Rejected of God

Read it all.   It’s worth it.  There’s some new information in this document that sheds light on the dynamics between the twin cities and the FLDS religious organization.    This could get very interesting.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 12, 2009.

47 Responses to “Rejected of God”

  1. So, in Fred Barlows letter he mentions the two wall girls who were missing, Sherrie, and Allison… Did they ever fing those two girls?


    I’m loving it.

    Now to read and digest the whole thing.

  3. Possible money laundering through the water works.

    How appropriate.

    What were Parker, WSJ and LeRoy thinking?

    Couldn’t they see this coming?

  4. Parker can only see his retirement fund building up and LeRoy is trying to get back in good with WSJ. Oops, guess this might not have been the best strategy.

  5. dd1,

    The reference to Sherrie and Ally in Fred Barlow’s letter was due to a missing persons complaint filed by Rebecca Wall Jeffs Musser with the Washington County Sheriff Department in regard to her youngest sisters and their mother, Sharon.

    It was more-or-less resolved by Sharon meeting with Rebecca and Elissa and Elissa’s new baby. Sherrie and Ally were not there and Sharon begged the two to drop the matter. This was right before Uncle Fred’s funeral and they also met with Sharon again the following day.

    They never did get to meet with Sherrie and Ally as they were the guarantees that Sharon would not let Rebecca and Elissa talk her into leaving with them.

  6. Ty Twist!

    Oh proud texan, why do you think Parker has refused all this time to turn over documents to the Court,, of course Parker knew!

  7. Bears repeating…

    “We must continue to answer them nothing and not give into their proposals and ways. May the Lord guide me that I will not compromise in the slightest degree, knowing His will is the United Effort Plan Trust is rejected of God, and is not the gathering place; and the people must qualify to come to the lands of refuge, or else be rejected.”

    WSJ — August 6, 2005

    But keep those card$ and letter$ coming, folks!

  8. Shoot Twist, he doesn’t want cards and letters unless they contain cash.

  9. Bet all that evidence wanted, has gone ‘ Poof’..

  10. $49,565.00 written to the Storehouse on the Water Works account on 1-21-2006 for “Fuel Dec & Tithing”.

    WSJ was very much a fugitive on January 21, 2006.


    Wonder what else might be revealed in the Storehouse checking acount?

    O tithing from Comfort and Joy

  11. I can’t WAIT to see how this plays out! Any chance the twin cities munincipalities are next to be placed under government oversight?

  12. I would love to see the Twin Cities put into receivership, assuming that such could be accomplished legally…. If there were real legal presence apart from the FLDS dominated police might get somewhere with many of the other issues be raised by the “apostate” community there

  13. Love this — “constant barrage of vexatious litigation.” Very apt description.

    When, oh when, are the Feds gonna bust up this crime syndicate?

  14. You do know that this raises more questions right?

    I knew there were fuel issues long time ago and that in itself is like dominoes.

    I knew about Knudson. But once again more questions.

    Here is are a couple of questions you guys can answer
    Who was feeding the cows at the ranch prior to the raid and with what were they feeding the cows?

    Why was Willie and Shurtleff holding hands during the walk about for Park Celebration? Some of the talks included Mary B. Why?

    And why was EPA involved in the clean up of the Park area?

  15. OK

    What strikes me is the complete and systemic contempt for society and the law, not to mention contempt of court.

    I think Lindberg needs to get all “Judge Judy” on the FLDS and tell them where to stuff it. She had told Parker he couldnt represent the FLDS, he appealed it, and last I checked he ran out of time, why is he even still involved?

    The courts appear to experience angst when it comes to putting these bad boys in line.

    THEN the Estate / Warren / Rulon deal. Rulon dies intestate, yet there is no dissolving of his estate that is legal? Yet the State of Utah accepts a document that in essence, gives the entire UEP to Warren?

    This is messed up! But hey, its Utah!

    What a fairy tale, too bad the FLDS dont get a happy ending.

  16. And that letter from Fred Barlow Jeffs about made me puke. Did he wear knee pads while writing it?

  17. But keep those card$ and letter$ coming, folks!

    I understand that in the escalade, letters to him had a slit large enough to extract the casd, but the letters were not removed.

  18. Typo…that is “extract the cash”

  19. Warren got himself enough money to buy himself a boatload of trouble!

    AHHHH Silly mortal that he be,

    Cash the checks

    And the Lord takes him to his knee!

  20. Stamp I think you should bottle some of that energy. 🙂

  21. Go take a good look at the checks issued by the Twin Cities Power Company.

    Richard Allred “signed” every one of these checks copied in this court filing.

    His signature NEVER varies. Sometimes it is right on the signature line. Sometimes it is above the line. Sometimes it is below the line. Sometimes it lists to the upper right. Sometimes its lists to the lower right.


