Arizona Motion to Lift Stay (to go after FLDS in earnest)


~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 30, 2009.

31 Responses to “Arizona Motion to Lift Stay (to go after FLDS in earnest)”

  1. Excellent.

    And there’s the answer to one my previous questions.

    Accrual basis of accounting.

  2. LOL

  3. It is apparent that two things need to happen: 1) A thorough review of the financial records of everything controlled by the flds; the twin city govts, utilities, the flds storehouse and the companies controlled by flds members. 2) a disincorporastion of the twin citie’s governments. The flds have proven over and over agaiin that they are incapable of and/or unwilling of provideing municipal services in a fair and transpaperent manner. I applaud AZ for it’s actions and wish UT would join AZ in really looking at things.

  4. A simple question…

    What gave Willie Jessop the legal authority to execute a quitclaim deed on behalf of the original Short Creek South Side Irrigation Company?

  5. Chemist,
    You are so right!!!
    Disincorporation would allow third party to (presumably) fairly administer the water, fire, police, etc. services in the region

    P.S. Chemist – I truly enjoy your posts and am so glad that you “keep sweet” when your faith is under fire.

  6. hello..:
    I have had decades of “keeping sweet” practice. Thank you for your remarks.

  7. What gave Willie Jessop the legal authority to execute a quitclaim deed on behalf of the original Short Creek South Side Irrigation Company?

    texastwist said this on December 30, 2009 at 8:06 AM

    Same thing that gave him the authority to represent the entire FLDS membership in legal proceedings …

    Absolutely nothing.

  8. The timing of those moves by Willie is interesting.

    Early April 2008.

    Maybe just coincidental, but weird just the same.

  9. Well its about time Arizona got its feet wet!!! About time, they actually got down and dirty with criminal acts, fraud, and theft of services and money Flds have gotten away with so long…
    Thanks whoever got these documents!! Very eye opening!

  10. willie thinks he is the flds spokesman unless asked that question directly under oath by drew darby.

  11. Well said, chemist. And go, Arizona!!!

    Twin City Water Works — was there a single non-Barlow director/member? Didn’t see one as I scanned the documents. Glancing through the other docs — all are signed by Barlows and Jessops with an occasional Allred thrown in. When only a couple of families control a town for decades … you just have to think RICO.

    As for Willie registering corporations after the fact and filing quit claim deeds — it’s a cinch he doesn’t have the smarts to do it on his own, which means there are some “mob” lawyers calling the shots.

  12. Willie in the middle, naw don’t tell me so.
    *Registration Date:
    *Registered Agent:*

  13. Willie’s cows need water, cool, clear, water.

    A&W Cattle, LLC

  14. So, like, isn’t that FRAUD or something if Willie deeds to himself water rights he never owned in the first place (three days after the Texas Rescue) ?

    Willie, Willie, Willie … can you hear the house of cards creaking as it sways?

  15. That’s what I’m wondering and wouldn’t Utah be the jurisdiction?

  16. Or would Arizona also have jurisdiction if any water permits in that state were transferred on a fraudulent basis?

  17. If the W in A&W Cattle, LLC is Willie, who is the A?

  18. well the transfers are fraudulent if he never owned them to begin with.

  19. I find it really hypocritical of Willie to be in Hildale, Utah on April 7th Quitclaiming (stealing) water rights while hundreds of FLDS children are being “terrorized” in Texas.

    Oh, but Willie didn’t have any of his children on the ranch, so I guess water for his cattle would be much more important than a bunch of children being “terrorized”.

  20. Man, I sure hope his fat a$$ gets NAILED on this!

  21. Allred? Twist?

  22. Children weren’t terrorized in Texas!!!!! Im so friggin sick of hearing that!

  23. Well actually deputydog children were terrorized in Texas, but that was BY the FLDS BEFORE the CPS attempted rescue.

  24. Right on, concerned

    I was being facetious. In The Eldorado Success’ video of Willie on the night Allan Keate was sentenced to 33 years for sexually assaulting a child bride, that was what Willie was ranting about –
    the “hundreds of little children who were terrorized by Texas”.

    But, it couldn’t have been that bad because right in the middle of the entire situation, Willie is in Hildale, Utah quitclaim deeding water shares he didn’t own into an LLC he had just created to procure water for his cattle.

    If it was that bad, he would have been in Eldorado instead. And, if he was the “official” spokesman for the FLDS, then he should have been in Eldorado, don’t ya think?

    Or MAYBE he thought the world was focused on the FLDS in Eldorado and not what an FLDS spokesman was pulling off in Utah. hmmmm. A timely diversion for Willie?

    Did Willie make that “hoax” call? LOL

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to raise your blood

    Guess I should have put LOL after it when I posted it.

    Peace. And Happy New Year.

  25. “Did Willie make that “hoax” call?”

    I love it.

    Think I’ll start a blog to expand on that theory.

    What should I call it?

    Twelve Schmoes and a Big Ol’ Fart?

    The Luddite Parasites?

    Ruth Still Reveals?


    Free the Sacred Cows!?

    “In the Pink” is already taken or I would consider it in honor of everyone’s favorite paranoid cosmetic rep.

  26. TexasTwist, you really crack me up!

    My fist vote would be “Twelve Schmoes and a Big Ol’ Fart?”

    I have no idea what Schmoes are (makes me think of the 3 Stooges – Curly, Larry and Moe).

    But I do know that Willie is indeed one “Big Ol’ Fart.”

    However, I think I will go with “Free the Sacred Cows!” (Although it does sound a bit Bill M-ish.

  27. “Free the Sacred Cows!”

    Watch the video…..

    FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop said, “You know, there’s many people here that are facing eviction from their homes. I’m certainly facing the eviction with all my cows off the property, and this affects everybody in this crowd.”

  28. HIS cows??? I thought they belonged to Everyone ? Or UEPtrust!
    Who actually bought the cows? The cult bought the cows, I doubt a penny came from Big Willie to purchase anything.

  29. Maybe Willie considers himself a Sacred Cow … just sayin.

  30. FLDS TX has anyone investigated Esplin Cattle Co. and Hildale City relationship?

  31. Schmoe is a slang variant of schmok or shmuck, a yiddish word meaning, approximately “jerk” or “fool”. Not to be confused with Shmoo, which is a fictional animal that was invented by Al Capp in his cartoon strip.


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