What Really Happened: The Trial of Raymond Jessop

This report is based on information provided by people who sat through the trial, including professionals involved in the case and professionals familiar with the legal process.

Since Raymond’s trial began, there has been various and numerous inaccurate reports and speculation about the goings on. Bill Medvecky, chief child abuse proponent and convicted felon, keeps reporting from his backside and from the pro-crime, anti-law perspective. Brooke Adams injects some factual information and observations into her accounts, but Brooke is apparently without the aid of legal professionals who can explain things to her before she publishes embarassingly crude legal analysis.

Just to clear things up a bit:

1. Prospective jurors who were FLDS members were excused at the request of Raymond’s attorney. Stevens is a very very good attorney, one of the very best in the State. Although he has very little to work with, he is very competent and is doing well by Raymond. This does not mean he can work miracles, but it does mean that every move he makes is calculated to help Rsymond in some way. I can assure you Bill Medvecky will not think of some better legal strategy than Stephens. He quietly, and without fanfare, approached the bench and asked that FLDS jurors be dismissed — recognizing, of course, that they could be excused for cause, and recognizing that their answering questions under oath in the voir dire process could prejudice other jurors against Raymond or could lead to those jurors incriminating themselves. This was the proper and smart thing for Stevens to do — after all, he is concerned only with Raymond’s interests and not the persecution hyteria of the FLDS or Willie’s obtuse offerings of legal strategy. Raymond’s rights were not violated by the judge, the State, or his attorney.

2. A juror was not excused and an alternate seated without the knowledge of the defense. The juror is interviewed in chambers, on the record, in the presence of both sides’ counsel and the defendant. Both sides get to make a record of any objections or move for a mistrial as incident to the excused juror. Alternates are then brought in amd go through a mini requalification, again with attorneys present as well as the defendant, on the record.

3. The proceedings Friday morning were not secret or announced at the last minute. Just because Brooke and Willie did not understand what was happening does not mean the defense attorneys were caught by surprise. The defense attorneys were all present and ready to proceed bright and early Friday morning.

4. For each of the jurors to qualify, each and every one had to answer under oath that they could consider the full range of punishment upon Raymond’s conviction — probation, all the way up to 20 years.

5. The documentary evidence admitted was not “stolen” or gotten illegally, and that issue has been fully litigated in a 4 day hearing that resulted in a lengthy written order. Just because you and Willie wish it would all go away does not mean that anyone other than the convicted felon did anything illegal.

6. It is not religious persecution for a jury to convict a man of sexual assault if a child just because the crime is a tenet of a wacko religious cult.

7. 15 year old girls have constitutional rights too. They also have a right to be protected from sexual predators, and they cannot waive that protection.

8. “it’s so unfair” and “the judge is a Nazi” are not grounds for appeal. Hurt feelings are not grounds for appeal. Extreme outrage is not grounds for appeal. Blogger opinion is not grounds for appeal.

9. Not enough Hispanics on the grand jury is not grounds for appeal by Raymond Jessop, a non-Hispanic, particularly when his attorney failed to timely raise the issue.

10. The defense is not entitled to preview the testimony of the State’s witnesses and the defense is not entitled to know in advance everything the witnesses will say.

11. The defense is not entitled to make all of their objections outside the hearing of the jury.

12. The judge in no way limited Carolyn’s testimony or made any findings about the weight or credibility of her testimony. The judge ruled that Carolyn’s testimony is not scientific and the defense is not entitled to a pre-hearing to determine Carolyn’s qualifications to testify or determine the reliability.

13. It is not reversible error to have a juror whose husband was on the grand jury and the juror did not hide the information from the defense or anyone else.

14. There is a victim to the crime that Raymond Jessop was convicted of: Janet Jeffs. Whether she would openly state she is a victim is immaterial.

15. Janet Jeffs was not legally married to Raymond’s brother. She was not emancipated just because she was given to Ernie as a child sex object. Even if she had gotten court approval and gotten married legally to Ernie, that does not excuse Raymond from sexually assaulting her at age 15.

