Photo and Video Essay – Alta Academy, Suspicous FLDS Deaths

An excellent essay including photos and videos, contributed by a viewer.

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~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 10, 2009.

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  1. Polygamy Porter, nice label

  2. Thanks for the link. Video interviews are very interesting. All the evidence is circumstantial, but given the history of what was going on in the Jeffs cult, it sure sounds like foul play.

  3. Poignant, I found, was Rulons name on child skates. I think he felt that he had to brand it all with his name, down to the toys.

    And the latest filing his Estate claims he owned the entire UEP by himself.

    But then Warren said it was “Rejected by God”

    How many false prophets can you stack up before they all fall down?

  4. Maybe the name on the skates was a warning that Rulon would Skate on the FLDS and leave them with a lump of coal as a Cupie prize.

    You cant make a silk Prophet out of a pigs ear.

  5. This woman has serious issues!

  6. I think anyone coming out of that hell hole they call FLDS would have serious issues.

    Its kinda been documented.

  7. Amen Stamp

  8. Which woman annon 1:43? There were several in the videos. What issues do you perceive she has?

    On another note, I had the same Shand/Kyde blue flowered wallapaper that was shown in the pictures in a guest room. The chair Kathy was sitting in, I had in teal instead of gold. Now I’m going to go take a shower.

  9. Just the fact that she thinks her brother was killed is insane.My little brother was there they told him not to do it.He thought he had enough rope and it ran out.He let go not thinking a terrible sad accident

  10. No, Anonymous 12:13, what’s insane is someone like you expecting educated, reasonable people to ignore the very clear signs of a cover up. Evidence has been destroyed, the wrong authorities were first on the site, the investigation was pathetic (as one state investigator who looked into it stated) and the notes from the investigation were withheld from the family (and Kathy Jo has a legal right to full and complete copies of those documents under the freedom of information act — unless I’m very much mistaken). I don’t know you — and clearly you don’t want to be known — but you want us to believe your attack on Kathy Jo’s character? Sorry, no dice. Kathy Jo has a lot more credibility than either you OR your fictitious brother.

  11. Why are you Anonymous? I would like to speak with your brother who was at the scene of my brother’s death on July 24, 2004, Pioneer Day. Please share with me so I can find some peace.
    Thank you.

  12. By the way Anonymous, This is Kathy Jo Nicholson. What is your brother’s name? Thank you. KJ

  13. Kathy Jo, I’m sorry for the pain you feel in your brother’s death. I’m even sorrier that questions cloud his passing and keep the pain fresh. I understand some of what you feel. My sister committed suicide under odd circumstances and there was questionable behavior by her “boyfriend”. I hope that one day you can find peace, preferably through finding real answers that you can believe in and accept.

  14. Kathy Jo, I echo what Rebeckah said. You’re doing all you can do, and thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.

    Education, and that’s what you’re doing, is a powerful tool. Keep up the good work.

  15. Anon 1:43/12:15, well of course Kathy Jo has issues, she has issues with the fact that her little brother may have been murdered and you little brother may have been the murderer. If he is not a murderer, have him prove it to Kathy Jo’s satisfaction, have him talk to her.

  16. To Anonymous, this is Kathy Jo’s husband Brian. Please let us know who your brother is, so that we can talk to him and find resolution. There are too many unanswered questions in this case to just let it be left as an accident. – Brian.

  17. Thank you Husband! I love you!
    Thank you also to the owner of this site for posting the story.
    Huesos, Texas Connie, Stamp, Proud Texan, Miele, Rebeckah and Ladie Sadie for your comments and kind words.
    Anonymous, I thank you as well, for demonstrating the mind set of defenders of the ‘Secretive FLDS’.

    Kathy Jo

  18. I need to go talk to the Blackmore lady. I did not leave over the incinerator; nor was it finished when I left. I left over secrecy. It could be anything from sintering metals to making cement powder. Can’t this rumor die?

    Now, Uncle Roy’s sermons in the manure by the dairy, I did see, but I thought it was a printing error, but if you respect “Uncle Roy” and layout the pages wrong, it seems disrespectful to mix the paper up in manure. When I went to the manure piles, I could never find evidence of thread through the center of any pages (but I was dealing with small shreds). So I concluded that none of the sermons in that pile came from bound volumes. And all printing was too nice; I never found anything that looked used, like handwritten notes or anything else. Still, I thought it odd to shred up Uncle Roys sermons and put them in a manure pile. I didn’t know they burned them in a 200 foot fire.

  19. Kathy – I hope you are able to find the answers you are looking for. Keep after them, soon they will forget which lie they told to who and you’ll be closer to the truth.

  20. Could someone explain where this happened? if you could pinpoint this on a map?

    I will list 5 names including Johnnies. Maybe someone here will know if there is a connection.

    Lorin Fischer
    Greg Nelson
    Zach Ruble
    Christopher Jessop

    and I believe there are more

  21. This happened near Colorado City on the Arizona/Utah border. The location is known as the “Edge of the World.” The following link is a video that shows where it happened:

  22. Kathy Jo and Brian- I’ve been searching all day. Do you guys still have the AOL mail account?

  23. Yes Walton, my email address is . Please feel free to email me. Thank you. Kathy Jo

  24. Kathy Jo,
    Good to see you here.

  25. Kathy Jo I just sent you an e-mail at your other aol address.

  26. I have searched and searched about Dan Fischer’s son to, Lorin, he had straightened up his life and was doing well, someone killed this young man to. I don’t know if it was because his dad was trying to help xflds children or what, but there has never been anything else about any investigation in Lorin Fischer’s death either, and I find that VERY ODD!!!

  27. deputydog If I was a reporter in Utah I would get my arse

    1. fired (because I would rarely get to write The End)

    2. Sit in jail for not following the “closed door keep quiet rule”.

    or 3. be a reporter with the highest club memberships

    There is a whole lot of ODD going on. jmo

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