    It is nothing but a stamp being used.

    Why is that?

  22. I have always been MOST impressed with how Zack and Jeff Schields present themselves and their cases.
    I think they are both brilliant and extremely well-versed in law.

    Wisan did a good job hooking up with this law firm!

    Go BRUCE!

  23. I thought that too anon @10:56. I also thought it will illegal to use a stamp on checks. I know we use one at school for the principal’s signature on various forms, but on letters and the likes, he signs himself.

  24. Some years ago (1980s) I used a stamp for check signatures and it wasn’t illegal. We did it because the authorized signers were not always available when payroll and/or accounts payable checks needed to go out.

    It was with the signees permission, of course, and a list of checks issued was always provided to them. Any checks issued that were unauthorized expenditures would have been noticed by them and only one person other than the signees had access to the stamp.

    I can’t swear to it, but I believe I have seen other checks signed with a stamp since then. Some companies issue checks in such a volume that it is not practical for someone to hand sign them on a regular basis.

    My assumption about the Twin City WW checks is that Richard Jeffs Allred wasn’t on the premises when checks were issued and it is a standard bookkeeping practice for the entity.

    It could also give him a semblance of plausible deniability about each specific check.

  25. Walton

    Thanks 😉

    And this vetting has me energized into thinking – the FLDS should return money sent by a utility!

  26. Oh yeah, Bruce and Sheilds, GREAT JOB! Thanks for telling the world how it really is!

  27. I can’t swear to it, but I believe I have seen other checks signed with a stamp since then. Some companies issue checks in such a volume that it is not practical for someone to hand sign them on a regular basis

    If you work for a corporation that has hundreds of employees and vendors to pay, the checks are printed with the signature included.

    I was struck by the number of Water Works checks issued as “donations.” We get our water from a municipal company and believe me they don’t give their income away like that.

  28. Warren was raiding cookie jars wherever he could find them.

    What I found amazing is the “Pennies for the Profit” being delivered by his brother Seth who paid an FLDS male prostitute FIVE THOUSAND dollars for gay sex while driving.

    Thats a lot of pennies. Dont think thats what the kids had in mind when they donated.

  29. That would make sense, Anon E Mouse. My head got stuck in 1980s technology.

    I wonder how the donations and tithes written on the TCWW account would square with any financial statements from those years?


  30. That’s an interesting point Twist. I’d like to see the exact nature of the Water Works company, their bylaws and such. I can pretty much assure you that the San Angelo Water Department isn’t making any “donations” and/or “tithes”.

  31. 2005 checks written on the Twin City Water Works, Inc. account to the Storehouse — memo “Contribution”:

    6028 4-9-2005 5,000
    6103 7-27-2005 2,000
    6148 10-1-2005 10,000
    6175 11-6-2005 10,000

    Total is…$27,000.

    That does not include any amount from check 6254 written 1-21-2006 with the memorandum “Fuel Dec & Tithing”. No idea if an Arizona non-profit public utility corporation would be on cash or accrual accounting or how much of the $49,565.00 was tithing and how much was for fuel purchases.

    On the 2005 (Jan-Dec) Profit and Loss statement filed by TCWW, Inc. with their 2006 Annual Report to the Arizona Corporation Commission, the line item for “Contribution Expense” is…



    No indication that any amended 2006 Annual Report was filed.

  32. Walton, what are you trying to tell us? About the YFZ dairy herd, what they ate. Lactating herds need a good diet but good is a variable term. Could be alfalfa with corn and other grains but I don’t think that would be what they’d feed, cows do well on silage, they’re ruminants. That could contain about anything, corn husks and ground cobs to chicken feathers and parts made into meal.

    What is it you want to tell us?

  33. Hope this link will work…

  34. LaughingPanfish ( I like your nic )

    Remember all the talk about all the cows? Who was going to take care of all the cows after the kids were taken away? The big dairy farm yadda yadda?

    Where were all the cows? what cows? check the photo’s: again I ask where were the cows?
    And what were they feeding them? And where did the feed come from? The land around them? did they buy feed? From where?

    If they had a dairy farm where did the cows come from? Anyone else with the FLDS have dairy cows?

    Harker Farm trucks were coming and going daily if I remember right. Can one farm write off so another gains?

    I think Willie has beef cattle.

    Aye I do believe Winston has cattle.

    After the raid Willie said something about losing some cattle because “the children were gone”. Screwball that he is shouldn’t said nothing. Wasn’t Canada having some issues with cows being MAD?

    I wonder if they were able to use the “farm” to get discounted prices on the fuels they did pay for locally.

    Does anyone remember all the fruit jars lined up on the shelves in the “little store” they had? Where did all that come from? From their fruit trees? Look at the pictures. What fruit?

