Warrens Witness Motion: “LDS vs FLDS”

Here, Warren attempts to discredit expert witnesses Carolyn Jessop, Rebeckah Musser, and Richard Holm.

Then on page 10, the motion basically says the LDS is just like the FLDS but “no longer follows its founders’ belief in the practice of Polygamy”.

Then the motion says the witnesses dont know the difference between the LDS and the FLDS and have “no special training” (ha ha ha).

Oh, I’m sure they have had LOTS of “special training”!


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 18, 2009.

19 Responses to “Warrens Witness Motion: “LDS vs FLDS””

  1. Who would know better than the Prophet’s wife?

    Or the Bishops wife?

    I suppose since they didnt swallow the koolaide all the way, thats proof they werent listening to the rants.

    Or perhaps they were watching a little too closely.

    Good Luck, Warren, you need it!

  2. Hmm, I remember when the raid happen they tried to give the people the Mormon bible and it was not acceptable.
    More kaching for the lawyers.

  3. Thats correct – because of changes in the LDS BOM in (1978?) which took out some negative commentary on the black race, and allowed them to hold the priesthood.

  4. Actually, the 1978 chabges were made in the D&C, not the BOM. In any event the flds do not accept that change in LDS doctrine.

  5. OK – I thought it was the BOM – does anyone remember why a regular BOM is unacceptable?

    Its been a long time, now I think I recall something was added to each FLDS BOM..? Like a history of their prophets?

  6. This looks to me to be more of the ‘throw it out there and see if it sticks’ type motion.

  7. Really, it does, as have so many other frivolous motions.

    I think its so funny they say the witnesses dont have special training, then in one sentence explain it!


  8. OK – I thought it was the BOM – does anyone remember why a regular BOM is unacceptable?

    “We believe the Bible to be the word of God, as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God”. This is an Article of Faith that is quoted by both FLDS and LDS alike. This Article is the reason that the FLDS do not read and/or accept the current modern BOM or the current Bible. They claim that the LDS and King James (among others) have changed the contents of these books and “corrupted” their translations. So, these books are not of any use to the FLDS anymore.
    Some FLDS claim to have old versions of the original Joe Smith translation of the BOM and Docrine In Covenants. Those are OK. But anything that was reprinted after a certain date (I believe it was in the ’60’s), is no good.

    Oh, the Son’s of Heleman were the boys between 8 and 15 years old in the FLDS. They were usually on the Saturday work crews, cleaning up the town. They did have a marching drill that they practiced for a few years to do in the July 4th parades. Then the girls were lacking their just due attention, and started a “drill squad” called Daughters of Zion. They also did dance performances in the parades that made the Son’s of Heleman look like a joke. Thus Warren Jeffs announced that it was all “displeasing in the eye of God” and to cease and desist immediately. This all happened before Warren was the prophet, even before he moved from SLC to Colorado City.

  9. And who was the one that organized the Daughters of Zion? Becky Musser!

  10. I have noticet the logic of “those that say bad about us can’t be trusted because they say bad about us.”

  11. Well Joseph Smith said that people talking “bad” about his church would mean that it was a real church. I’ve never figured out why that didn’t translate into every other christian church being true because Joseph certainly talked bad about them. Black and white circular thinking makes my head hurt.

  12. The ultimate in circular logic is the Book of Mormon prophecying about Joseph Smith.

  13. cement

    Well, is Warren the “expert”?

    He lost the UEP, got himself and others in prison, spent millions, bought property all over tarnation, sold UEP land, exed people left and right, damned the remainder of the FLDS living in the Creek, so he’s done destructive things no other prophet has ever come close to doing.

    Quite the expert aint he?

    With ‘experts’ like Warren life looks so ROSY for these folks!

    So he may be the expert at destructions, I guess even the FLDS deserves one of these guys once in a while to help keep things in perspective, you know, so they can tune up on being experts and all.

  14. […] […]

  15. So what exactly does the term redacted mean on this motion?

  16. I think it means that things were taken out.

  17. Sexual Assault victim’s name was blacked out for her protection and privacy

  18. I cant believe Pic has stooped to the “Deer Do It” defense.

    He’s saying that witnesses should not be allowed to testify about the terrible things that happen in the FLDS because other religions do it too.

    Cant somebody shut this guy up?

  19. Oh yeah, and other victims of other abusive cults write books too, Carolyn made money, she knows Fischer, another ex-FLDS, all reasons why its so unfair WAHHH! to have them speak against the real expert, Warren.

    We’ll see if Matt Smith and Judge Conn have a spine.

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