Willie the Stooge: FLDS Strategy Revealed

Note the attached exhibit where Warren, after having previously demanded that his leaders and flock “answer them nothing,” issues the directive for Willie to hire a lawyer and gather some non-important, disposable FLDS members to disrupt the UEP Trust administration — making sure that the important leaders stay hidden and out of the way.    This was in 2007 and interestingly this is exactly what has happened, just as Warren directed.   Imagine that.

Is there anything Willie won’t do?  It’s funny how they use him as their fall guy and he just keeps delivering.   Willie’s not even allowed to sit with the real leaders in negotiations, not allowed to stay at the Ranch when he’s in Texas and even in Court proceedings he has to sit behind the real Priesthood authority and not with them.

Addendum:   They even got him to commit a major major fraudulent transaction by deeding water rights to himself when they belonged to the Trust.   He was in the middle of all the land deals where money was being moved around and diverted to Zion’s Camp in Texas and away from UEP in Short Creek.   This whole saga is fascinating to me, and just when I think there’s nothing more to be learned, there’s another layer peeled revealing a major discovery.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 1, 2010.

46 Responses to “Willie the Stooge: FLDS Strategy Revealed”

  1. “…to retain a place a little longer in Short Creek…”

    And there it is. Warren Jeffs’ intention is to eventually abandon Shork Creek permanently, leaving those he doesn’t deem worthy enough to be placed elsewhere to fend for themselves.

    “…so the Lord’s will concerning the projects appointed can be accomplished…”

    In other words, until Warren and his P-Hoods can suck every dime they can out of the place to pay for Warren’s follies, be they his places of refuge or the mounting defense bills.

  2. And this lovely from the Exhibit…

    “…my son [redacted] has been immoral with one of my daughters…”

    Apple. Tree. Not Far.

  3. And this to Merril about Merril’s family.=:

    “…two of your children in your home at R17 are seeking each other, and that they need to be separated.”

    Merril’s home?

    Shocking. Not.

  4. When will the Short Crick people wake up and take their blinders off? Warren has sold them down the river.

  5. Truthfully,, some will wake up, most wont.. they just consider this propaganda,, if they actually read it,, they have to except the truth and do something,, most don’t want to have to do something.

  6. I believe when Rod Parker was asked to comment on it, his only reply was that it must be fabricated.

    There is a serious lockdown on information flow into the FLDS rank and file. Warren has reportedly ordered his followers not to listen to news reports and not to read news items in the papers or on the internet.

    I believe that the FLDS leadership is more nervous about their sheeple finding out what’s really been going on than they are about their big guys going to prison. If the information makes its way to the people who are being milked and used and taken advantage of, that could be devastating to the P-hood.. or so they think. In actuality, it probably wouldnt matter because the people have so much invested in Warren and his leadership that even in the face of facts revealing his true nature and his true plan, there would be so much cognitive dissonance and distortion that the people would simply not be able to process the information accurately. There might be a couple of exceptions. That’s my prediction anyway.

  7. Recall when I said “flurries” the other day?

    I should have said blizzard.

    I can’t see the top of my desk.

    Done whining now.

  8. Sorry twist, what are you whining about now?

  9. Everything and nothing.

  10. twist, you’re having a blizzard inside? what’s up with that?

  11. rod wishes it were fabricated. i guess willie’s such a fool and an idiot, that he doesn’t realize he’s nothing more than an errand boy.

  12. Really strange weather here lately.

    I wonder if there is a market for Wee Willie puppets?

  13. Rod “maybe one or two in the past” Parker?

    Just the person whose perceptions of the FLDS truths are sound and based in reality.

  14. Willie puppets. I still have my Howdy Doody spoon, Willie could become an entire industry.

  15. What color/s do you think Willie Koolaid and Willie Jello should be?


  16. I could myself owning a Wee Willie bobble-head.

    Or a Velvet Willie. I could hang it in the garage with the Velvet Elvis.

  17. I had this really cool Mr. Ed puppet when I was a kid.

    Pulled a string and he talked.

    “Victimless crime.”

    “Holy war.”

    “Is this buffet all you can eat?”

  18. you forgot the ever popular “i speak only for myself”

  19. Makes one wonder what other instructions Warren documented along the way?

    As bizarre and wacky things we have read are, I suspect there is still much more of Warren’s weirdness and wickedness to be revealed.

    “They say you want a revelation…”

  20. Would that be under oath, or not, PT?

  21. how could you guys possible forget : “We are a peaceful people”

  22. either way twist.

    my most favorite “it just ain’t right”

  23. So. Does this mean Lying Willie is actually an official FLDS mouthpiece?

  24. depends on when the question is asked and who is asking. if its drew darby, then the answer in no. if its in regard to something wee willie is told to file to clog up the UEP trust litigation, then the answer is yes.

  25. I bet he pees on his feet

  26. So, is Wille the Fall guy or the Fool Guy?

  27. TexasTwist,
    If you are selling Willie bobble heads, I would like to buy one. I collect them and don’t yet have a Willie-Nillie bobble head in my collection.

    Please tell me how much it costs and where to send payment.


  28. Okey-dokey, anon 12:17.

    That makes two of us in the market for the bobble-heads.

    A few more and we might have a viable market for the product.

    Probably have to go with the FREE THE SACRED COWS!!! bumper stickers first to get our product lines launched.

    Now that Christmas is over, HQ has reassigned the elves to focus on our Warren’s World ™ product line.

    It’s too late for the Christmas market, but we’re thinking about a calendar featuring some of the most popular P-Hoodies.

    We’re taking nominations.

