FLDS suspected Underage Mothers with Children (UPDATED LIST)


FLDS Suspected Child Bride Mother List

This is a partial list of suspected births from underage minors.

Father, suspected victim age and child listed, please note if you have additional suspected information.

Print it out and use as a “Bookmark” to go with your copy of National Geographic.  The FLDS will be on the FRONT PAGE of NAT GEO in the 2-2010 issue.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 14, 2010.

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  1. Shucks, yeah, Willie, we believe you when you tell us that underage “marriages” don’t happen. And if they do, they’re not consummated until the girl reaches legal age. Yeah, we believe you.

  2. Maybe we should send a copy to Willie.

  3. I did not see Teresa on this list.

  4. Don’t you reckon he’s smart enough to get to this site by himself?
    Surely one of his wives could help him.

  5. “Print it out and use as a “Bookmark” to go with your copy of National Geographic.”

  6. Lying Willie says it doesn’t happen and we’re going to stop.

  7. OL

    Well, if you use it as a bookmark and read the magazine, maybe folks can make additions. Think Nat GEO will tell of any more?

  8. i’m hoping nat geo has pictures of leann and her 2nd baby.

  9. There may be naive new info, who knows. We shall see.

  10. Remember in that set with the apparent pregnancy – there was this one family pic of mom, daughters and smalls at a dining table where the daughter at the left background of the table has her shoulders turned away. That shot caused me to wonder, speculate what infant may be being hidden from the photographer’s view.

  11. Just occured to me, Emack, if he is found guilty and sentenced like the others, will be going to prison right about the time the Nat Geo hits the stands.

    Dont that tie the Ribbon around the Old Oak tree.

  12. How long before the indictees start running like Warren Jeffs did?

    Anyway. Back to these babies whose mothers are or were then, children. Jeffs, Jessop, Keate, Barlow. Emack’s?

  13. I really appreciate all the hard work that went into making this list. After getting half-truths and outright distortions from The Plural Life for so long, it’s refreshing to see actual facts laid out plainly.

    One quibble though: shouldn’t the names of the mothers be partially concealed, like they are on the previous list of child brides?

  14. I too really appreciate the hard work and research that has gone into this list. I wonder if the researcher would be willing to expend even more effort and give us a list of past generations of underage marriages and mothers? Because I don’t think this started with Warren at all, I think he just accelerated it and lowered the age.

  15. OftenLate, I think that’s LeAnn standing in the doorway. Her daughter Sally isn’t at the table, the 2 kids at the end of the table are Zionna and Matthew, children of Janet and Pamela. Pamela also had a 2nd son by then, Jonathan who isn’t in the picture either. Sally’s daughter ReNae was probably saved from an underage marriage/child by Warren being put in jail and the rescue. I think the triple marriage that involved LeAnn Jeffs, Teresa Jeffs and Merrianne Jessop were the last underage one performed by Warren. He was caught in Nevada about a month later.

  16. maybe so ellie, but stephanie sinclair didn’t conceal anything with her picture captions.

  17. True, some of them certainly haven’t seemed camera-shy. For instance, for one girl alone I’ve seen photos of her jumping on a trampoline, playing a string instrument, posing with law enforcement officials, fiddling with her cell phone, chatting with her mother and climbing a tree.

    But I think that if we acknowledge them as victims of underage marriages and sexual assault, efforts should be made to treat them as typical abuse victims are treated. Even if the girls themselves proclaim that they don’t see themselves as victims and that they really enjoy their pseudo-marriages to whichever old man the Prophet picked.

  18. Orrin Hatch, Utah Senator, claimed he would take action against Polygamist child abusers if he only knew of it and who was a victim.

    Well Thar ya go Orrin.

    Since telling him “it happens” wasnt enough for him to take action, maybe now he will get off his ass.

    Kinda hard to ignore the child abuse blizzard anymore.