16. If Janet were called by the defense in the punishment phase, she cannot answer self-serving questions from the defense and plead the fifth to questions from the State. It is highly unlikely Stephens will call Janet to testify for Raymond because it would be disastrous for Raymond. Stephens will likely call business associates in the community who can testify that Raymond us a hard worker and contributes to the community. Very unlikely that Stephens will call any other FLDS members.

Any questions?


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 7, 2009.

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  1. Also:

    17. LE collected their own DNA, properly analyzed it, and corroborated it with documentary evidence from FLDS church records.

    18. If Stevens, after viewing what the risks were, decided not to present a case or call any witnesses following the prosecution resting its case, that is his call and not the judge’s decision. It is not reversible error for him to make that call, especially considering that any FLDS witness would be subject to cross-examination by the State. See item #16, above, on answering questions selectively.

  2. Beautifully presented. Thank you.

    After all, deer do it.

  3. I have a question.

    I dreamed last night that God told me that Barbara Walthers is a one eye, one horned, flying purple people eater who hates the FLDS, men, God and the American Flag. That’s reversible error AND grounds for appeal, right? I mean, if you can’t trust God who CAN you trust?


  4. Har har.

  5. […] This report is based on information provided by people who sat through the trial, including professionals involved in the case and professionals familiar with the legal process. […]

  6. Excellent analysis. The pro-FLDS, anti-LE group will never comprehend it (they won’t even try), but it is good to have everything spelled out in one place. Thank you.

  7. thanks for the condensed version. very helpful.

  8. I’m afraid you can say it until you’re blue in the face, but the Bill Medvecky cult is no longer testing their beliefs against anything resembling reality.

  9. I expected whining when the verdict was handed down, but some of the pro-FLDS, anti-LE rhetoric has been on the scary side. Certainly demonstrates a level of idiocy I knew was there but tried to ignore. One person wishes the Ft. Hood gunman had shot up Judge Walther’s courtroom? Another would rather be gang raped than come to Texas? Is this anticipated hyperbole or does it rise to pathology?

  10. Mary unmarried had this to say on TBM:

    Always interesting to see how high the cork goes whan their head explodes!!


    “On November 6, 2009 at 9:17 pm Marykay Said:

    I have developed a true hatred for all the pro-raid posters – not a dislike – not an intellectual disagreement – but true sincere contempt and hatred.

    Really, The funny thing it didn’t start out this way. At the start I actually thought the pro-raid folks just had a misguided idea – turned out you folks are a true hate group.

    If I had a choice between being gang raped and going to y’all in Texas – I would 100% choose the gang rape. Not kidding. It would be less dehumanizing than your group.”



  11. OBTW

    Excellent Executive Summary, shooting down soooo many “trial” balloons floated by the loons.

    “What if..if.. (Wii) hasnt come up with a coherent whine, or even made a decent stab at it, but then he never knew how the law works anyway, like Hugh admitted…

    BTW Hugh got B-Slapped by the CSPD, and Hugh says: “OUCH that hurt, do I get a reciept for that..?”

  12. I so Appreciate the ACCURATE informtion from the trial. It was succient and plain enough even a felon like medvecky and his ilk can understand it..

  13. Maybe someone could point Brooke Adams from the Trib to this accounting, apparently she was in a different courtroom.

  14. I tried LadySadie, nothing I post on her blog goes through. She doesn’t like me, LOL

  15. I hope this Mary Unmarried doesn’t spew that hate talk around Deb Lee. Deb doesn’t tolerate haters.

  16. I don’t actually remember any of my Texas friends inviting Mary Unmarried to visit Texas.

  17. i dang sure didn’t.

  18. Twern’t me.

  19. Unless I’m remembering incorrectly, Madam Hater and I actually live in Washington. Fortunately she’s on the other side of it from me. Maybe we should cut her some slack. It rains ALL THE TIME on the coast of Washington. She’s probably depressed and deficient in vitamin D3.

  20. Also probably has a soggy brain from all the holes in her head.

  21. 19. Barbara Walther did not use her state issued mind control device to take complete control of Mark Stevens. Stevens had his foil hat on throughout the whole trial.

