Carolyn Jessop Deposition Request

Notice how Piccarreta tries to rope in Matt Smith and turn him against his own witness.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 28, 2009.

13 Responses to “Carolyn Jessop Deposition Request”

  1. So which case is this about? And how can the tax returns of a witness be relevant?

  2. Look, the only reason he hasn’t turned against the witness is because the eyes of Texas are upon him. Its kinda hard to do business as usual up there when those kinds of eyes are on you.

    Thank you, Natalie, and watch your back.

  3. The thumbnail is showing Piccarreta’s Motion, but when I open it I am getting Smith’s Response.

    Betty, this would be Warren’s criminal trial in Mohave County, Arizona. And yeah, hard to see how her tax returns are relevant.

    Piccarreta’s strategy seems to be “trash the witnesses.”

    Apparently, that’s the only avenue open to him as a defense considering what is known about the facts in the case.

  4. Carolyn is being harassed. It’s pretty obvious, and the judge is not taking effective action to protect her rights.

  5. Image link goes to Smith’s response rather than Jeffs motion.

  6. Apparently Piccaretta has been successful and has discouraged Carolyn from testifying. Smith should have worked much sooner to protect his witnesses from harassment.

  7. […] […]

  8. I’ll fix it

  9. I am sure he wants to argue that she wrote “Escape” to get rich and only wants to testify to push sales of her new book.


    1. Most first books don’t make much money. Jessop wrote “Escape” with an experienced co-author who would have understood the realities of publishing. It’s likely she proceeded in spite of the probable financial outcome, not because of it;

    2. Jessop is now so famous that testifying in this trial will have no measurable impact on her public profile.

    I think “Piccarreta” is a diminutive of the Latin “piccare” (“to pierce”) which means it is best translated as “little prick.” No jive.

    Malonis ought to have no trouble mopping the floor with him.

  10. Ok the link is fixed.

    Pic is not entitled to Carolyn’s income tax returns. He already has her contracts and has asked tons of questions about what she has earned on books and movies and what she has coming.

    Besides, I think this is all moot because Carolyn asked to be taken off the witness list. Matt Smith has apparently not communicated that to Pic yet. He did, however, file a response and ask that the motion be denied.

  11. Apparently Piccaretta has been successful and has discouraged Carolyn from testifying. Smith should have worked much sooner to protect his witnesses from harassment.

    Ron in Houston said this on November 28, 2009 at 12:52 PM

    Precisely. What a shame.

  12. No doubt true, FLDS Texas. I’m just saying his fundamental assumptions are flawed.

    To carry his reasoning to its final excess, does that mean a scientist who’s written a textbook ought to be barred from ever testifying because he might become marginally better-known and therefore few more professors might assign his book?


    Pic is just trying to harass her and gather info to give to Willie to smear her.

    I agree with your comment , Greet. Hope you’re resting like you should be.

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