  19. stamp, i want some of what you are smokin if you think orrin is going to get up and do something. for one thing it would take effort on his part and i ain’t seeing that happen.

  20. Does anyone really know if Nat Geo is doing an article? It appears to me that right now all you have is a photojournalist who occasionally does work for Nat Geo who took pictures of the FLDS.

    I have to admit that FLDS women do make for interesting photo subjects what with their prairie dresses and poofy hair styles. If there is an article the true test will be whether the truth is told BEHIND the pictures.

  21. ron, the february issue should be out in the next week or so according to their circulation department. i don’t know for sure if it will be in there or not. guess we’ll have to wait and see if it will be in there or not.

  22. PT

    Well, at least its out there in the ether. At least he cant claim he is ignorant like before.


    Pretty sure, and she is doing a pay – per – attend NAt GEO FLDS dog and pony show in WA DC mid Feb, preumably piggybacking on the article.

    I think its grand timing, surely planned that way, right during the first 3rd of the trials.

    Maybe there will be a scorecard in the Edition so you can keep track of convictions and length of sentences.

    Or maybe the good folks at texasflds will make one you can print out and follow along with.




  23. Anony who is she, the one seated at the table, left, background, down by those 2 small children seated at the end? That’s the one I’d asked about whose torso and shoulders were turned away.

  24. Well I don’t have the picture in front of me, but as I remember it, Janet is down there and Pamela is across from her. I think ReNae is also missing from that picture.

  25. Is that the Merriane Jessop who was the last child in foster care, daughter of Barbara and Merril? This is the first I’ve heard of her having had a baby.


  26. That is she. Miss “boo hoo I need my mother” Merrianne. Daughter of “cry a lot and talk about how miserable you are in foster care all the time” Barbara.

  27. Dang warren and his obsessive record keeping, gonna mess them up every time uh Melissa?

  28. They play musical names about as often as they play musical beds.

    Reckon it will come out in the wash soon enough.

    Nat Geo good enough for ya?

    It wouldnt be the first time a baby was hidden from LE or CPS would it, remember Theresa Steed and her swapped baby?

    They never did find that child. Fell through the friggen CPS cracks.

  29. I mean, there ya go, they spirited that baby away and nobody has to answer for it.

    YET. But with the Dirty Dozen lined up like dominoes, one would realize WHY they want to take the baby from its mother… but when the search gets serious, many people may pay a high price for that game.

  30. Melissa, no one knows if Merrianne had a child or not but it’s a real possibility since Warren’s other underage brides did. At least one had one at age 14, I think. I’ll have to look again to be sure. So the baloney that the marriage was more of a betrothal is just that. If Warren didn’t exercise his manly marriage privileges with Merrianne it would only have been because he didn’t have time while running and hiding from the law, not because he wasn’t willing to.

  31. Seems to me I’d read somewhere that Warren hisself documented her child’s birth. We shall see about that, shall we not.

    There too there is Teresa’s missing child that they hid to “save” the father. How that crime family happened to get away with that, NEVER should have been allowed.

  32. So many crimes, how does LE keep up?

    They put the “crime” in “Crime Family”.

  33. Hmmmmmmmmm, jailhouse dictations huh. Must google those.

  34. 13 is awfully awfully young to have a child, both physically and emotionally. And then to have it spirited away….. That poor poor girl.

    I had always kind of hoped Merriane’s time out in ‘the world’ would have opened her mind up to other options so she could at least make an informed choice about where and how she wanted to spend her life.

    Looks like it’s already too late, she’s already tied there by her child. It’s an appallingly callous but undeniably effective strategy for keeping women in the group.

  35. The above post was me, must get round to setting up an ID.


  36. First of all, I wouldn’t have let Teresa Steed off as easy as she was, and would have made sure her baby was found and was Okay.

  37. me too dd1. i’m betting she’s in colorado with nathan.

  38. Of course Im sure she didnt have alot of say in the matter, the baby was gone right after she had it… Gotta keep babies secret, and hidden , cause its an eventual bride or perp.

