Ernie and Raymond: Ranch Owners, Elders, Brothers, Polygamists


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This is a transcript of Merril Jessop’s testimony in Carolyn Jessop’s child support case.   Although that case is over, the testimony is interesting in connection with Raymond’s recent conviction — Merril describes Raymond Jessop’s and Ernie Jessop’s (among others) connection to the company that owns the YFZ property.

The documents Merril  describes about the YFZ Ranch property were also introduced in Raymond’s criminal trial to show that Raymond was an officer of the YFZ Land LLC and, therefore,  held a very high position within the FLDS.    The documents also indicate when Raymond took over for Ernie, in the management of the YFZ business and property in addition to taking over Ernie’s wives.

~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 13, 2009.

18 Responses to “Ernie and Raymond: Ranch Owners, Elders, Brothers, Polygamists”

  1. Reading that transcript brought me to a conclusion: Merril Jessop is one lyin’ SOB.

  2. Ya think??

  3. Merrill was my neighbor when I was a kid. I have worked for him, chauffered him and Barbie around. Connie you are dead on

  4. connie beat me to that comment.

  5. i love that on page 20 merril says that ernest resigned. he forgot to add that he resigned his wives and children too.

  6. I liked the part where he described the business relationship between General Rock & Sand and Nathan Jessop’s General Rock Products as “sqabbled over money, who owed who.”

    Just one big, happy, harmonious, fluffy clouds, cotton candy, fresh baked bread baking and sweet singing FLDS family until the state of Texas said “Whoa, Nellie” and destroyed their bucolic world while casting them into Babylon.

  7. what i don’t understand is that merril said that the address of his residence is 230 south 150 west. have they divided up the ranch and given each residence an address?

  8. Yes, all indications are that they have done so.

    Too late, though. That horse done got out of the barn.

    I find it amusing that they have done so — their way of acknowledging that the search warrants were valid in part because of their failure to designate what building is what residence.

    I don’t know if they had done so previously would have invalidated the search warrants alone, but there is legal precedent with the Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord Christian Identity Aryan Nations’ Arkansas search warrant in 1985 that was upheld by the US Supreme Court.

    The argument the CSA counsel put forth in that case was that their were different residences on the rural Arkansas property and therefore not covered by a single search warrant.

    Same argument we hear from some of the FLDS supporters.

  9. Q. Why have you not supported your children?
    A. Well, they had a nice home and everything provided and left that.


    The question and answer that probably sunk his boat!!!

  10. That comment made me wonder if his doddering old fool schtick wasn’t just an act.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb thing to say, even if you start out with a loser of a case.

  11. Absolutely, the doddering old fool schtick was an act. He tried every way from Sunday to avoid answering a single question. I think that was the most info he offered in an answer. His two standard refrains were “I don’t know,” and “It was of no value to me.”

    I could never have kept my cool if I were Malonis. I’da reached over and slapped the tar out of that devious liar.

  12. i would have too connie. more than once as a matter of fact.

  13. Not that Carolyn Jessop needs it, but reading this certainly validated the picture she painted of him in Escape.

    I agree with Ms. Malonis and her deserved sainthood. Just reading it made me want to knock the fire out of him.

  14. I really don’t understand why none of these men have been murdered in their sleep by their own wives.

  15. The first time I read this document, I thought he might be senile. The second time, I was convinced it was a poor imitation of Rulon’s masterpiece of evasion (found elsewhere on this site).

    He said he’d paid child support, but what he meant was that the state was supporting his kids. That’s not senile, that’s out-and-out lying.

    But my favorite exchange is this:

    “Is that Merril Jessop you?”

    “I think so.”

  16. Right GFNY. The other thing that struck me was his inability to see. Even considering his open heart surgery, which he repeatedly mentions, most people who can’t see get glasses or have their cataracts extracted. Whatever it takes.

    Maybe he’s got some other pathology, or maybe it’s just too much Viagra.

  17. Anon 9:08AM—Merrill was my neighbor when I was a kid. I have worked for him, chauffered him and Barbie around. Connie you are dead on…

    Tell us more about the Merril you knew….fist hand accounts are always interesting…

  18. Miele, you’re a genius:

    “Researchers at the University of Minnesota say that they have diagnosed a condition called non-arthritic ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) in a group of men who took the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. NAION is also known as a stroke of the eye. The condition occurs when blood flow to the optic nerve is interrupted, injuring the nerve and causing permanent vision loss.

    “The researchers studied seven patients regarding Viagra and blurred vision, all men between the ages of 50 and 69. All of the patients took Viagra and blurred vision and vision loss developed within 36 hours of taking Viagra. It has been known for several years that Viagra use can cause temporary color change in patients’ vision, but this new condition appears to be permanent…”

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