Keate Sentenced to 33 Years

The Schleicher County Jury has determined Allen Keate’s sentence:  33 years.

Keate must serve half of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.

This should be a wake up call.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 17, 2009.

35 Responses to “Keate Sentenced to 33 Years”

  1. He won’t be eligible for parole until June 2026.

    He will be 73.


  2. You guys have to see this.

    I can’t copy and paste anything but it is a must.

    Once again Thank you Texas!

  3. Did he not receive any kind of monetary fine?

  4. That’s good Walton–thanks!!!

  5. i think willie could have whined a bit more. hehe

  6. That’s a very interesting ramble from Willie Jessop. The current strategy seems to be: never acknowledge that underage marriages took place and use the word ‘hoax’ as much as possible.

    Here’s a transcript:

    —children you take, it doesn’t matter how many women you load on buses, it doesn’t matter how many helicopters and tanks and a militant force comes in and raids a community, doesn’t make it right.

    And for Greg Abbot to sit here and pump his propaganda, that what he did here today was any more right that what he did on April 3rd of 2008. And it doesn’t matter how they want to look at this, it doesn’t make it right.

    For the Attorney General himself to come here in this court room, like he’s trying to get votes, to roll around among these jurors and prump his propaganda and hate towards our religion, the message is loud and clear. He has an agenda against this church, he has no problems taking hundreds of little children away and generating thousands of victims and he’s continuing down this course to justify a hoax, lies, things that were not true.

    In 2000 – on April 3rd of 2008, and it doesn’t matter how much they want to think that this is some noble cause, it’s not. There was no victim. The State of Texas is dumpin millions and millions of dollars over a hoax, over lies. They never had a victim here. The only victim they had is what they generated over hoax. And for him to come down and acknowledge that what they did on the YFZ raid community is coming more and more to light at every one of these hearings, that it was never about trying to find a victim but to promote a political prosecution for selective purposes for political agenda.

    And what is happening here tonight stands everything that Mr. Keate fought for. He served in the armed forces. He loved his God, he loved his family and he loved his country.

    And regardless of how politcal the Attorney General wants to make this war, it’s still a war of him against an unpopular religion, for selective purposes and what they did on April 3rd was wrong and the course to try to justify will always be wrong, regardless of how many children, how many men. It’s still here. We’re gonna stay here. We’ll be here long after he’s here.

    And even if he wants to put a drop of coal in every FLDS sock this season, we’ll take it. We took what we had to on April 3rd. Thank you.

  7. waaa–Waaa-Waaa–still whining–I see!!

    Hey slick willie–what about no underage marriages that you said did not take place???

    Sure wished someone would ask him about that statement.

  8. Willies rant

    Evidently the FLDS have decided to continue to deny deny deny all the way down the line 12 times.

    Sucks when society makes you own up, huh Willie? Sorry, NOT.

  9. Jobo

    Well, dont watch if you dont like to hear lies. After abusing little girls they abuse the truth.

    One of my favorites:

    “This prosecution is creating THOUSANDS of victims!”


  10. Just for fun, I made a word clourd out of the transcript of Willie’s statement following Allen Keate’s sentence:

  11. err, that’s CLOUD, not “clourd”

  12. The videos were/are just AWESOME!!

    I posted a link to the vidoes over at InSessions but it should be passed around EVERYWHERE.

    This is just wonderful. An Attorney General that stands up for Justice and stands behind those doing their job. Take note Utah: this is what an Attorney General does.

    And lawyers and Judges who won’t back down. LE and Texas Rangers working to serve and Protect.

    Just awesome.

    And the local media standing their ground and getting their foot in the door and on the lawn and in the snow making sure people know.

    Man o man I sure am proud of everyone.

    Just so you guys know Walton did the Happy Walton dance early in the morning and will continue thru out the day.

    Texas stand tall you did great!!

  13. Well–shucks–Stamp–I keep thinking that one word will come out of slick’s mouth that is not a lie!!! Gosh–I’m not sure the fella will survive 10 more!!! He’s very short on breath!!!

    hmm…slick said keate loved his god!!! Would he have been talking about weenie warren???

  14. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to go to bed before the sentence was made, but Justice has been done!!!

  15. His own folks let us know that they knew Willie by his actions before he came to Texas, as a liar and a bully. No news. Same as it ever was. His talking head is a liar.

  16. Ha we know God isnt anywhere near Willies mouth, or else it would erupt in flames!

  17. And the video’s were great! Willie, get a LIFE!!! Yur rant is getting OLD and your living in a fantasy world.

  18. “There was no victim. The State of Texas is dumpin millions and millions of dollars over a hoax, over lies. They never had a victim here.”

    The h*ll there wasn’t, Willie. Every underage girl this mysogynistic religion has under its sway is a victim as are the grown women who are simply too indoctrinated or beaten down or frightened or drugged to admit the same. I’m so furious at his stupid, lying statement! Does this church know ANYTHING but lies?

