UPDATED Venue: What’s the Strategy?

Randy Wilson, attorney for Allen Keate, had entered into an agreement  to transfer venue for Allen Keate’s trial to Tom Green County.    After Raymond’s verdict, and after consultation with the posse of attorneys for companion defendants, Wilson withdrew his Motion to Transfer Venue (huh?  after an agreed order was already entered?)

The Court could transfer venue to Tom Green County on its own, but likely won’t.   They’ll have to go through the process of trying to seat a jury, likely fail, then move to Tom Green County.

It is unlikely that Allen Keate will get the tiny bit of sympathy that Raymond Jessop got in Schleicher County … he is an older man, he is three times the age of his child sex slave, Merilyn, and he gave away three of his own little girls as brides to FLDS pedophiles.   My goodness, his “bad acts” notice makes Ray look like choir boy.

If you were Keate, would you rather have a San Angelo jury or an Eldorado jury?

What’s the strategy here — try to get a sympathetic jury in Schleicher county and hope that one can be seated .. or hope that a jury can’t be seated, thereby delaying Keate’s trial and punishment by a few days ….or simply create more confusion and hopefully more points for appeal?

It’s interesting watching the One Man centralized defense shape up.   Wonder what they’re up to.

UPDATE 11/16:  The State has filed a motion for the court to transfer venue on its own motion, essentially reciting the agreement to transfer and asking the Court to go ahead and transfer it without the necessity of holding a hearing.   There is apparently a pre-trial hearing on Thursday in San Angelo, and perhaps this request will be taken up or ruled on.   Jury Summonses have been issued in Schleicher County and Tom Green County.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 14, 2009.

35 Responses to “UPDATED Venue: What’s the Strategy?”

  1. if willie’s really in charge, they might all be in trouble.

  2. Seems to me that if your only witnesses are going to be people from the community who will say what a nice guy you are, it’s better to keep the trial in the community so that some folks may know the character witnesses.

  3. has the state filed a “bad acts” yet on Keate?

  4. I don’t know if a bad acts notice has been filed. I just know those are Allen Keate’s circumstances, so I assume they will be in his bad acts notice.

  5. […] […]

  6. Well, everything is relative. Willie seems to be interested in making money, making nice nice and creating stability, not in enforcing a psychotic amount of control on the people just for sport.

  7. you missed willie at the trial betty, he was sending notes up to the attorneys telling the attorneys what to do.

  8. That’s interesting, proud texan. I wonder who signs their checks?

    But I don’t think it really negates what I was saying. I’m thinking from the point of view of the individual members, Willie may look like a common sense protector after a psychotic religious leader. While that may see like a horrible choice to us, it may not to them, partly cause how many choices do they really have?

  9. How old was Keate’s victim?

  10. Im very familiar with Keates attorney Randy Wilson,, Bad choice for Keate, good choice for prosecution.

  11. Keate’s attorney is also the attorney for Lehi Barlow Jeffs aka Allred and Leroy Johnson Steed. I’ll be interested to hear the discussion on exing and reassigning that will have to take place in Lehi’s trial just to get around what his name really is.

  12. she was 15 years 15 months when she married keate and 16 years when she got pregnant and gave birth.

    incidently, she was 14 years 7 months when she became the bride of leroy steed jeffs prior to being reassigned to keate.

  13. Ouch. 16 years old and pregnant by your second assigned owner.

  14. How many girls does this make that have been “married” more than once before they’re 16?

  15. ProudTexan,
    It is a REALLY scary thought if Willie was sending notes up to the attorneys telling the attorneys what to do during Raymond Jessop’s trial.

    Willie doesn’t just look dumb and act dumb – he IS dumb.

    He keeps mouthing off about this being just what they wanted to have happen so that the case could go to the appeals court.

    Was he sending the lawyers those notes and sabotaging the case so his “prophecy” could come true about going for an appeal?

  16. Maybe they got drunk after the trial and read the notes aloud to their partners for entertainment. Maybe they folded them up and played desk hockey with them.

    Just because he sent them, does not mean they took direction from them.

  17. Ouch. 16 years old and pregnant by your second assigned owner.

    Maybe they keep something like CarFaxes on them?

