have been raised from the cradle to blindly follow the leader, no matter how ridiculous and how damaging the commands of the leader may be.

  38. i wouldn’t make a very good member of this group cuz i’d be questioning everything and probably tell wee willie where he can stick it.

  39. Very well written & put together….of course the ‘there is no such thing as a lost boy’ crowd may net be too pleased. Then again they may not even notice what with their heads in the sand.

  40. pattigirl, they’re certainly not apt to go to the trouble of actually reading it. It’s 130 some pages.

  41. it’s path girl; like pathology but thx for the response;-)

  42. a lot of prayers have gone up for the people in this mormon sect to just do it – read with an open mind so maybe they will

  43. Sorry, path girl. I must not have had my glasses on when I posted that and the letters morphed on me. Sucks to be old.

  44. Anon, 11:13AM. To just do what? Your post is intriguing but vague.

  45. betty – to just read with an open mind and see journals and the evidence that might be shocking but something to consider – the truth about what they have been deceived about.

  46. i would hope that they would see the light. there are a number of ex-flds, but are they ex by choice or would they go back if warren gaven them a chance?

  47. there are a number of ex-flds, but are they ex by choice or would they go back if warren gaven them a chance

    Judging by their comments, I think a number are ex by choice. It’s hard to say how many would go back. I suspect it is related to their ties to the community. Pliggy clearly wanted to go back, but that was because he no longer had his young children. I think a lot of young folks who have just lost some relations to their parents or other sibs probably don’t have a strong inclination to go back.

  48. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could leave the community and still keep their ties? That’s something that bothers me about the Amish too. It’s a particularly cruel form of social control — shunning, that is.

  49. i think it is a cruel form of obedience control. its not the exes who don’t want the contat, its those still in who are forbidden to contact the exes. warren must be paranoid that he’d lose control of his sheeple if he allows them to have contact with their outside relatives.

  50. It’s a very typical way to keep the sheeples in line. Our bonds with our families tend to be about the strongest out there and people will do a lot keep their relationship with their family so it is common for harsh and authoritarian religions to “punish” those who reject the faith by forbidding families to associate with them. Plus, if the families DO associate and discover that the apostates are not being punished by “God” there might be more temptation for others to leave.

  51. How much stronger is the bonds to house ‘Templebuilders’ in secure ‘Lands of Refuge’ in relocated States like Texas, Colorado and South Dakota. No nearby ‘apostate’ siblings, saavy local police/social workers or pesky shunned exFLDS activists to rally local concerns and awareness. Gulags behind locked entry gates, barbed wire fencing, under control tower and video cameras/motion detectors is much more hellish control of the chosen sheeple.

    The ‘Lands of Refuge’ is the outward and visible view that something has escalated and gone seriously astray with this covert sect and their manic congregation willing to follow moves over 1,000 miles away, building new sequestered enclaves and even a massive Temple trying to please the Prophet. Very troublesome and heightened fanatical response to Public & Press awareness of an organized crime syndicates actions and abuses. Reigning in such a criminal organization seems beyond individual States efforts to enforce statutes and effectively control without a Federal Task Force.

  52. They’ve been doing this to young guys for decades, it’s nothing new.

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