  39. Actually PT,, wouldnt doubt if the baby is in short creek,, what better way to hide a newborn than in plain site,, the home of the FLDS

  40. I’ve always held out hope for the ‘tree climber’.

  41. i was thinking colorado because in some of the dictation i read, she and nathan were at a house in hiding in colorado and that’s where they got married.

  42. Ron it is my understanding there will be a Documentary on the FLDS with National Geographic (TV Version) and the print version.

    The FLDS are directly involved with the print version.

  43. Well the ‘National Geographic’ did a January article on ‘fossil’ fireballs but they were talking about outer space, as in meteors. The article title had me thinking it was going to be on the older Priesthood men past 50 years old that use Viagra. Warren must be smoldering by now in his isolated cell and no pharmacy starter around. Oh well, it’s not like conjugal visits would be allowed for a perp, anyway.

    Maybe we should take up a collection for Atomic FireBall jaw breakers for Warrant and send him a 200 count jar full, NOT.

    Nah, that wouldn’t work they die them bright RED.

  44. Speaking of red, I thought Warren outlawed it? Aren’t the kids in Sinclair’s pictures from the ranch playing with some toys that are red?

  45. HA HA

    Warren is an old fossil with red fireballs coming out his mouth.

    Seen in the January issue of Nat Geo!

  46. Miele, my understanding is that red is unacceptable to wear but it is okay to have it around. I believe it isn’t supposed to be worn because Jesus is supposed to return wearing red but who the heck really knows? Basically, it was just another thing that Warren could tell people not to do.

  47. We need date of marriage — several of these couples have been or were married over 40 years ago, and as first wives.

  48. Miele, my understanding is that red is unacceptable to wear but it is okay to have it around.
    From the many photos I’ve seen, it looks like a lot more colors are unacceptable to wear, besides red. Any bright or vivid color seems to be off limits.

    P.S. I like the added wordcloud up top. I made a simiarl one for the suspected chilbrides list, using FLDS-approved colors:

  49. Rebeckah, judging from the photos, it seems like LOTS of colors are unacceptable to wear, not just red. Pretty much any bright or vivid color is off-limits

    P.S. I like the wordcloud addd up top. I made one for the suspected childbrides, using FLDS-friendly colors:

  50. Orrin Hatch can’t be bothered right now with FLDS child brides.

    He is too busy dealing with college football and the BCS.

  51. Yes, National Geographic IS making a documentary on the FLDS. I think they are including Winston and his crowd in it, too.

  52. Anonymous I agree that dates added would provide better perspective. IF the blogger can do that or has the info, I know it’s a lot of work. OTOH it is a Good Thing to see who all participates in this particular crime, but given dates, states’ laws may have evolved over time.

  53. that picture of veda with serrenna needs to be posted here. it is clearly the epitomy of underage marriage/abuse.

  54. No, I would strongly suggest posting Joe Jessop’s Herd of Family picture. Shows how quickly Fumarse Deficiency is spread, ‘Sello’Steal’ Kingdom and just how laxed the laws are in Utah and Arizona to spawn this Western Rocky Mountain crime wave. The footnote on this photo ought to be how many of these members receive some form of government stipend in the Short Creek area.