  22. 20) All the tinfoil was confiscated at the metal detector on day 8.



  23. MaryUnmarried is out of Ilinois.

    Cupcake is in W. Washington, yes the evergreen and everwet side.

    But that gives neither her nor Mary any excuse. It was funny watching their heads explode, though!

  24. Stamp said: “It was funny watching their heads explode, though!”

    Clean up on Aisle 8! (exploding heads can be so messy)

    Seriously, some people are not able to accept the truth because they have believed a lie for so long.

  25. So….I am confused…..do you mean to say that when Willie stood outside of the Courtroom and said that Raymond’s sexual assault charge was a victimless crime…..that has no legal effect?

    No wonder so many folks call Willie a liar.

  26. Willie is a hot air balloon. Eventually all that hot air is gonna lift him right up in the skies … or not.

  27. The second search warrant did not specifically identify teen victims by name or specific charges and evidence that was observed. Subsequent San Angelo Grand Jury indictments itemized specific charges and evidence will be presented in Court. Was there some major flaw in handling the second search warrant at the YFZ Ranch in this manner?

    The whole subject of the Courts venue or jurisdiction was made a matter of great import by the Warrenites as to when the actual sexual assault transpired and where it occurred. Since the Defense failed to present any evidence beyond mentioning it in the opening and summation. Why would the claim be made that it is unproven as to actual location and no argument made to demonstrate Raymond’s location on November, 2004?

  28. Cupcake is in W. Washington, yes the evergreen and everwet side.

    But that gives neither her nor Mary any excuse. It was funny watching their heads explode, though!


    Well I’m a Seattleite, and believe me we all don’t think that way – remember, we sent Mary Kay LeTourneau to prison.

    Yes it does rain all the time, we prefer to call it “liquid sunshine.”

  29. “Yes it does rain all the time, we prefer to call it “liquid sunshine.”

    lol, that’s not what *I* called it when I lived over there!

    Who is Mary Kay LeTorneau? (I’m woefully ignorant sometimes.)

  30. Mary Kay was the married mother and teacher who wigged out and had a sexual relationship with a male student of hers. I think he may have been 14 when it started? She rightfully went to prison.

    (I was born and raised in the w. washington rain. Love it!)

  31. Mary Kay LeTorneau was an elemenatry school teacher who seduced a 13-year old student, had two children with him, was convicted of rape and sent to prison. At the time, she was married and had four children, her husband divorced her and moved to Alaska with the children. Mary Kay is an attractive blonde, which of course fueled media attention.

    By the time she got out of prison, the student, Villy Fuaalau, was an adult and they got married. Neither one of them has anything resembling a legitimate career, they are reduced to hosting “Hot Teacher Night” at local bars.

    I have always felt badly for the four children she abandoned because getting laid was more important to her than giving them a stable family life.

  32. Mouse that’s very sad. Very sad.

  33. February 19,2009

    Sun Advocate community editor

    The Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, in conjunction with the office of crime victims reparations, has released a comprehensive study concerning women and their experience with sexual violence state wide.

    The data demonstrates the effect these crimes have on their victims

    It is that stated hope of the CCJJ that this information will aid the state in policy development and program improvement to “better address the needs of those who have become, or may become, victims of sexual violence.”

    Background information given in the report explains that unfortunately, sexual violence occurs in the national society much more regularly than many recognize.

    “Sexual violence often leaves in its wake both physical and psychological impacts for those who are victimized,” said the study. “Physical impacts may include chronic pelvic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, back pain and facial pain.”

    “In up to a third of the cases, the victim may contract a sexually transmitted disease,” continued the report.

    Additionally, one study estimated that 32,000 pregnancies per year are the result of sexual violence.

    As heinous as these impacts are, many Utahns would be surprised how common the crimes are, said the collaborative document. Of the violent crimes that occur in Utah, rape is the only one in which the state ranks above the national average.

    read the complete article here


  34. So while Utah strokes itself and condems texas, they LEAD the nation is rape and sexual assault.

  35. “Mary Kay was the married mother and teacher who wigged out and had a sexual relationship with a male student of hers.”

