Judge Lindberg to Willie: STRICKEN and DENIED

Judge Lindberg’s 12-11-09 Ruling on Willie’s Motions


~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Judge Lindberg to Willie: STRICKEN and DENIED”

  1. I’d say they’re getting pretty close. The next step will be sanctions against Wee Willie.

  2. i vote for wee willie sanctions!!!

  3. ME TO!!!


    Sounds a bit like SIT DOWN and SHUT UP, Willie et al.

  5. I bet they had a big Priesthoodie meeting after losing Keate and now this,

    They sat down in a prayer circle, Bowed their heads and


  6. Cows. Cows and not-cows. Willie the Thug in the mix. Is this cow deal and the imaginary cows (not) at YFZ ranch that can only make imaginary milk thus imaginary cheese out of the imaginary cow feed have anything to do with those other cows or willie’s cows or what the heck IS all this?

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