Kaboom! UEP Responds

This is a very well written and well articulated response to Willie’s Petition for Extraordinary Writ.   I’m going with the UEP on this one …

Love this:

It is time for Petitioners’ efforts to litigate duplicate issues before multiple tribunals to come to a halt.   The Petition should be denied

Some very good points made in this response.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on December 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Kaboom! UEP Responds”

  1. Warren Jeffs, August 2005: “The United Effort Plan Trust is rejected of God…”


    Love the “even ifs” followed by the question of where was this nebulous subset four years ago when the Reformation was properly moving through the district court schedule?

    Where they were four years ago is following der goofy dear leader into the abyss of his sick, deluded mind.

  2. Apparently, since it is “rejected by God”, the FLDS leaders have no problem with litigating it down to absolutely nothing.

    But the Trust is land-rich, cash-poor and there are families living in the homes on UEP land. Wisan has tried repeatedly to transfer the houses to the families currently living in them but many have chosen to follow the FLDS leadership’s instructions and “answer them nothing.” Answer them nothing while we stuff your money into the pockets of lawyers.

    It breaks my heart that the FLDS leaders are so selfish that they would risk families losing their homes. If children become homeless as a result of the ridiculously litigious FLDS leadership, I hope they realize it’s on their heads.

  3. Ellie,

    Ignorance can be fixed, but you can’t cure stupid.

  4. Close all the FLDS Home Schools! Its snowing Legal Documents!

    What is abundantly obvious here, is that FLDS INC. has decided to waste the entire UEP rather that submit to the court and allow people to own their own homes.

    Hell the FLDS cant even decide where to build a Temple

    (Texas was the wrong place, DUH!)

    and they have the wrong Prophet too, and the rest of them are either going to trial or are REJECTS of Warrens.

    What a lovely setting for skirts and she-mullets.

    Alls thats missing are flying arrows and bullets. Oh wait we’ve had the latter.

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