    So far, we’re a go on Warren, Willie, Raymond Jessop, Allen Keate, LeRoy Jeffs and Merril (he too cute when he’s sleeping and we love the photos with his adoring wives in that shining example of some of the lovely things plural marriage can offer to women]. That leaves six open months.

    The centerfold will be a collage of the Texas Dirty Dozen. All of them are still eligible for their own months. We debated on picking a single P-Hoodie for the two-page spread, but decided that we might want to actually sell some calendars and grossing out the potential market wasn’t a very good idea.

    The deadline for suggestions is this Sunday night at 11:59 pm, YFZ Standard Time.

  29. Wendell Nielsen deserves a month. I just love looking at his shiny bald head.

    And what about John Wayman. He loaned them all that money for the HOOT, so he at least deserves to be on the calendar.

  30. Additional reason for Wendell is that he’s in the First Presidency – we must show respect to all of the 3 Stooges.

    And John Wayman also bought Warren’s red Caddy, so he is doubly deserving.

  31. Citizen Willie standing up for his rights, justice and whatever errand Warren can’t attend to right now because he’s indisposed in jail for felony convictions. I don’t recall reading about underworld organizations being conducted from prison other than La Cosa Nostra and the Mexican Mafia. How could a convict run a criminal enterprise from prison without his loyal foot soldiers doing his bidding? Doesn’t Warren making decisions and ordering actions from his cell constitute RICO Act violations of a known crime syndicate?

  32. Wendell is a good one.

    If for no other reason that the number of wives he has and for him having so many of the no-longer-fruitful wives who have been put out to pasture. And of course for the other things mentioned.

    HQ reminds us that he is also deserving because of the number of mother-daughter sets in his herd. They also scored him points for his “nice guy” reputation even though as a stepfather he has stood by while they were placed underage with one of the other studs.

    So Wendell is in the final cut, for sure.

    John C. Wayman is now officially nominated. We like his resume and we would like to include someone from the IW Barlow line since some of the women in that line have played important parts in Warren’s World(tm).

    A nominee in by a Tweet (izzat you, Brooke?) — Leroy Johnson Steed for his personal acheivement of making the Dirty Dozen, getting arrested during the April 2008 events at the Raunch for tampering with evidence and for getting close (not that kind, but if it were, not that there’s anything wrong with that) enough to Warren Jeffs to be one of the three grooms on 7-22-2004 at YFZ when three (almost four) 14-year-olds were taken as child brides on the same day.

    I’m nominating Eddie Jessop from YFZ. For sounding o-so-reasonable and appearing to be (relatively) unscathed in Warren’s World(tm), but when you look deeper, the halo on that Saint has it’s own tarnish.

    And the good Doctor is also now on the list of nominees.

    The updated list:

    LeRoy Jeffs
    Raymond Jessop
    Allen Keate
    Merril Jessop
    Wendell Nielsen
    John C. Wayman
    Leroy Johnson Steed
    Edson “Eddie” Porter Jessop, Jr.
    Dr. Lloyd Hammon Barlow

    HQ says we need to consider doing a calendar of the women in Warren’s World(tm).

    Sally Jeffs and Barbara Jessop are shoo-ins and we’re open to suggestions for the calendar name.

  33. This whole thing is so very sad – I truly feel the wickedness of the leadership in how abusive they are being to the citizens of Creek – those 7000 plus are never going to make it into the imaginary ark Warren is building – Ark membership is limited to girls under 15 and those who might have them to give….The rest are just fodder for Warren to manipulate

  34. No worries HHG, Warrant ain’t gonna captain any Ark in the foreseeable future and his boat is rather rudderless right now and caught out in high seas. Seems the whole ‘Ship of State’ looks to flounder soon with an endless supply of charges for sexual assaults with no viable means of defense other than ,”Answer Them Nothing”. UEPTrust is, also, rolling around on the deck like a loose cannon and seems to be doing it’s own level of damage, too!

  35. Thanks for the document. Wow! This has more plot twist than my favorite TV series Lost.

    Now if we could only get an un-redacted version.

  36. TexasTwist,
    I have a suggestion for the title of the calendars.

    For the men – Stud Muffins
    For the women – Hot Muffins

  37. Muffins?

    Izzat you, Honey Dawn? Love your blog.

    I’ll make sure the Marketing cadre gets those suggestions to run by the focus groups.

  38. I think Wisan should slaughter Willie’s cows and have a big barbecue to raise money for the trust.

  39. Ron, just fill in any name you chose, at one time or another, it would probably fit given Warren’s passion for splitting up and then reassigning.

    I wonder how that’s going for him in jail since he isn’t there to “give guidance” to those he’s ripping apart before he sets them up with another priesthood husband.

  40. ProudTexan that is just a disgusting thought, Warren’s brand of “giving guidance” to young teenage girls before he passes them on to their next rapist.

  41. Warren’s brand of “giving guidance” to young teenage girls before he passes them on to their next rapist.
    I personally can’t imagine many things more twisted than a young girl, who feels very excited and honored to be having a special private talk with the super-important Prophet (he has a direct line with God you know!) And then the Prophet instructs her….on how to let herself be molested without putting up too much of a fuss.

  42. That is just horrendous. Makes me ill.

  43. Warren sure tried this on Csroline Cooke. He “counseled” her daily with “guidance” to get her into his bed.

    Thankfully she said NO.

  44. oops, I meant Caroline Cooke.

  45. Willie, you twit. We know you’re putting on your show voluntarily. We know you use it sometimes to misdirect from some of your other actions, for example the recent stunt of quitclaiming water that ain’t yours. Have you added any underaged concubines lately? What else is up?

  46. who are caroline cooke’s parents?

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