  19. Geee…..WeeWillie which occurred first the CPS Raid or the CPS Removal? Did the CPS Removal trigger the raid or did the raid trigger the CPS Removal? Since the raid occurred first what was found under three (3) search warrants prior to the CPS Removal and witnessed by on-site LE Officiers and CPS Officials? Observed evidence of under-aged female teens with children and records/pictures that affirmed marriages of ‘Child Brides’ had clearly taken place. This evidence was found and cataloged before the CPS Removal took place.

    So let’s deal with the criminal sexual assaults, under-age marriage of female teens and bigamist wedlocks all three are Felonies in Texas. Then the FLDS Church, FLDS Prophet & Leadership and FLDS congregation members can file their lawsuits and bring their cases but they won’t and you know it.

  20. Oh jeesh. Willie doesn’t deny the FLDS are having sex with underage girls, he just keeps denying Texas had no right to find out about it.

  21. Christmas comes early! Just maybe another victim will be empowered by this and come forward.

  22. I wish Willie’s head would explode from his lies and insults. Did you catch his mocking of AG Greg Abbott? “Rolling around” the courtroom, earning political points with jurors, Willie said with a sneer. (Abbott is in a wheelchair.)

  23. The FLDS and their supporters really despise people with physical disabilities, don’t they?

  24. Did you catch his mocking of AG Greg Abbott? “Rolling around” the courtroom, earning political points with jurors, Willie said with a sneer. (Abbott is in a wheelchair.)
    I caught that snide remark from Willie and I couldn’t believe that even he would stoop to such a low blow.

    But then Willie said that the AG was there to “prump his propaganda” and it made me laugh. Willie has so many lies coming out of his mouth at once he can’t even talk properly!

  25. I thought AG Abbott was a duly elected official that has taken an oath within his office to uphold the Texas Constitution and Laws. WeeWillie on the other hand is a Hildale, Utah based thug who impugns the integrity of all elected Texas Officials from the Governor, Attorney General and Legislature. The arrogance of this obvious member of a crime syndicate organization bent upon conducting their felonious crime wave upon the peace loving and dignified citizenry of Texas has been stopped and he is quite upset over it. Maybe living in a lock-down Gulag, under a Theocracy and jailed Prophet leader is Willie’s view of Zion but most rightful thinking Americans can see and choose that it simply is not. I believe a Federal Task Force is needed to further arrest this archly arrogant spokesman for a covert crime trafficking network bent on attacking the Law & Order of all United States citizenry. He doesn’t espouse anything beyond ‘Freedom of Criminal Enterprise’ gift wrapped on the outside as a religion.

  26. Since when is sexual assault of a child subject to propaganda? Group think melt down.

  27. Finally some justice for the victims of fundamentalist Mormon child pornography cults! Shame on Utah for allowing this mess to spill over into Texas, and for allowing polygamous pedophiles to run amuck for over 100 years. And shame on Mormons who raise tens of millions to fight gay marriage and do NOTHING to clean up pedophiles operating in Utah under the guise of religion!!!













  29. Laurie

    Next time say it like you mean it!

    I’m with ya on all that, but the skulls are thick out there in Utardia!


    flash from the past

  31. Thanks, anonymous 1:50 pm, I remember that clip and have thought of it from time to time.

    The man in the middle is one of Allen Keate’s sons.

    Eddie Jessop is another one of the three and he dodged a bullet because Allen W. Steed apparently had some objection to his 13-year-old daughter being married to Jessop in July 2004.

    Jessop in the clip when asked if there are older men at YFZ married to underage girls.

    “There may be some individual cases.”

    Yeah, at least eight of them where there was sufficient evidence for the state of Texas to charge them.

    That does not count those who were married either in a different state or no child came from the marriage (no DNA evidence).

  32. Texastwist this my favorite flash back.

    48 Hour Mystery
    Peter Van Sant reports on the April 2008 raid of the YFZ ranch.

    Hey, Willie what part of Hell Yes Do You Not Understand.

  33. I never saw that one before. It’s a good one.

    “Hell, yes,” Willie, the allegations were true.

    Willie is the “biggest bunch of bullcrap.”

    And a thug, to boot. Pretty obvious when he leaned forward and raised his voice to the reporter.

    Gotta love Dan Jessop…

    …”a potential problem”…and…”definitely a problem…”

    So who’s your prophet, Danny boy?

  34. What part of “Willie you’re a lying sack of crap” doesn’t he understand? Seems pretty cut and dried to me. They thought they’d keep all the information under wraps and oops, it’s exploded and Wee Willie’s lost control.

    Of course Dan doesn’t want to look at that picture. He suddenly realized that the state had evidence and oops, he was caught in the crossfire.

    Did you ever notice that the FLDS didn’t produce any plural couples for on camera interviews, how would Allan Keate and his 7 wives have sold on Larry King Live or Raymond and his 9, 2 of them underaged, have worked on Anderson Cooper 360.

  35. danny boy is an abuser himself. i hope he lives up to his last statement and moves out of the state. let him become some other state’s problem.

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