Report of the Special Fiduciary 12-31-09


~ by FLDS TEXAS on January 1, 2010.

17 Responses to “Report of the Special Fiduciary 12-31-09”

  1. Do you have copies of the exhibits attached to this filing?

    Exhibit #1 would be interesting reading.

  2. i’m not even through the document yet, but one thought comes to mind, don’t utah and arizona have freaking national guard groups who could go into this area and restore order.

  3. Anon 9:13,

    I believe that Exhibit reference is probably the same document that is Exhibit 1 in Wisan’s Supplement to Motion to Show Cause that admin had posted here:

    At any rate, that Exhibit 1 is an interesting read.

  4. exhibit 1 is extremely interesting.

    forget about the national guard, they just need a few texas rangers to go up and set them straight. i’m guessing most people in short creek don’t even realize they have been “abandoned by god” according to the nocturnal emissions of warren from jail, but since his scribes aren’t allowed to attend to him in his cell, the emissions seem to take longer to reach the rank and file.

  5. 178. “…many occupants of Trust property are sending their $100 monthly assessment payments to leadership of the FLDS Church…the Church is failing to forward such payments to the Trust…a number of occupants have complained about the Fiduciary’s monthly assessment statements (showing non-payment of fees), and have stated they have been sending their monthly assessment payments to leadership of the Church.”

  6. I do not have exhibits at the moment, but can probably get them. They will probably be posted on the UEP website before too long. Supposedly the exhibits comprise a whole banker’s box worth of paper

  7. Aint that something — rank and filers trying to pay their occupancy fees so they can stay in their homes and Lyle is diverting the funds. Probably to the Storehouse in Texas (read, legal fees) or Warren’s Commissary account.

  8. Does the UEP have a website?


    It’s to your right on the blogroll.

  10. thanks. i never noticed that.

  11. Okay, I don’t get it. FA (yes, I know he’s a twit) claims on Brooke’s blog that this shows “incompetence and malfeasance”. I didn’t see any indication of either. The report appears to me to simply and clearly outline how hard Wisan has worked (for free, no less) to bring order out of deliberate chaos and how much conflict the FLDS have served him with. I’m desperately distressed by the actions of the City and the Police in this matter too. It appears to me that no non-FLDS member in Short Creek has any assurance of being given the basic respect and protection of law that other citizens of America count on. How can someone call himself (or herself) “First Amendment” and then ignore an entire city, police department and utilities departments when they practice religious discrimination? I’m boggled and baffled.

  12. Rebeckah, why don’t you ask First Amendment those questions on Brooke’s blog?

  13. I got to page 70 and my eyes began to glaze…where the H#L are the FEDS. The only way this is going to clear up is with disincorporation, federal law enforcement control and presence (think national guard) to enforce the laws of the nation.

    And…. if the folks there don’t pay their taxes, or if they pay them to Warren to suck the money draw (what a vampire), then so be it – lose those homes and join the real world…

    This whole thing looks like a form of seccession from the nation which is a form of treason

  14. This filing is extremely well written and to understand.
    Just what part of it doesn’t the State of Utah and AZ understand???
    The FLDS shell games have to come to an end if the AG’s do not see that, than I am calling them wimps.The inhabitants of trust land and homes are used by a few power hungry men, all in the name of religion.How sad.

  15. I agree, C-M. The fiduciary has very clearly stated the problems with the Trust and the continuing legal and tactical assaults against it by the FLDS. If the AG’s can’t get this solved, the Feds have to step in. The municipal governments of the twin cities need to be dismantled.

  16. “Rebeckah, why don’t you ask First Amendment those questions on Brooke’s blog?”

    Take a minute to read the rules for posting on Brooke’s blog and you’ll see why, Duane or Duane wannabe.

  17. And to elaborate, I did, but it didn’t make it through moderation. I’ll have to re-read what I posted (I make copies of it.) perhaps I made a direct attack on his/her non-existant character or something.

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