    Oh, her. I didn’t know she was from here, although I followed the whole thing. She’s a sad, sick person.

  36. Rebeckah,
    I agree what Mary Kay did was sad and sick. Wikipedia says her victim was even younger than I thought. He was only 12 or 13 when their relationship turned sexual. Unfortunately, bad things happen to children all over the place. Luckily for the children of the flds, they’re finally getting some help. How the institutionalized abuse of children has been allowed for years in the flds I’ll never comprehend. I think they must be very crafty in their deceit.

  37. The FLDS doesn’t want “help” of course. They will probably just up the age of their marriages to just over legal. The best hope is that 17 and 18 year olds will have enough independence of spirit to question a life spent in an isolationist breeding facility.

  38. Mouse

    Agreed – though I think having Warren and the Dirty Dozen in prison will put lots of kinks in their hose.

    And with Merril paying child support, and all of them having FBI files – well… life will never be the same for those old goats.

    It was fun while it lasted

    Now its time for Church.

  39. Most states have bigamy laws, and regardless whether your living with ONE legal wife and call other women living with you wives (just not legal)wink wink.. your still committing bigamy!!

  40. Deputy, Can you please explain why only a few FLDS men (Wendell, can’t remember which others right now) are being charged with bigamy? Why was every man at the ranch with more than one “wife” not charged? This may have been asked back when the men were first served papers, but if so I missed it. Thanks.

  41. carolfromcarolina, personally, I don’t know. We saw the bishop list, but we don’t know if ALL the men on the bishop list in 2007 were actually still living on the ranch in 2008. Remember there were nearly 900 people total living at the ranch, almost half under the age of 17. It was my understanding, only a little over 100 men were living at YFZ ranch when it was raided.
    But the ones who were married to underage girls (celestially) seem to be the ones charged, but they should have ALL been charged!

  42. Texas would need to have GOOD reason to think any FLDS male took an underaged girl for sex IN TEXAS to indict for that crime, same goes for impregnation, with DNA proof of a child.

    There certainly were other women there at YFZ who, by their age/s and ages of the children that this had happened to in the past, but most likely in some other state, particularly UT or AZ where the law doesn’t bother them about breaking those laws. I have read that at least 50% of adult males at YFZ or whatever they’re pretending nowadays to call that place had taken underaged girls for sex, and even higher a percentage live in bigamy. One man had only one wife last I knew. One couple lied on tv saying they had only sons, they have a daughter. In fact both left behind families at Short Creek. Tip of an inverted iceberg to hell to keep track of FLDS lies.

  43. i think they only charged men who had a child with an underaged girl. that pretty much gave a slam dunk to the prosecution. as for the bigamy, i’m not sure why more weren’t charged with it, it might have had something to do with where the celestial marriages took place. i know raymond still has a bigamy charge pending and wendell has one. merril’s charge is for performing an illegal marriage.

  44. Charging 100 men with bigamy would have had the same problem as taking all the kids into custody did—it would be right but it would result in a backlash of sympathy. I’m sure the prosecutors chose the most important cases to bring forward.

    If these next 11 cases go as the first one has and the FLDS continue living a felonious lifestyle in Texas, you’ll see more charges. I agree with all who have written that some of the women need to be charged with pimping out their daughters. But this is a good start.

  45. I agree with GFNY above. It would also have overloaded the local system, causing unintended consequences such as were seen in the raid. Not practical. I would very much like to see a woman charged, like the moms of the 12 year olds.

  46. Me too!!!!

  47. What Greetings and Betty said.

    Better to have some solid sexual convictions in hand before filing some of the additional charges, especially against the crying mamas.

    The first mama that should be charged is Sally Wayman Jeffs (aka Nielsen). She’s up to her poofy bangs in this crap, including some involvement in what may be the first marriages to underage girls at YFZ in July, 2004.

    Warren Jeffs may have inadvertantly done her real husband LeRoy Jeffs a huge favor by kicking him out when he did. LeRoy may have dodged the bullet that hit his buddy, Allen E. Keate.

