Allen Steed v. Elissa Wall


Allen Steed filed a Counter-Claim in the Elissa Wall suit against Warren, the FLDS and the UEP.   I don’t know if it was such a wonderful idea to bring this guy in as a cross-defendant and give him a forum to conduct discovery and engage in all manner of chaos and destruction (that’s my prediction anyway about what he’ll do as a party in this case).

In any event, Allen Steed is suing Elissa Wall for False Light, Public Disclosure of Private Facts, Defamation (Libel Per Se and Slander Per Se, separate counts), and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Good luck Allen!

On the other hand, this will give Elissa and the UEP inroads into discovery that wouldnt have otherwise be available.      When someone sues another for defamation, discovery is very very liberal bcause the defendant gets to look into aspects of the plaintiff’s reputation and social life.   It’s wide open.    Of course, he was brought into this by the Trust so maybe he thought he might as well make something of it — it’s just that a defamation action is stupid if you’re FLDS.   We all know that Allen’s reputation was not damaged by allegations of underage marriage and nonconsensual sexual contact — if anything it enhanced his reputation in the community, and he got to do a service to the Prophet by falling on his sword at Warren’s trial …oh, and it didn’t help Warren either.   Shame, Allen.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 28, 2009.

15 Responses to “Allen Steed v. Elissa Wall”

  1. i wondered why he did that? Elissa didn’t publish her book until after he testified in the case. he defamed his own character.

  2. i wonder if allen’s lawyers are related to the Bradshaws that are part of the FLDS?

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  4. OK, he really opens the can of….. NOT whoopass, but worms.

    Too bad, read the first page, he tells all about how he was fairy tale married to Ellisa by fairy tale leaders.

    Hmmmmmm Time to put the head FAIRY back on the stand! And of course, we get to air his laundry – once again – to show the world his evil deeds!

  5. I thought Allen Steed still has rape charges pending in Utah? This pleading sort of creates a ‘slam dunk’ for the State on that one.
    Hey, Ron in Houston…can you decipher the strategy with this pleading for us?

  6. Just located info on Allen Steed’s criminal case.

    Seems if Utah had prosecuted this guy, that would have protected Elisa Wall from being subject to this lawsuit. Once again, Utah foot dragging on this issue continues to re-victimize.

  7. In the topsy-turvy world of the FLDS, Allen Steed is emotionally distressed because his private sins were made public. Meanwhile Elissa Wall had her family torn apart by Der Prophet, was forced into a sham underage ‘marriage’, endured miscarriage after miscarriage, etc… but she was supposed to acquiesce.

    I wish Natalie Malonis was admitted to the Utah bar. I’d love to see her depose Steed.

  8. How do the evidentiary rules in this civil suit differ from those in Steed’s theoretically upcoming criminal trial?

    And don’t people usually wait until their criminal trials are over to sue for libel and slander?

  9. Steed himself admitted he exposed himself to Wall in a public park and was surprised that she was offended.

    How damaging was anything Wall wrote compared to that?

  10. The flds seem to be taking any avenue they can…whether it makes any sense or not…sue anyone who ever stood up to them. To me, this is just another smear campaign against people who have p!$$ed them off. They keep throwing mudballs against the fence to see if anything will stick. Have they won any significant court battle…? I don’t remember any.

  11. Elissa is a brave woman…Steed and Jeffs are both sick and have been indoctrinated into a sick cult. I admisre Elissa, Flora Jessop, Carolyn Jessop and other women who have had the courage to leave. I am always willing to help any of these women, chldren, and/or lost boys.

  12. This is part of the strategy that they learned in the 50 years since the 1953 raid – attack any individual/group with relentless legal/financial/pr pressure and they will cave – leaving you alone and master of the situation.
    The difference between those times and these appears to be much better ability to highlight the information that does trickle out and the major change in societal norms about sex and women since 1953.

  13. I think they are getting desperate for money to pay legal fees and their lawyers are looking for ways to get paid. He wants money.

    I love the comment about an ‘adulterous affair’. What incredible hypocrisy! Apparently the worst insult you can give to a woman is that she decided to control her own sexual destiny. He participates in an illegal marriage ceremony with a minor, has sexual relations that at best are sexual assault of a minor and which was in the opinion of at least one jury who heard his testimony was rape. It doesn’t surprise me that he thinks he did nothing wrong. What does surprise me that there is a lawyer somewhere who agrees enough to write this up.

  14. I agree the FLDS have been using legal and social intimidation to get away with everything, forever.
    Clearly, the ‘prophet’ didn’t get the prophecy that the internet was coming and people would be blogging about their every move. LOL.

  15. it doesn’t matter if they believe him or not, they are getting paid to defend him, not believe him.

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