Holy Cow! (Or is it?)

So the “sacred cows”are really just run of the mill heifers after all.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 6, 2010.

48 Responses to “Holy Cow! (Or is it?)”

  1. “…purportedly raised in accordance with strict FLDS religious principles that precluded the use of artificial insemination….”

    Hopefully that will put to rest any future attempts to inject the turkey baster defense in an effort to raise reasonable doubt.

    I’m not counting on that, though.

  2. Oops.

    “The Dairy also has a history of breeding its cattle through artificial means….”

    Did they think they would not be challenged on statements that appear to have little or no relationship with the truth?

    And I just learned more about venereal disease in cattle than I ever imagined.

  3. This reminds me of a sign on the wall at our local vehicle license tab renewal office:

    “Failure to plan ahead on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”

  4. The Harker dairy heifers “cannot be replaced with heifers purchased on the open market because the heifers were purportadly raised in accordance with strict flds religious principles that precluded the use of artificial insemination, artificial harmones, or the introduction of outside animals that could potentially contaminate the herd”.

    That is just another bunch of flds hogwash.The Harkers were excellent dairymen and utilized some of the best Holstein bloodlines that were available through Artificial insemination.

    Alvin Harker was their main AI man until Warren kicked him out and he used the necessary hormones to get the cows cycling together before he inseminated them.

    Our dairy here in town doesn’t use AI simply because Uncle Roy (prior prophet to Rulon Jeffs) told them not to for just that single situation only.

    Uncle Roy himself was a strong believer in AI and took advantage of that technology himself. In fact, while in Manti, Ut., he held the rope restraining his personal milk cow while the vet inseminated her. After the calf was born, he milked the cow and drank the milk, right along with his family.

    The flds people claiming that they cannot drink the milk from “AI” produced cows is laughable. The milk that pretty much everyone buys and is drinking in town right now is from cows that have “AI” all over in their pedigree.Some even have “ET” (embryo transfer) stamped right on the pedigrees of some of the cows.

    That is state of the art breeding and the flds people have been drinking that milk for years and have had no problems with it.

    This concept that AI was similar to the the wickedness practiced in the days of Sodom and Gamorra was mostly the teachings of Sam Barlow. He was an flds leader who some people in town respected until Warren took his wives, children, pristhood and home that we built and sent him down the road kicking road apples. That move also saved WArren over $10,000 per month which was the wage Sam was pulling down in addition to having all his UEP related expenses paid for while being the “liason” for the church.

    Most flds people with a lick of sense know what kind of milk they are drinking and are just fine with it.

    This court filing the flds lawyers recently did to stop the sale of the heifers is what I call “willy’s spin on the truth” to delay the court process.


  5. Hopefully that will put to rest any future attempts to inject the turkey baster defense in an effort to raise reasonable doubt.


    since they can’t use it for cows, maybe it will come up in emack’s trial later this month.

  6. I take it that Sam Barlow was fully kicked out, then.

    Is Warren going to have anyone left to manipulate/threaten other than Lyle and Willie?

  7. who knew so much planning went into breeding non-sacred cows.

  8. Is Randy Wilson still representing Emack?

    If so, he just might try again to raise the turkey baster doubt in his closing arguments.

    It worked so well for his last client.

  9. don’t forget merril, but he probably sleeps through the lectures.

  10. yep, it’s randy and brandon hudson.

    check your email twist.

  11. I take it that Sam Barlow was fully kicked out, then.

    As far as I know he is repenting from afar….. the Dakota’s.
    I understand that when Warren confessed to molesting his daughter and sister and told Willy Jessop “the bishop” to reverse some of the things he had done, about ten of the men came back for ten days or so. Then Warren had a change of heart and kicked them all out again.

    I sure felt sorry for some of them.


  12. Thanks, IW.

    The havoc he has wreaked on so many families is indeed sad.

  13. you know, when they “repent from afar” and write warren confession letters it just gives him more crap to hold over their heads.

    wonder if the mojave county jailhouse let’s him read letters of confession?

  14. thanks iw for having the courage to stand up against those who lie about cows!!!

  15. New bumper sticker needed:


  16. that’s a little long sadie, how bout we shorten it to


  17. do you realize that the harkers just told the Utah Supreme Court that wee willie and his cronies are fully of crap.

  18. after some sleep, i’m wondering if wee willie and company can be put in jail and/or fined for creating an emergency and taking up the supreme court’s valuable time with lies.

  19. Well, the Supreme Court Of Utah is treated to Exhibit A, the FLDS lying through their teeth again.

    How EMBARRASSING. Lyin’ to the Supreme’s and all, treating the Court like their own sheeple and blowing smoke up their skirt and telling fairy tales.

    They got started off on the wrong foot and stepped in cow pie.

  20. contempt of court here would be lovely.

  21. Indeed!

    Denial, it’s not just a river in Egypt….

    its a freaking ocean…..

    so how do they keep from drowning in it?

  22. I hereby recommend that the flds retain my own personal favorite law firm- MILKEM,MILKEM, and FLEECE. (I cannot recall if that is from “Mash” or possibly the movie Brain Donors, another fine farce produced by the otherwise worthless and aggravating “gentiles!”) I so wish I could claim authorship!! Anyway, I am truly confused-are not the nubile flds maidens the real holy heifers here? and hopefully, the slightly older “proven” ones still qualify as holy cows? Indeed, watching the flds bulls battling it out with the evil world and each other- it IS touching. (Can I use the word “touching” when speaking of the flds? I mean, somebody touches somebody sometimes,(was that Deano I just heard crooning?) or there would not be all those “calves” to keep the “stall” stocked with..eh? Sorry- I guess I was just born in a barn.

