BCS National Championship: Texas (#2) vs. Alabama (#1)


Who’s going to win?   Who are you pulling for?


~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 7, 2010.

14 Responses to “BCS National Championship: Texas (#2) vs. Alabama (#1)”

  1. Hook ‘Em Horns!!!

  2. ROLL TIDE ….

    There .. now it’s even 🙂

  3. Well since the Gators couldn’t be there then…..Hook ‘Em Horns

  4. Texas of Course!

  5. Oh no trouble…McCoy is hurt.

  6. That’s really bad sadie.

  7. Ahhh, Texas such a heart breaker!

  8. Heartbroken for Colt McCoy and the whole team. One thing about it, we know we’ve got a good starting QB for next year.

  9. this is true connie. gilbert will take over and have time to prepare. congrats to alabama on their win.

  10. My congrats to alabama!!! My heart was with the Horns–but…Bama has always played a great game. They too have some outstanding young men. I always love to see young people do what they love to do…whatever that may be. That’s called–FREEDOM!!!
    Many great things will come out of this game–for both teams!!!

  11. Wishful thinking on my part, but as a Texan must had to wish the Horns would have won, there’s always next year!

    Wouldn’t make an interesting game to have BYU vrs Baylor?

  12. Can you imagine if it was BYU vs SMU?

    The Mormons vs the Methodists?

    I wonder which side God would be on?

  13. When my sister and I got off our ship, this morning [we’ve been on a cruise to Mexico], she had a t-shirt on that said TEXAS. Our cabin steward said to her…Oh, I am so sorry for you that they lost… She had no idea what he was talking about. Several other passengers made similar comments. She looked at them, really confused. I finally told her, remember that BIG, noisey crowd in the sports bar? That was for the BIG game…and TEXAS lost. She went and changed her shirt. She said she couldn’t take the sad looks in people’s eyes!

  14. Cute story, mc1199.

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