Revised Berry Knoll Ruling and Order




~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 25, 2009.

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  1. Well OK then. Linburg tells Shurtleff to stuff it, the crisis is NOT from the MJ lawsuit, but rather the barrage of suits from the FLDS suing themselves in the foot.

    Including, no less, Parkers latest…. Suing on behalf of the Rulon Jeffs Estate.

    IMHO, he didnt show up, dead or alive at the “interested party” hearing, so he lost his chance to croak from the grave. Warren stole his car keys, remember?

  2. And let the bidding begin – She gave the order for Wisan to post the auction of Berry Knolls, temple site, septic tank site, whatever, put that sucker on the auction block!

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  4. ROFL @ Stamp: “suing themselves in the foot”

  5. I suppose Piccareta will start comparing Judge Lindberg to blind justice like he did Judge Walther in his latest motion.

  6. Two lines I liked:

    “Intemperate or abusive comments were given no weight.”

    “As this court has previously noted, one of the recurring problems in these probate proceedings has been that no one with official authority to speak on behalf of the FLDS church has ever come forward… no one has claimed—much less shown proof of—having the authority to bind the FLDS church or its followers to any particular course of action.”

    Maybe this is why Rod Parker is now reduced to suing on behalf of dead man.

  7. Lindberg doesn’t accept self-appointed leaders like the Fat Brat at face value.

    So what’s a poor lawyer to do? Rod Parker’s answer seems to be to make claims on behalf of a mummy. November: falling leaves, rattling ice-covered branches, Danse macabre, death rides a pale horse across a darkening sky…

    …and a prophet rises from the dead in a Utah probate court. Gotta love it.

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