Very Sad News

We have just learned that Barbara Jessop died of a stroke  (possibly seizure?) today.   Updates as they are available ….


~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 8, 2009.

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathies to her family, espcially Merianne.

  2. Brooke talked about Barbara last year,, She had a Brain Tumor. Im sorry for her children, and know they must be very saddened.

  3. Condolences to all of her children and to those who loved her.

  4. God be with her and her family.

  5. 1:09 You’re lower than Duane.

  6. Sorry to hear this – a very unpleasant disorder to have indeed.
    Wishing her family well.

  7. DeputyDog is right, Barbara is reported to have had a brain tumor. I believe it was supposed to have been of the benign variety. I missed what Anon 1:09 said but it looks like that was a good thing. 🙂

  8. This is very sad news. I heard that Barbara had a brain tumor but I also thought it was benign and had been treated. Can a benign tumor cause a stroke?

  9. a benign brain tumor can cause scar tissue to form which predisposes to seizures – there is some confusion regarding whether she had a stroke or a seizure as the cause of death

  10. We’re very sorry for her family’s loss.

  11. Cement

    That was deleted – ADMIN

  12. Brooke has some comments today about Barbara on her blog. You can link from there to an article Maggie Jessop wrote awhile back. Maggie says that Barbara began having seizures in her 30’s that caused memory loss and made it difficult for Barbara to communicate for a time. Just thought I’d mention the article in case anyone is interested.

  13. Yes , I read Brooke blog, once again, she blames just like others do the fact barbara died because of Carolyn. If FLDS believe in GOD as they say they do, they would know, God decides when to take us home, not us. All this blaming everything on someone else by FLDS needs to stop.

  14. Even a benign brain tumor can cause health problems and death. If they grow, no matter how slowly, they can damage brain tissue or even effect the flow of blood. My husband is deaf in one ear because of one, but we had it treated and he gets it measured by scans every year to make sure it’s not growing. I wonder if she had gotten any kind of treatment. Do the FLDS do physicals, take their blood pressure, etc? Or do they wait for Warren to tell them it’s OK to go to a doctor?

  15. If Barbara’s sad, early death was, in fact, caused by stress, I think it should be noted that Carolyn Jessop’s book, Escape, was published in October 2007. So Barbara managed to survive more than two years, following its publication. And anyone needing a direction to point a finger need look no further than the actions of the men around Barbara – men that she had been taught to devote her life to, and unquestioningly trust and obey.

    But I don’t think finger-pointing is really the way to go. I just hope that she has found peace.

  16. Yes , I read Brooke blog, once again, she blames just like others do the fact barbara died because of Carolyn.
    I noticed how conveniently Brooke left out any mention of others besides Carolyn who also had problems with Barbara – two other “sisterwives”, Ruth and Faunita, for example.

  17. Now that I think about it, Brooke also made no mention of Barbara’s beating up children as young as four. You can read more about it here:

    Am I reading too much into this? I suppose Brooke’s omissions may just be out of respect for the dead.

  18. ellie, my guess would be,, probably the end of next year,, Brooke Adams herself will be writing a book. No reporter who focuses on ONE type story does it for the good of mankind, they usually have an alterior motive,, like, better job position, more money, or in Brooke Adams case, a book. She is one of the least proficent reporters Ive read. It’s pretty clear by her newspaper stories and her personal blog, where she stands on this issue.

  19. ellie,

    I find it hard to swallow reading that half baked eulogy written in that manner. The reason the comments are turned off is because the peice is outrageous and lacking truth to the story and would elicit challenges.

    Better to just say “Beloved mother of 14 children and 35 grandchildren (?) passed away Dec 8th, 2009, from Natural Causes”

    Its not necessary to name those children and grandchildren of hers who were banished and damned to hell either. I mean, if you are going to trot out someone she abused, what about all the others? Why not explain the fact she gave up her 12 yr old daughter to an FBI Top Ten fugitive, you don’t think THAT is inviting stress?

    We dont need to know imaginary guesses that she died from adversity or stress, or how her indescretions that led to her family becoming so infamous may have pushed her over the edge – especially spun to deflect blame from her onto others.

    Mentioning Carolyn’s name was a huge faux pas IMHO and will just boomerang.

    If Barbara’s death was caused by any life stress and people need someone to blame I have a picture of Warren, Merril and Barbara I can show you.

    Carolyn just ESCAPED so the stress wouldn’t KILL HER.

  20. It is highly irresponsible of an reporter to speculate that she died from stress.
    People who have seizure disorder can die unexpectedly.
    It is that simple.

  21. I just read Brooke’s tribute to Barbara, what the heck is wrong with that woman? And why in the world would the Trib allow one of their employees to publicly and in writing slander someone like she did?

  22. Carolyn,
    If you are reading this, you have just been defamed by a newspaper without cause.
    Contact your attorney.

  23. i agree carolyn, make contact immediately and sue the pants off of brooke and slt.

  24. Take them to the cleaners, Carolyn.
    I am rooting for you.

  25. It is highly irresponsible of an reporter to speculate that she died from stress.
    People who have seizure disorder can die unexpectedly.
    It is that simple.
    Yes and even if Brooke Adams wants to try to link Barbara’s death to stress, it’s still a HUGE leap to go from that to pointing a finger at Carolyn.

    Let’s see, the indictments against Barbara’s husband Merril and other FLDS members were upheld recently. Meaning that another Hail Mary effort to avoid prosecution has failed. Wouldn’t that qualify as a significant stressor for Barbara? And yet, Brooke somehow doesn’t make this connection.

  26. Something interesting in the last update from the Success…

    Rebecca Musser testified about a letter written to her by the alleged victim in Keate’s case.

    Wonder what that was about and what the time frame and was?

    She also identified a photograph of herself and the alleged victim together.

  27. Oops, wrong tab.

  28. I suggest removal of the offensive post above.

    ADMIN EDIT: Done, and banned

    Thank you

  29. R. Hater. The purpose of this webpage is to fight the abuses of the FLDS. We are not FLDS or polygamy supporters. However, we like to use facts and knowledge as our weapons, not raw hate; scientific studies, news articles, that sort of thing. Your vitriol is not welcome. If you want an adult discussion then read, and share your views in a rational manner. Otherwise you will continually be banned and have your posts deleted.

  30. Just made aware of this now, and after reading up on Barbara, I am sure she has god here eternal reward, In Hell for her cruelty to the other wifes children

  31. I just stumbled across this website after reading a little bit into your religion. This “sect” “cult” “JOKE” is among the funniest ever heard. All you do is manipulate religion and use God’s name in vain and as an excuse to RAPE, MOLEST and act in the sickest way! Those are the kind of people that go to hell. All you show is arrogance and cruelty. You only show to be dumb because God would NEVER behave the way you do. To all the women out there PLEASE be smart enough to know that there is much more out there to be offered to you and protection. You will not go to hell for trying to find happiness. And to Barbara THE CRUELEST PERSON YET TO LIVE… one way to describe her: psycopath 🙂

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