  23. i’m a proponent of the law firm dewey, cheatem and howe.

  24. “i’m a proponent of the law firm dewey, cheatem and howe.”

    So are the FLDS. 😀

  25. The men who walk meekly away after Warren exes them aren’t bulls anymore, they’re steers.

  26. anon 8:58,

    Big Willie: “If you don’t milk it, it’s a use it or lose it.”

    Yeah, that’s similar to how the FLDS views some of their other breeding stock.

  27. amen sista twist.

  28. LOL The Utah Supreme Court set oral argument for February 17, 2010.

  29. That ought to be near about worth the trip to SLC just to watch & listen.

  30. is it open to the public?

  31. By the looks of these latest documents, the FLDS attorney is going to have egg or cow shtuff on his face.


  32. Will Merril be there?

    Will Trent Head get another photo of Merril sleeping?

  33. Poor scared cows that used to be sacred. Only one cow on my mind tonight and that’s Bevo, who is out in Pasadena to help our team win the BCS championship. Hook ’em Horns!

  34. Merril apparently showed up at today’s Motion for New Trial hearing for his son. No word or photographic evidence of whether or not he took a nap. I did hear that someone’s cell phone went off and Judge Walther confiscated it. Unsure on whether or not the miscreant was able to retrieve said cell phone. I sure wouldn’t have wanted to go up and ask the Judge for it.

  35. i’ve got bevo on my mind to connie. i sure hope the a team shows up for the game and not the z team that played a&m and nebraska.

  36. hey twist, maybe we can take our parade thru the twin cities and up to slc to sit in on the hearing. i’d sure love to see willie explain how he decided these particular cows were sacred and not scared.

  37. LOL, PT.

  38. Hey Texas Twist,

    I’ve enjoyed your Sacred Cow comments and had a few minutes to kill while on an extended phone call the other night — so I designed a Sacred Cow bumper sticker for you.

    I’m not certain how to get it to you — I’m not asking for a personal email address, just an idea of how to post it. (?)


  39. Got a good laugh from this post on the Trib so decided to share (credit given to Katchalater)

    Katchalater: 1/8/2010 12:15:00 PM

    Exodus 32-34
    When Moses came down the mountain, he could not believe his eyes. The people were worshiping a COW instead of God. He became angry.

    Woe unto the cow worshippers.

  40. I think I found a way to view this without needing to exchange emails :

    Free the Sacred Cows!

  41. too cute!!!

  42. They’re great, TexasMom.

    You should design the decals we’re gonna need for the caravan.

    Free the Sacred Cows!

  43. Too funny, TexasMom.

    what a hoot. OOOPS is “HOOT” an FLDS trademark?

    Do I need to live in fear of being sued for using the term HOOT or Holy Cow?

  44. Thanks

    As I mentioned, I was on a phone call with a beloved friend (not-a-word-in-edgewise). I usually have a magazine/catalog handy when I get her call. This time, I was at the computer, already in the Illustration program ~~ so it evolved organically.

    No problem with designing decals or T-shirts (but I suspect your caravan trip is *for giggles* ?)

    An aside — although I grew up in the ‘big city’, my extended family lived in the East-boonies. Grandpa kept cows.

    They all had names, none of which were ‘dinner’. (agricultural exemption, you know) So I am, in fact, quite fond of cows. If anything, Grandpa’s cows were well and truly *Sacred*.

    parting note….just hope those artificially inseminated heifers were of legal age ~ 😉

  45. It seems to be giving an underaged girl a turkey baster of your juice and telling her inject it in her would also constitute sexual abuse. Actually although William Black used the turkey baster excuse, he was not let off, he is still on the most wanted list. So that excuse doesn’t work well in court anyway. And according to the cow report the FLDS are dead set agin artificial insemination. So this document could be used in court to counter any claims that girls were impregnated by artificial means.

  46. Wanted to add a comment about that snake oil salesman up north, Winston, he goes on in his little whine sheet about how the RCMP should be sensitive to children, even his children in college, I am sure he added that so we might forget he limited education in his school to the 10th grade and worked children in his mills for $1. an hour. How sensitive is a man to children who has admittedly bedded over 9 girls aged 16 and under or as he likes to put it, “just shy of their 16th birthday”. He married a 13 year old girl to a 28 year old Blackmore man. Oh yes, he is just so sensitive about the needs of children except the ones he had sex with, the ones he denied an education to, the ones he shipped down to Short Creek to marry people like Rulon Jeffs, the ones he married off to adult men while still children and the ones he worked in his sawmills. Oh and the time he posted that Kelly Fishers step daughter “wife” should keep silent to the Grand Jury and protect “sacred family secrets”. Apparently, he wasn’t to sensitive about a 15 year old girl sleeping with her father.

    He is just so sleazy, isn’t he.

  47. Interesting about Winston

  48. Given the bad blood between Winston and Warren, and the fact that Winston’s daughter was at the YFZ, I’ve always wondered if he wasn’t the one that made the call – to make the call.

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