Keate Bad Acts


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 18, 2009.

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  1. Keate’s daughter V. Keate was the 5th youngest WSJ married from what I can find. The G. Steed listed as one Allen took to Colorado was 14 years 3 months when she married WSJ.

  2. sick

  3. “aided and abetted”

    “did aid and abet”

    I counted five of those.

    And an “across state lines.”


  4. i think oops is correct.

  5. Dont you know the flock is pissed that Warren memorialized all of their crimes in explicit detail

  6. What does Raymond Jessop aiding and abetting have to do with Keate?

  7. Sharp eyes, Miele—what the heck is Raymond Jessop doing in that document? (Bad file cloning?)

  8. Yea, GFNY it looks like they missed changing the name when they listed aiding and abetting warren while he was on the lam.

  9. The flock is being defleeced and I’m sure they aren’t liking it one iota. If you look close, this document was filed on the same day as Raymond’s, so I’m sure they did his first and used it for the form and just missed that instance of his name, but Keate apparently helped Warren stay loose too.

    And speaking of Raymond, his brother Ernie appears to be back in the cult. Wonder if there will be a fight over Janet and who knows, maybe Spirit U will pop back up.

  10. ProudTexan

    There wont be much of a fight if Ernie gets his girlfriends back, whats Raymond gonna do, pound his head against the brick wall?

    I wonder if he knows its coming – this musical chairs – he does have one card left, and thats to be states evidence, yanno, to show his appreciation and all, and keep from facing that 99 yr sentence tacked on to his 10 year sentence.

  11. I’ve been wondering whether Keate’s age (in and of itself) will have much impact on his jury. On the face of it, I don’t think so, because it really doesn’t matter if a man is 30 or 90—child sexual assault is what it is.

    But I do think swapping out his own young daughters in exchange for other young girls is going to sink him, no matter where the jury is empanelled.

    This is nothing less than an interstate child sex ring, and the Feds need to be investigating. It is no less important than investigating political corruption—that’s important, but it isn’t the only thing.

  12. LOL @ “Spirit U”

  13. The girls in my 1st period class think the fact that keate is old and bald will play against him. They said that Raymond looked much younger than 38 and this guy looks at least 60.

  14. Yes, honestly, I think Raymond’s looks helped him. He looks very clean cut and corn fed.

  15. Looks like Keate had a happy penis for several years,, all them young girls,, transporting his own little girls so other old guys could have some.

  16. Its going to be much easier to convict the old, creepy ass Keate.

    Keep that sucker off the streets!

  17. Hopefully Keate will get enough time in this trial to avoid the necessity of indicting him for some of the other offenses listed here.

    I’ll bet Raymond Jessop will be tried on the bigamy case to keep him behind bars longer.

  18. Well if the County tries Raymond on Bigamy, especially after others are convicted, he may “see the light” and roll on his homies.

    Word is, Ernie is back in and will likely take over molesting where Raymond left off.

    Perhaps Texas will take another look at indicting Ernie if that turns out to be the case.

  19. I’m hoping that Keate and any others are charged by the Northern District of Texas US Attorney for aiding and abetting a fugitive as well as Mann Act violations in the cases that are strong enough on documented facts to be prosecuted.

    Keate’s bad boy list reads like a shot over the bow.

    Turning up the heat.

    Take some notes, Brett Tolman, and pay attention.

    Tolman says it can be done under the existing structures and relationships between the federal agencies and the various local jurisdictions, so let’s see him do it as the Northern District of Texas appears to be doing.

    If he’s not willing to move forward, Tolman needs to step aside.

  20. texastwist,
    I agree whole heartedly with what you have said regarding Brett Tolman. He needs to enforce the laws, prosecute the guilty and protect the innocent.

    But he is in Utah and crimes against victims of polygamy in Utah have LONG been ignored.

    Utah is run by the LDS Theocracy. Many people in high positions in Utah are members of the LDS theocracy.

    Justice hangs by a thread in Utah.

    Justice for victims is hard to come by in Utah.

    Elizabeth Smart is from a mainstream Mormon Utah LDS family. She was a victim of rape by a self-proclaimed polygamous prophet. He is now finally going to held accountable.

    But, the FLDS victims of rape are NOT from a mainstream Mormon Utah LDS family. These victims are from “F” LDS families.

    In Utah that seems to make a HUGE difference.

    Utahns only care about themselves and THEIR sacred church.

    To hell with all of the other victims!

    So I won’t hold my breath on Brett Tolman doing the right thing for “other” victims of the doctrines of the LDS church.

    Maybe writing to US Senator Orrin Hatch would help. Or US Senator Bob Bennett would help.

    But I highly doubt it!

  21. Both Hatch and Bennett have their own issues owning up to things. imo

    They are well aware of the things that have gone on and have allowed them to go on. again jmo

    Good post Anonymous

  22. Yes, good post Anon.

    I don’t look for Hatch or Bennett to do anything. Tolman is Hatch’s guy.

    There’s always Nevada, Colorado, South Dakota and Arizona.

    I figure in all of the evidence seizures from YFZ and from the arrests of Warren Jeffs and Seth Jeffs there is sufficient evidence for other jurisdictions to file criminal charges against various person.

    There’s also the financial trails to follow.

    Surely US Attorneys outside of Utah and Texas have some good cases to build.

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