Arizona Response to FLDS “Emergency” Motion to Get Out of Pesky Discovery

Go Arizona! (Where’s Utah?)


~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 30, 2009.

21 Responses to “Arizona Response to FLDS “Emergency” Motion to Get Out of Pesky Discovery”

  1. THANK YOU, ATTORNEY GENERAL TERRY GODDARD! Very well reasoned brief. Utah, it is time to quit mollycoddling the FLDS and put an end to their endless, needless legal wranglings that are nothing more than delay tactics. Follow the example Arizona has set in their pleadings.

  2. No milk and honey for Utah until they get their homework turned in.

  3. oh yeah, utah needs to get on the ball.

  4. Arizona is really on the ball. That new team of lawyers must be pretty special. The Supreme Court order calling for briefing was only issued today, and here is Arizona filing this outstanding response the very same day.

    Note that Tim Bodily’s name is on the pleading (Utah AAG), but the title of the response is only “Office of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office …..” Utah obviously did not participate and probably does not really support this. Shurtleff’s name is conspicuously absent…

  5. OOps, I take that back — it’s not Tim Bodily, it’s Randy Hunter from Utah

  6. It’s not about the water, Izzy.

    It’s about the monetary value of the water that may have been diverted from the trust.

  7. It is still just a courtesy “inclusion” for the Utah AG’s office.

    The Arizona AG’s office has so much class – and ALL the guts. Utah AG is a wimp.

    But, it is a religious holiday week, so maybe the Utah AG’s office is just closed while they are fasting and praying.

    Darn courts seem to always be open when Utah government offices aren’t. Mercy me, that 4-day work week. OOPPPS it is only Wednesday! Never mind!

  8. FLDS unknowns are having themselves a Utah emergency are they. Arizona’s having none of it?

    mmm mmm mmm

  9. Utah AG is still pouting because the AG in Arizona, didn’t agree with his and FLDS Plan about the trust! I hope Utah votes him out of office!!

  10. Whaaaaat? FLDS prefers not to participate in Discovery? Why ever not?

  11. I know, Granny. They wouldn’t have anything to hide, would they?

  12. And I’m sure Ron Parker doesn’t want anyone going through his files on them, either.

  13. Actually, it appears as if Utah has joined this motion as well.

    Utah is mentioned at the header and footer.

    This is the first combined effort in a year? If so I want to thank Utah for coming around.

    I think we can all agree that what is needed is safety and security for the men women and children out in the Crick.

    I trust the Supreme court to make the right decisions.

    This document spells it out so well, I recommend everyone read it.

    It points out in detail the destructions the FLDS have done in the past, and what they are further attempting to do.

    No court in the land would allow that to happen, of that I am confident. Its Utah, so I’m knocking on wood, but with the internet and all eyes watching, the right thing must be done to those people so badly been abused by fanatics for so long.

  14. Utah didn’t really join in this motion — the UT AG’s office is listed only because they are a co-party with Arizona. Look at the title of the pleading. Utah AG’s office wants to remove Bruce Wisan and give the trust to the FLDS.

  15. This is a good response from Arizona, but I think there are some other issues that are even more basic . Like — Willie Jessop and Lyle Jeffs and the FLDS church have no standing and no legally recognizable relationship with the Trust. They should not be allowed to disrupt the entire proceedings like this and the fact that the matter has even been given any attention by the Supreme Court is bad judgment and can establish really bad precedent.

    Think of it this way — say I’ve donated 1,000 dollars to the American Cancer Society because I believe that the organization will research the possible curative effects of Moon dust. When I find out they are not pursuing my personal research goals, should I be able to file suit in the State Supreme Court asking that all of their other ongoing research be stopped until the court considers whether they should be doing Moon dust research? Of course not. Should a cancer victim who is interested in Moon dust research be able to sue the charitable organization because that one cancer victim wants to be treated with Moon dust? Of course not. Should the Church of Moon Dust Promotion be able to tell the American Cancer Society how to run their organization and where to spend their money just because the Church would profit if there were more research into Moon dust? Of course not.

    That is precisely the same scenario here where the FLDS, Willie and Lyle are given any acknowledgment whatsoever. The UEP is a public charitable trust — the only ones with standing are the Attorneys General.

  16. Good Analogy FLDS TEXAS

  17. Moon Dust you say, hmmmm, maybe that is the secret ingredient in the koolaide!

  18. HA HA yeah you never know what Warren keeps hidden in his shoes!

  19. I thought Moon Dust was the secret ingredient in the cement. 🙂

  20. O who knows, maybe it’s fiberglas.

  21. Maybe that Moon Dust is the secret ingredient to everything!

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