  18. LOL

  19. i don’t know about carfaxes, but so far ernie and leroy have been saved from trial by being exed. the should send warren some nice boquet of flowers in prison to show their thanks.

  20. I think the demand to remain in Schleicher County is going to raise local eyebrows on the verdict being perceived as somehow better or more to the FLDS Church leadership’s approval. Allan Eugene Keates may get a completely opposite jury who this time may be more willing to send an resounding and unequivocal message, to the organized fanatical racketeers, that sexual assault in their county will be met with a FULL measure of Justice. Raymond faces a First Degree sexual assault charge, unlike Raymond’s reduced 2nd Degree charge, which means 5 to 99 years or life and a fine of up to $10,000Dollars.

  21. Raymond faces a First Degree sexual assault charge, unlike Raymond’s reduced 2nd Degree charge, which means 5 to 99 years or life and a fine of up to $10,000Dollars.
    I think you meant Allen.

    Once again I’m forced to correct a lie. I wish you guys who like to correct my every error would catch these.

    “Allen Keate will be tried Dec. 7 on a charge of sexual abuse of a child, a second-degree felony that carries a punishment of two to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.”

  22. Well Leroy Jeffs has an IRS tax lien filed in September 2009 for 56,000 for not paying Withholding taxes on employees in his company, so if the law doesn’t get him, IRS will

  23. Alinusara,


    Grand Jury Indictment No. 992 (filed 7-22-2008

    The State of Texas vs. Allen Eugene Keate

    Texas Penal Code Sec. 22.011(a)(2) – 1st Degree Felony

    Court: 51st Judicial District Court

    And it is further presented in and to said Court that the said [redacted] was a person who the Defendant was prohibited from marrying or purporting to marry or with whom the Defendant was prohibited from living under the appearance of being married under Texas Penal Code Sec. 2501

    The last paragraph is the condition that enhances the charge to a first degree felony.

    Until I read something besides what appears to be an error in that news article, I’ll stick to Keate’s charge being of the first degree.

  24. Maybe Mary Kay can call the District Court Clerk tomorrow in Schleicher County and confirm whether Keate is charged with a first or second degree felony.

    I understand that the District Court Clerk doesn’t require a name, address, occupation or social security number from persons asking questions about what is in the public record.

    I did read in a blog, Four Joes and a Speeding Fart, that the District Court does require one arm, one leg and a first born (past or future) before answering any questions.

  25. The San Angelo Newspapers new story SAYS Keate is CHARGED with 1st Degree Felony.

  26. It appears that alin is again woefully uninformed of the facts.

  27. I think Al is saying that the sentencing guidelines were inaccurate. Of course being a bigoted hater like he is, Al immediately concludes it is a lie and not a simple mistake somewhere along the line.

  28. The ladies at the Schleicher County courthouse have been very courteous to me in my dealings with them. I’m wondering if Keate’s bad acts have been filed, so I just might have to call them myself tomorrow.

    Alin – how do you think it will play to the jury that not only did he marry a 15 year old, he gave 3 of his daughters away under aged. One to Warren, one to Lehi Barlow Whatever his last name currently is and one to Keith Dutson, Jr.

  29. Keats’ bad acts notice has been filed. Run get us a copy ProudTexan 🙂

  30. I think the question was already settled, but I couldn’t help but notice this in the state’s motion…

    “Keate stands charged with…a first degree felony.”

    alinusara lied.

  31. I’ll do my best to get it today.

  32. Raymond Jessop was also originally charged with a first degree felony. However, his act of sexual assault occurred prior to the change in the law so they had to drop it to second degree.

    We’ll have to match the date of the act in Keate’s indictment against the date in the change of the law to see if his charge will remain a first degree felony.

  33. Ron,

    The on or about date in Keate’s indictment is April 4, 2006.

    The enhancement was added to be effective 9-1-2005.

    Raymond’s on or about was 11-19-2004.

    Keate’s should remain a first degree charge.

  34. “Keate’s should remain a first degree charge”

    Thank you Texas Twist. I am pleased to hear that Keate faces the penalty of a 1st degree felony.

  35. Keate’s son for this case was born Dec 2006, so that would back it up to Feb/March/April sometime.

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