  55. From Nat Geo: The FLDS women I spoke with tended to be far more articulate and confident than the men, most of whom seemed paralyzed by bashfulness. It makes sense when one begins to grasp that women are coveted to “multiply and replenish the earth,” while men are in extraordinary competition to be deemed worthy of marriage by the prophet. One way to be deemed worthy, of course, is to not rock the boat, to keep a low profile. As a result, what has all the trappings of a patriarchal culture, actually has many elements of a matriarchal one.
    I have noticed also that the women seem so much more intelligent than the men. I think part of it is that the women must be in competition with each other for their husband’s attentions. Also must be able to survive in a system where they have little power. Over a period of decades I think that increased the female intelligence over the men’s. Also men start working in construction at an early age while still children, not exactly a way to learn verbal skills etc as their growing years are spent on hard labor. Young men also have to keep their heads down or they will be singled out for excommunication to decrease the excess. Funny the National Geographic reporter also seized on this.
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  56. Katch, The haunting aspect of the CPS Removal was the manner in which the FLDS leadership slipped the Press and Public’s eye along with the priesthood men. The women and children were tossed into the front-lines and actually were forced to fend for themselves, totally unprepared, no training nor level of authority to effectively deal with the situation. The Priesthood, without the presence of their prophet, were wholly ineffective and failed to place themselves defensively or in harms way, fearing their own arrests and avoiding Law Enforcement interrogations which would have placed them at risk. You do recall the ‘poof’ Bishop of the YFZ Ranch and his ‘Templebuilder’ cohorts.

    I liken it to being aboard the Titanic, the command would have been,”Save the Prophet and Priesthood men into the life preservers and life boats first”. “The women and children step aside until the life boats are safely launched”.

  57. “From Nat Geo: The FLDS women I spoke with tended to be far more articulate and confident than the men,”
    Keep in mind, the women who are in front of cameras are hand picked and “allowed” to be interviewed. It only makes sense that the leaders would pick the most articulates and self confident of the group. I’m not saying that there are any more or less women who have self confidense, or who are articulate. But, being from this community, I know that not one of these girls/women are talking to any media without express permission by their file leaders.

  58. Speaking of red, I thought Warren outlawed it? Aren’t the kids in Sinclair’s pictures from the ranch playing with some toys that are red?
    I also noticed one of the girls in Sinclair’s photos for Nat Geo(the photo where they’re tarping the hay harvest) is wearing a decidedly red dress.

    So maybe red items are not so much forbidden as discouraged. I noticed that other colors besides red also seem to be avoided – any bright or vivid colors. Maybe they’re just nostalgic for an era before chemical dyes.

  59. Thanks for the note. You POV is always welcome!

  60. FLDS Texas Admin: Could you supply me with your email address?
    I need your assistance with something. You have my email address here, you could always email me yours, if need be.

  61. Done

  62. Did someone seriously call their child Amoniah?

    Another sign that you are too young to reproduce, if you will name your child after a type of bleach, just mix up the spelling a bit.

  63. I’m guessing, Anonymous 10:32, that the pronunciation would be


    and it probably sounds Book of Mormonish to them. Maybe Amoniah is one of the three women mentioned by name in the BoM?

  64. Okay, I need some help. Some very confused woman wrote to BILL of all people, about her confusion and negative feelings about Warren marrying a 12 year old. Bill decided to “enlighten” her with his own particular brand of deceit and I plan to address it on my blog. So, can someone please give me the facts on these three particular statements by the Mudpuppy?

    “The State claimed that they had 31 girls, all children, all who were pregnant or had already given birth to a child. The youngest girl with a baby was 17. The oldest “Girl” being held was 37 years old. Of the 31 girls, none had a baby or were pregnant before they were 17 while living in Texas.”

    Now, perhaps the “while living in Texas part makes it technically true, I don’t know, but could someone tell me which of the girls in our underage brides list were taken in Texas, how many children they had and what the children’s ages are? Then I think I’ll just include a link to this page for the rest of that. Next:

    “One girls lawyer, went on the Nancy Grace show and said that her client was pregnant and already had a child who was kidnapped and being kept from the Attorney. The fact was proven that the girl was a virgin.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Merrianne never did have any physical examinations, right? (In fact, none of the girls underewent a SANE exam, right?) So that would rather preclude anyone PROVING she was or is a virgin.

    “The State held those children for 8 weeks and grilled them constantly about sex.. NOT ONE reported anything had happened, and NOT ONE showed any signs of being sexually abused.”