    Trucks going every which way.

    Wisan in my opinion does get paid enough.

  35. Walton,
    I recall my early visits to the Twin Cities and going to the local dairy (Meadowayne) to go buy the wonderful cheese made in Short Creek.

    A couple of years later, there were MANY fewer dairy cows at the Short Creek Dairy.

    At the time, I was not aware of the purchase of the Eldorado property and the development of the YFZ Ranch.

    But I often wondered where those dairy cows had gone.

    The cows had “poofed”, as had much of the local population.

    And some of Uncle Fred’s grain silos “poofed” too.

  36. I’ve been asking about the cows since it all started. There was a reporter from New York that I think actually had taken some pictures of a couple of cows in the barn after the Raid. But if you look at all of Pilots photos you will not see one cow.

    3 years of pictures and not one cow outside? Then there is the whole thing about the feed. What feed? No HAPPY cows there I tell ya.

    So if it was a ranch were they getting the “farm tax breaks” on their fuel purchases in the area?

    What was Harker farms delivering? or taking back? Did Harker farms show a loss when really they might have been giving it all to Willie and or the YFZ?

    Hey Anon. do you know how the kids that were in the documentaries are doing today? And do you know how Johnny Jessop and Ruth are doing?

  37. Hey everyone I was looking back at the posts and I once again made a mistake in my wording.

    It should say Bruce Wisan doesn’t get paid enough to do the things he does.

    Does NOT get paid enough. How anyone can make heads or tails out of all this mess is way beyond me.

  38. So what is good “ole” boy Randy Wilson going to use to defend Allen Keate?

  39. For Raymond’s trial they didn’t even put on a defense — went straight to closing arguments. Wonder if they’ll do that this time?

  40. Walton, you won’t get any straight answers, because Flds lie about everything. The cows, the grain silos, the buildings dismantled, their companies (LLC) their money laundering, their assaults on women and children.
    They just keep the courts tied up with ONE motion after the other.

  41. Walton thank you for lifting the fog. Right, I never saw photos with dairy cows or any cattle at all. Imaginary cows eat fake food to make fake milk with so they can make fake cheese there at YFZ. But some guy did die in the milking barn, so they said …

    Are imaginary hens laying fake cackleberries too? Those baby fruit trees, peaches or apples, aren’t producing. I guess you could grow some maters, squash, and green beans. Then again, you never see photos of children and women much either, so maybe they bring their livestock, swingsets and bicycles indoors during the day too.

    How the heck did YFZ come up with so much BS when they only have imaginary female dairy cattle?

  42. So the water issues and pretense of farming Berry Knoll is all about money laundering and ripping off Arizona and US taxpayers? This cesspool gets wider and deeper.

  43. Maybe my memory’s getting too old, what was the name of that Bad Driver lad whom they said got hosed or steamcleaned to death in the pretend YFZ milking barn, I’ve always known that story’s BS but don’t know who or what they were covering up out there.

  44. Uncle Thread- I think Doran went out there to confirm that the guy died. And he did die. Wild Bill spent a lot of time on the story.

    When that person from New York took pictures of that Dairy Barn I could only see maybe 3 (if that) cows. A couple of boys were in the barn.

    Didn’t see any feed stored inside or outside. Didn’t see any other cattle.

    The “storage store” shelves were lined neatly and the shelves were full. Looked like a regualar little store in there. They also had big coolers for the cold stuff.

    The pictures in Pilots photo shows the fruit trees as they last were seen 2 months prior to the raid. Tell me how those trees bared any fruit that fall.

    And Willie made sure he put his face in front of the cameras doing the Woe is me talking about how they lost their crops and even lost some cattle.

    When these trials are said and done I hope the IRS comes after them and nails everyone of them hard. They wouldn’t even have to leave their jail cell to take care of that.

  45. UncleThread said this:”So the water issues and pretense of farming Berry Knoll is all about money laundering and ripping off Arizona and US taxpayers? This cesspool gets wider and deeper.”

    Yes. And where were they taking their product? How many other “food storage” places were being supplied for?

    Now remember this is the piece of land that the CPark is after. course the good Mr.Knudson doesn’t want to get in the middle of it all. Wink Wink.

    I say give the land back to the people. Everyone. Me, you, Ruth, Carolyn, the tax-payers. One religious free – no admission fee- federal land park. Properly maintained by the state of Utah.

  46. Uncle Thread — the hot milk accident guy was William Sunderland Jessop

  47. So the water issues and pretense of farming Berry Knoll is all about money laundering and ripping off Arizona and US taxpayers? This cesspool gets wider and deeper.

    Uncle Thread said this on December 15, 2009 at 12:58 PM


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