    Sick, sick puppies.

    Yo, Big Willie…

    How about putting some of the mamas back on television for some real questions?


    I didn’t think so.

  48. Should be “sexual assault convictions”.

  49. i agree twist. i’d like to interview babs, sally and annette and then see charges brought against the 3 of them. babs gave away her 12 year old, sally gave away 3 of her daughters and annette at least 2. she’d probably have given away one of her sisters if things hadn’t happened like they did.

  50. Just for TexasTwist, LOL. (I can’t post on the Trib as LadySadie, been banned yet again, and only a few know my current moniker there, bet you can guess though). So posting the updated Deer Do It list with your addition here.

    Deer Do It List
    1. But it’s legal in France at 13 (Whoops , those darn French changed the legal age of consent to 15. Those Frenchies they must have thought the FLDS would move to France and just to persecute those holy FLDS people changed the age all of a sudden in…..1945!)
    2. How do you know they really had sex just because there’s a baby?
    3. DNA isn’t conclusive.
    4. But other people get teenagers pregnant and they don’t go to jail! It’s not fair!
    5. America’s high schools corrupt children and give them condoms!
    6. But they consented and so did their parents, so it can’t be wrong.
    7. They changed the law just to get them (even though the girl is 12 and would be jail bait regardless).
    8. Jurisdiction! Sure she’s got a baby, but you don’t know where it was actually conceived. Just because they got married and live together at the ranch doesn’t mean anything. They could have driven to Reno, had sex, and driven back. And that makes it moral and all as well as legal.
    9. It can’t be illegal cause Holy Father tells uncle warren what to say.
    10. The children are more likely to be assaulted by CPS than by their husbands!
    11. The Virgin Mary was only 13.
    12. It’s natural. Teenagers are better at childbirth than older women anyway.
    13. Our ancestors did it. Why, 150 years ago, this was normal.
    14. They have all those hormones stirring up in them and it’s better to get them married off early to an older man who can support them than to let them and their illegitimate kids live in poverty and shame.
    15. It’s Flora’s fault.
    16. It’s Carolyn’s fault.
    17. It’s Dan Fischer’s fault.
    18. It’s Flora’s and Carolyn’s fault!
    19. A grand jury can indict a ham sandwich!
    20. It’s genocide!
    21. The CPS is in cahoots with the Southern Baptists!
    22. You’re all Nazis!
    23. First Amendment, Freedom of Religion, Press, Assembly!
    24. Fourth Amendment, Unreasonable Search and Seizure, Warrants!
    25. Fifth Amendment, Indictments, Due Process, Self-Incrimination!
    26. Sixth Amendment, Fair and Speedy Trial!
    27. Eighth Amendment, Excessive Bail!
    28. The Judge is in cahoots with CPS (She should be disbarred, run out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered, how dare she)
    29. The whole system is unfair because it is run by a bunch of lesbian menopausal hysterical women who can’t be fair to the FLDS.
    30. It’s all Malonis’ fault!
    31. We are unaware of any underage marriages here.

    32. Although spiritual marriages (may) occur, they are not necessarily consummated until the girls are of age.

    33. A girl’s greatest calling is to be a sister wife and Mother (sometimes all of the above at the same time, depending on who she marries, grandfather, uncle, brother, [step]dad).

    34. Three raids on three polygamists groups in 6 months is a conspiracy to take down Mitt Romney.

    35. “I don’t understand why she was taken away from me.”

    36. Polygamy is needed because there are two percent more women than men, and without a husband, those women would live in poverty.

