Judge Conn to Pic: Enough’s Enough

Earlier this month, there was a hearing in Kingman AZ on Pic’s motion to take depositions of Sam Brower and Dan Fischer.  Various attorneys representing Brower and Fischer and others appeared and argued in opposition to Pic’s motion.   Brower had already given two 2-hour voluntary interviews to Pic and Fischer had done at least one interview and produced piles of financial documents at Pic’s request.

Appropriately, Judge Conn ruled that Brower and Fischer had already cooperated and answered any relevant questions asked by Pic.    Thank goodness Pic will not be permitted to continue to harass the State’s witnesses and experts into retreat.   This is an important ruling — Pic has not really been opposed before now when he has made absurd requests to harass witnesses.   He has played out that defense strategy as much as he’s going to.   He might actually have to proceed to trial one of these days.

At the hearing on December 11, there was also an agreement among the attorneys to allow Judge Conn to rule on Pic’s motion to take Carolyn Jessop’s depostion based on the pleadings and without holding a hearing.   In Conn’s ruling below, he also denies Pic’s motion to depose Carolyn Jessop, finding that she has given all the information that is necessary.   Although Conn does not come out and say it, implicit in the ruling is Conn’s awareness that Pic is abusing the rules of procedure in order to harass these witnesses.   Recall that Carolyn had previously withdrawn her participation as a witness for the State based on Pic’s out of control requests for interviews and deposition and production of documents — it was clear that Pic was not going to let up until he was stopped.  He has now been stopped.

Word on the street is that Carolyn is now fired up once again about testifying against Warren for the State since she no longer has to worry about Pic smearing her and harassing her.    That’s a good result!

Congrats to Matt Smith, Sam Brower, Dan Fischer and Carolyn Jessop.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 23, 2009.

20 Responses to “Judge Conn to Pic: Enough’s Enough”

  1. let’s set a trial date and be done with it already. i’m ready to see warren on trial in texas.

  2. Glad to see that Carolyn is “fired up” once again to testify against Warren. Would love to have cameras in the courtroom for that testimony…

  3. Well, the one positive thing about it being drawn out is that Warrens brain has burned out.

    He must enjoy being the center of attention and having God focus the suns rays on him through a magnifying glass.


  4. I was watching a documentary on cults last night and there was a discussion of cult leaders as “malignant narcissists.” That’s a psychological term describing a person with a narcissistic personality disorder that worsens into evil against others. (my paraphrase) Sure reminded me of a certain someone whose photo is on this blog header.

  5. I was watching a documentary on cults last night and there was a discussion of cult leaders as “malignant narcissists.” That’s a psychological term describing a person with a narcissistic personality disorder that worsens into evil against others. (my paraphrase) Sure reminded me of a certain someone whose photo is on this blog header.


    The FLDS was different before Warren declared himself One Man Ruler.

    He is an excellent example of “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  6. I also watched a show last night on History Channel called Cults: Dangerous Devotion. It included segments about Charles Manson, Jim Jones and Warren Jeffs. Very interesting and sure didn’t paint a pretty picture of Warren or Jim. Didn’t see the part about Charles Manson, fell asleep, but I’m sure they told it like it was with him too.

    While watching it on the Jeffs segment, I could only wish that everyone that he has touched their lives could see it. Maybe it would help open some eyes.

  7. Kasoe, that was the program I was watching and I saw the Manson segment. Very accurate. I was a teenager when the Manson murders occurred and I remember it clearly.

  8. Charlie Manson and Jim Jones.

    Nice company Warren is keeping.

  9. It makes you wonder that if Warren had not been captured, would there eventually have been some kind of violent episode? With the way he kept “purifying” those worthy enough to be at R17, it seems that’s the way it was leading — just Warren and a relative handful of faithful followers holding firm after the unfaithful were weeded out.

  10. Way to go Carolyn. 🙂


  11. TexasConnie, I was a teenager too and also remember the horror I felt when I heard about it. TexasTwist, you’re right, look at the type of people he’s grouped with. And certain people wonder why Warren is viewed in the light he is.

    Too bad they couldn’t use this documentary in the trial coming up for WSJ.

    It’s snowing here! Doubt it will be a white Christmas though, not sticking. 😦

  12. Gotta change by frown to a smile, it’s sticking!!! White Christmas! 🙂

    And a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays (whichever phrase you prefer) to all….

  13. oops, should be “change my frown”

  14. kasoe, I’m glad you unlurked. 🙂

  15. Thank you, TexasConnie. 🙂

    It’s Christmas morning! Snow on the ground. Distant granddaughter’s phone call woke me early. She was all excited and giggly, like 14 yr olds should be, full of love and ready to hit the road to come see me. Turkey’s in the oven, dressing to follow. Soon after will be with all my loved ones celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I know not every one believes the story of Jesus or celebrates his birth, so putting that aside, may all of you out there be with your loved this holiday season and my God Bless each and every one of you.

  16. we had a blizzard yesterday!! We had to wait till after noon to try and get on the road to daughters house in sonora. 20miles an hour till we got to san angelo, then the sun came out,and wonderful the rest of the way….
    Merry Christ -mas,, Blessings on each of you now and through the next year. Everyone who is traveling like us, i wish you safe returns home 🙂

  17. We made to sonora for christmas,, hell of a snow storm where we were yesterda.. 7 inches,,took us 4 hours to get here,,Merry Christmas, Blessings on everyone,and Safe returns home 🙂

  18. Rain and wind in Imdiana today, but we enjoy the warmth of family as we celebrtate the birth of Christ. Best wishes to all for this holiday season.

  19. Edit – no personal attacks – ADMIN

  20. Actually Raymond Hessop and Allan Keates are the losers, 10 and 33 years respectivly. Carolyn is free, making new book deals, making speechs, testifying in court against the flds “priesthood”
    men. I would much rather be in her situation than Allan’s situation.

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