    This one is just ridiculous. No one was “grilled constantly”, just another of Bill’s assinine exaggerations. No help needed with that. But with the first one, some help on that would be sooo much appreciated. 😀

  65. well, in custody they had leanne, janet, veda, pamela, sarah elizabeth, suzanne, rachel, rebecca, merilyn, ruleen, louanna who all had babies born at the yfz while they were underage. all of these girls weren’t underage at the time of the removal, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t victims when they were underage.

    there’s also teresa, merrianne, loretta jane and brenda who all are thought to have had children while underage.

    i think leann was pregnant when they removed the girls and she already had a daughter. she was not 18. also, suzanne was right at 18 at the time of the removal and was either pregnant or had just given birth to her 2nd child.

    as for as SANE exams go, that’s all in mudpuppy’s mind. he sees SANE exams given everytime you turn around.

  66. poor little amoniah doesn’t even know for sure what her last name is given that granpa on daddy’s side was exed and gramma remarried to rulon.

  67. louanna should be elizabeth luvern, another of merril’s granddaughters.

  68. Thank you so much, ProudTexan! I appreciate the grunt work of sorting all these names and dates out — I get out of my debt very quickly with this — particularly since so many of them seem to have the same names. One of them should get a WoW account just for the access to the name randomizer application. 😉

  69. where do you think they got amoniah from rebeckah?

  70. I thought maybe it was one of the three women named in the Book of Mormon, but I’ve never read the thing, so who knows?

    Maybe Mom was just naming her after her favorite household cleaner.

    Did you know ammoniawas made from cat pee? 😀

  71. what ever works for them. at least they spelled it in an interesting way.

    i forgot to mention ida vilate, naomie’s full sister. she was an underage birth who was pregnant underage.

  72. Okay, which one is Ruleen on the spreadsheet? 😉

  73. Ruleen is married to Michael Emack.

    “Defendant [Michael George Emack] on or about the 6th day of October, 2004 [while living at YFZ in Schleicher County, Texas]….”

  74. Thankee kindly Texastwist. My blog is linked to my name if anyone wants to read me frothing at the fingertips. lol 🙂

  75. Forgot to add that the “child who was then and there younger than 17 years of age” was 16 years of age at the time.

  76. You’re frothing, Rebeckah?

    I’ve got you bookmarked so I’ll swing by for a read.

    You’re frothing and PT’s on a rant.

    I’m just going nuts reading Warren’s rabbit hole dictations.

  77. lol 😀

  78. Ida Vilate would be more difficult than the other examples to establish as a conception in Texas as she did spend some time with Warren on his odyssey outside the state of Texas.

    All that cable porn, you gotta figure there were risings of the all consuming fire on the road.

    My understanding is that she was indeed a child when she conceived, though.

    She turned 18 during the very early days of the April 2008 events, so she was 17 when first taken into CPS custody and then crossed over into the disputed minor category.

  79. Rebeckah,
    I’m liking your blog.

  80. Thanks, Catwhisperer. I hope to develop a following, even though I think this site is more informative, just because I hope to offset some of the more egregious lies of Bill and crew. 🙂

    Texastwist I don’t honestly care WHERE the children were concieved — as near as I can tell it would be sexual exploitation no matter which state it was. It really burns me that the FLDS and their supports try to use a technicality like the “where” as a get out of jail free card. (I know it burns you up too. 😉 )

  81. i’m with you rebeckah, i don’t care where the conception occurred, the fact that it occurred at all burns me up.

  82. In related news, according to a new study, half of all childhood abuse sufferers wait as much as five years before disclosing the abuse.

    16% of women never tell, while a full 34% of men keep secret forever.

    Both genders are more likely to report the abuse if the abuser is a stranger, but the fact is that 85% of female victims and 89% of male ones are abused by someone they know.


  83. sounds to me that flds is the same as the lds

  84. Which might explain why LDS dominated Utah lets them get away with so much, Tom.

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