    37. Deer do it.
    38. Its all a plot because CPS needed blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby’s to sell.
    39. She could have gotten impregnated with a turkey baster.
    40. Warren can change DNA by reassigning families.
    41. Somewhere on the internet there is a list of statistics that have absolutely nothing to do with anything, so the FLDS should be able to rape little girls and everyone should just shut up about it.
    43. 30 years ago some baby died in Ireland so the FLDS should be able to rape little girls.
    44. I’ve been her step-father for eight years, she owes me.
    45. I have married her two older sisters and given her nephew and nieces, it’s all in the family now.
    46. It’s not my fault, her mother was reassigned to me then she began to ovulate.
    47. She’s my 24th wife and I am 62 years old her wifely duties will be easier if compared to a mother wife.
    48. This is Gentile persecution because monogamy leaves their gentlemen sex obsessed and jealous.
    49. Her mother liked me so much as a reassigned husband, she insisted that I marry her daughter, I was just trying to be a good provider.
    50. “The dictations may not be correct. A girl’s diary I violated had her lying in it”
    51. Wisan is biased against FLDS AND incompetent.
    52. Walther is biased against FLDS AND incompetent.
    53. Denise Lindberg is biased against FLDS AND incompetent.
    54. New from Raymond Jessop’s trial – FLDS girls are sluts and will have sex with anyone.
    55. Also new from Raymond Jessop’s trial – My FLDS brothers are scumbags and are having sex with my wives.
    56. The governor should have called Warren Jeffs personally and explained any law of the state that “might” affect the FLDS.
    57. For every conviction, there will be ten more to take our place
    58. And last but not least, it’s holy to us because it’s part of our religion.

  51. LOL, Sadie.

    Got another one for you.

    “Elissa Wall’s fault.”

    The woman in the pink chapeau is on a roll today.

  52. Oh, Lord I just love that now maryunmarried has the entire raid as GFNY’s fault! Who knew Greetings was a cult leader?

  53. Cool beans.

    GFNY has impeccable taste, so no poofy bangs or grape Flavor-Aid for her minions.

  54. Nope, in GFNY’s cult we get the finest wine and ohhh the chocolate! And cabana boys abound!

  55. I don’t really need a cabana boy. What I need is a good handyman who works cheap.

  56. i want a cabana boy!!!

  57. Rattle, after enough wine and chocolate, you won’t notice anything that you would need a handyman for….and cabana boys can be very handy!

  58. ladysadie–don’t forget the part about the UN!!! added to the “list”…

    hmmm…wonder how many of these we got from dumb lee?

  59. Scotch. Lots of malt beverages.

  60. I’ll enlist in GFNY’s goon squad if I can have an auto mechanic who comes with the right spare parts.

    Auto parts.

  61. Well gee Twist I thought you were talking about other kinds of spare parts!

  62. I’d give the pink lady’s right arm for an alternator right now.

  63. Oh, goodie. I get to design a cult.

    First of all, it will be centered at the KS Clubhouse, which is in the Texas hill country. Some of you know that our clubhouse was built as a private gentleman’s club in the early 20th century and has linen-fold oak paneling in the smoking room, comfortable club chairs and a fireplace in the library, a bar along the lines of the Angler’s Rest, a rather lively member’s dining room, and, overall, an air of quiet sophistication. It shouldn’t be too difficult to let it out in the back for bijou patio residences for the cult members.

    (Beats the heck out of Medvecky’s club, which meets in an aging strip mall in Duluth, MN. The carpeting is held together with duct tape, there are unidentified stains on the plastic banquettes, and they’ve never even bothered to take the old sign down. It used to read “Draft-Beer-Burgers” but now reads “D—aft –eer B—gers.” I always misread that as “Daft Queer Buggers.”)

    Clearly there’s no slacking off in personal grooming allowed. I expect you to dress for dinner, dammit. And no bringing your laptops to the table, either. If you’re not decorative, you damn well better be brilliant and/or funny. Or be game for stupid road trips which include night-vision goggles.

    Single-malt whisky for the Prophet and her inner circle. How do you get in the inner circle? Bring single-malt whisky for the Prophet.

    No Kool-Aid in public rooms. No peanut-butter sandwiches either; it’s strictly a croque-monsieur with Béchamel sauce kind of place. You can play any kind of music except for whiny folk songs; I can’t abide those.

    And the heck with frittering away our time and assets focusing on having babies. (Been there, done that.) They use resources we sorely need for other things, like Sadie’s cabana boys and Twist’s new alternator. Bring the ones you’ve got, but enough already.

