Raymond Merril Jessop was sentenced to 10 years in prison and an $8,000.00 fine.


He will have to serve a mandatory 5 year sentence and after that he becomes parole eligible.   It is not mandatory parole — he will have to keep meeting with the parole board until he is paroled or his 10 year sentence is completed.   Persons convicted of sexual assault of a child typically do 85% of their sentence.    If Raymond insists that he was persecuted for his religious beliefs for 10 years, then he will spend 10 years in prison.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 10, 2009.

45 Responses to “VERDICT”

  1. YAY!!! And don’t forget, he will also be tried at a later date for bigamy!

  2. Does that mean he can get parole at some point?

  3. I mean does that mean they could give him probation instead of jail time?

  4. NO, he has to serve half his sentence first

  5. Then he will serve 5yrs on parole

  6. He got off easy then. I could easily have gotten 20 years for his crimes.

  7. He must serve at least five years and is then eligible for parole. That doesn’t mean he’ll get it.

    But the jury has spoken, and there it is.

  8. I had predicted 10-15 years. 15-20 would have been better, but 10 years with no probation is enough to send a message. The other Texas indictees probably cannot sleep comfortably with this sentence given to raymond and their own trials coming up.

  9. Ben Winslow twittered: “Raymond Jessop just told me ‘I’m at peace’ as he was led to jail.”

    Raised in a large polygamous household and has one himself. Probably never has had a moment of peace before this. Why do you think he was smiling?

  10. Well, unless he comes before the parole board and is contrite, he’ll probably do all 10 years.

  11. Well he jury did a good job! He will now faces charges of bigamy.
    So he may be in jail a very long time.

  12. Ron — exactly so. That is why I said in the opening post that if he continues to insist he was persecuted for religious beliefs, he will spend 10 years in prison.

  13. Well what did anyone expect raymond to say?? He knows he is guilty, and according to newspaper reports, he evidently isn’t sleeping to well in jail, he nodded off several times today in court.. DO all these men have sleeping sickness or what?? lol

  14. happy to see the AG do what CPS could not…protect children.

  15. Like GFNY I was hoping for the max sentence, but like GFNY the jury has spoken and rather than ranting and raving about the jury I will echo RIH blog that it is clear the jury thought long and hard about the verdict imposed.

    I will spin it the following way: This is the longest sentence handed down ever for the FLDS (apart from Warren’s accomplice to rape where there was a victim testifying against the defendant). So that is good.

    Hey when you have lemons you make lemonade?

  16. wonder how Deb Lee, 40, and Duane will spin it?

  17. I did a little research and it seems that parole boards are far less likely to give parole to sex offenders than other convicted criminals. So I’m feeling a little more sanguine than I was a little while ago.

  18. Well he isn’t contrite tonight. From Brooke’s twitter:

    As he was escorted back to jail he said I am at peace. He also answered yes when asked if his trial was religious persecution.

  19. Some of us in Texas will be marking our calendars for five years from now, so that when he comes up for parole we can let the parole board know our wishes that he serve every last day of his 10-year sentence.

  20. I agree TexasConnie

  21. Thank you TexasConnie

  22. […] […]

  23. Let’s see they have blamed LE, Baptists, El dorado, San Angelo, the fact the law makers can change laws of the state legally. They blame thier assualting little girls on GOD, their belief, how they were raised…
    NOT ONCE has ONE of them taken RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions!!! And still aren’t!!
    It’s NO ones fault but their own, because they flagrantely break the law!!

  24. so how long will it take before the court of appeals will hear the appeal that wee willie is promising?

  25. As he was escorted back to jail he said I am at peace. He also answered yes when asked if his trial was religious persecution.
    I don’t feel that sexually assualting a child was in any way wrong and I’ll be doing it again in five to ten years.

  26. Lest you guys forget, there is still the bigamy charge. I seem to remember that charge was a first degree felony.

  27. Appeal what? It was a fair jury! According to statements to the jury, regardless of verdict there would not be an appeal?

  28. Ron, I haven’t forgotten the bigamy charge. I’m looking forward to that case and hope he receives the maximum for it.

    I hope Raymond looks good in orange. He’s going to be wearing it for quite a while.

  29. Honestly, given the sentence, an appeal is not such a win-win proposition for Raymond. It’s entirely possible that he’d win an appeal, get retried, and then get a longer sentence.

    It’s not like the facts are going to change.

  30. i’m not sure they wear orange in tom green county, i’m thinking their color is white. i’m wondering if he’ll get to keep his religious undies.

  31. Well, he only gets to stay in Tom Green county till he’s transferred to a state penitentiary.

  32. I hope he stays in prison at least long enough for his nieces and stepdaughters to escape his reach.

  33. well, let’s just say we’ve got lots waiting transfer to the pen here in town. i think the pen is full at the moment.

  34. According to San Angelo News, the AG’s office doesn’t know where the place for the next trial will be.

  35. Prosecutors for the other nine trials already on Judge Barbara Walther’s schedule will again include attorneys from the Texas AG’s Office and the 51st District Attorney’s Office, Nichols said. The location of the next trial is still under discussion.

  36. i think they have to try for a jury in eldorado before they move it, but i’m not sure.

  37. The next one is in 3 weeks

  38. I think you are correct, ProudTexan.

  39. yep, jury selection starts on dec 4.

  40. Hmmm. I wonder where Raymond will spend his time? Since trial was in west Texas–they might send him north or south. It’s not likely he will be anywhere in West Texas–I don’t think. And..hey..we have prisons all over Texas.

  41. GFNY said: Raised in a large polygamous household and has one himself. Probably never has had a moment of peace before this.

    Ya know, I’ve thought about this several times. These HUGE families mean little to no privacy, or peace and quiet. I’d go nuts! I LOVE my quiet/alone time. I use to take refuge in a tree,[with a book to read] when I was a kid, to get away from my noisey family….and we were only 6 people!
    I wonder if [before he went to jail and now prison] he’s EVER had a time in his life when it was…just him?! [And now it’ll be him and Bubba, his soon-to-be new best friend/cellmate].

  42. jobo–maybe we can work a trade…send Raymnd here, to CA, and we’ll ship you one in return. My neice’s husband comes to mind. Texas wants his @$$ when his sentence is done here…

  43. “I use to take refuge in a tree,[with a book to read] when I was a kid,”

    I did that too! (Also had a “fort” in the middle of a big stack of straw bales until my dad said it was too dangerous when he caught me wiggling in there.) Of course, I was mostly hiding from my chores or my dad’s anger.

  44. It would drive Ray nutz to be housed with a minority of any color. I hope it happens

  45. It will.

    It may not be a cellmate, but there will be no self-segrating for Ray in his new homes.

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