  64. Dang, GFNY, you’re hell on keyboards.

  65. GFNY I am cleaning my screen off as I type this. Just wanted to let you know that Medvecky was spotted near the lifting Bridge in Duluth. Guess he got lost looking for the bakery at the stripmall.



  66. I’m hoping Keate’s trial runs on the same schedule as this one did, first week to pick the jury, 2nd week for testimony and 3rd week for punishment. That would put me starting winter break and I can’t think of a better place to spend it.

  67. Dear prophet will Chivas do?

  68. Hey Greetings: Today the cult and the army, can running for president be far behind??

  69. How can you get twelve independent juries with a small population base?

  70. No way they’ll be able to, cement.

    When they can’t seat a jury in Schleicher County, the trial will be held in one of the other counties in the Judicial District and the jury pool pulled from that county.

    If they can’t seat a jury in the district, it will be moved elsewhere within the state.

  71. i don’t think they have any thoughts of being able to get 12 juries out of schleicher county. i know for the current case they had jury pools called in both tom green and in midland county. they’ll be lucky to get a 2nd trial out of schleicher county. i’m guessing the next one and maybe 2 will be in san angelo and then they’ll move further away, probably west if i was guessing from where the pools were called. you’ve got midland, odessa, lubbock, plainview, amarillo, el paso all available and judge walther would move with them.

  72. cement there were over 300 jurors called , they chose 12 from the 300, there is plenty of jurors they can call.

    Each trial will be different, and different evidence in each trial

  73. San Angelo has over 80,000 people so if not el dorado , san angelo.

  74. i think nick hanna is lined up for all of the trials.

  75. Dear Uncle Thread,

    Context is everything. If your prophet was on the lam in a dry county and you came up with a few fifths of Chivas Regal, she’d be enormously grateful. (Hell, she’d be grateful for grain alcohol.) But nothing suits a dictation session like an Irish or Scottish single-malt whisky. For flouncing around apostatizing followers, she prefers an oakey Kentucky Bourbon, however.

    When instructing children in an interminable hypnotic drone, it’s important to avoid hard spirits. A good ale or cider is perfect for these occasions. Lying to Federal investigators calls for a moderately dry red wine, not to exceed $15 a bottle. For lying to state Attorneys General, the Prophet likes to go a little more upscale, with either Chianti Classicos or the better Australian offerings. For those intimate little shake-downs that are the lifeblood of any cult, she recommends you bring either a stellar amontillado or a good dry Spanish sherry, along with bags and bags and bags of cash.

    The prophet prefers Spanish cava for weddings, funerals, or any crush of the hoi polloi. They can’t tell the difference between it and champagne, and they’re so touchingly grateful.

    Now get back to work and finish polishing my jackboots. I’ve got Oprah coming in the morning.

  76. Chemist, considering where I am right now, the Presidency would be a bad career move. I was thinking more along the lines of becoming the new Galactus.

  77. Im WAY glad Pratt and me live in UTAH!!! The bretheren say we dont need to worry about being put in prison cos they dont mind us breaking the law here. Thats AWESOME!! Those prison clothes are WAY ugly and the foods not wholesome at ALL!!!!

  78. those orange jumpsuits they make you wear in prison are not flattering at all, Honey Dawn. I concur

  79. Will we get a recap of what really happened during the sentencing portion of the trial, like we did with the guilt phase? Sans the distractions from mendacity central.

    With deep appreciation to whomever took the time to write “What Really Happened…”

  80. GFNY – You know, Prophet is so yesterday. Why not go for Goddess?

    You could require bottles of ST-GERMAIN be placed at your feet.
    Hand picking elder flowers requires true commitment.

    (And the bottles are numbered, so you can keep track of who’s paid their tithe.)

  81. GFNY – are you going to be picking out a few extra hubbies for us ladies? I don’t want to be greedy, but think of how much more would get done around the house if I had at least three:

    One for bringing home a paycheck
    One for fixing things that break
    One for cooking and cleaning

    Thanking you in advance!

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