Through the Looking Glass

Ah, the upside down world of the apologists. Where getting your cheek swabbed with a Qtip is a horrible indignity, but being assigned as a concubine to two men before you are 17 is an honorable religious ritual.

^^ By Betty on Coram Non Judice, November 6 at 4:09 PM.

This is a great comment in its simplicity and its truth.  It captures in one sentence the unreality we’ve witnessed from the FLDS and supporters since the April ’08 Rescue.

See, for instance, Hugh’s post from  July 2008:   Texas Nazis Terrorize Child in Broad Daylight or Kurt’s post about Texas “terrorizing children” in reference to a 2 year old having her cheek swabbed ….at her own home, in her mother’s arms.   Terrorizing?   Really?  Heaven forbid the child ever has her teeth brushed or a dental exam.

On the other hand, after listening to a week of testimony and considering evidence admitted at a trial where Raymond Jessop was very competently represented, 12 people unanimously decided that Raymond had sexually assaulted a child.

By age 16 Janet had been passed from brother to brother as a child sex object and impregnated by a man more than twice her age… who, incidentally, already had several other wives.  Evidence was presented that 16 year old Janet was denied medical treatment in childbirth for three days just so Raymond could get away with raping this child.   Even the child abuse proponents are not denying that Ray impregnated a 16 year old who was not his legal wife.   No one is claiming that Janet fell in love with Raymond and entered a sexual relationship as an expression of her love,  or that a long courtship led to an illicit sexual encounter, or that Janet voluntarily chose Raymond to be her second “husband.”  At the time of the Rescue, she and her baby hadnt even seen Ray for a year and a half.   Why?  Because Warren said so.

None of the child abuse supporters seem bothered in the slightest that Janet was first “married” to Ernie at age 15 or that she was not allowed an education or that she was taken from her parents’ home and placed in “marriage” at age 15 or that her father was banished and contact with him was forbidden — and that she suffered depression over the abrupt loss of her father to the whims of the cult leader.

No, the child abuse proponents argue stridently that Janet is not a victim — Janet  chose each and every one of those circumstances and she’s happy.   Nope, there’s nothing coercive or oppressive (not to mention illegal) about Janet’s wholesome and fulfilling existence.   She’s satisfied with her cult life and could leave if she wanted to, just walk out the door with her three year old child.   Who wouldn’t choose such bliss?

All I can say is, thank Heavenly Father Raymond didn’t swab Janet’s underage cheek.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 7, 2009.

14 Responses to “Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Thanks for preserving Betty’s quote and for your editorial. Well said. Well said, indeed.

  2. Bravo, and I need to add another thing from Bill Medvecky’s blog that has irked me ever since a friend passed it along to me. It is by our old friend Deb Lee:

    “I tried very hard to keep an open mind before the trial because I believe in the presumption of innocence. But I can’t stand the hate that the Kindred Spirits constantly spew at us. I am not used to dealing with such hate…”

    And then she winds up with this:

    “P.S. It’s too bad Hasan didn’t shoot up Barbie’s court instead of Fort Hood.”

    All the rational people who once argued that the FLDS’ constitutional freedoms were being impinged have left, leaving a distillation of lunatics. They are energized by bouncing off the fun-house walls, and the hot air that holds those walls up comes from the people who argue with them. (That’s why I don’t argue with them.)

    What is left is a mini-cult with Bill Medvecky in the role of prophet. Their stock-in-trade is venom, and they engage in all kinds of magical thinking to make their point.

    But back to Deb Lee. She professes to be a good Mormon, and I know (because my friend Chemist told me so) that her KJV Bible preaches the same message of peace and reconciliation that mine does.

    By their fruits shall ye know them. For shame, Deb Lee.

  3. BTW, there is nobody like Betty for getting to the point with such economy of words. It’s a beautiful quote.

  4. Thanks.

  5. […] This is a great comment in its simplicity and its truth.  It captures in one sentence the unreality we’ve witnessed from the FLDS and supporters since the April ‘08 Rescue. […]

  6. Bravo for this editorial. It cuts right the heart of the matter. Having listened to Stevens and Hudson in Court, they are competent attorneys, but they didn’t have anything to work with, they couldn’t put on a defense for their client because they knew he was guilty of what he was being charged with and they had no one to put up. If they put someone from the FLDS on the stand, that opened them up to cross by the prosecution and all that would do was dig a deeper hole for Ray.

    It is sad that this group of people choose to live their lives at the whim of a deluded man in prison. He is still controlling them from prison and sending out messages through those who visit him there. What I find truly unbelievable is the parents like Sally, Babs and Annette who willingly gave their underaged daughters up in marriage have no charges against them.

  7. Thanks for that post – I hadnt known about her father.

    I just wonder what other injustice this cult could dump on her?

    Oh yeah, she will be reassigned to some old goat she hates and forced to have 10 more kids.

  8. Is there any way we can rescue this woman?

  9. Janet is stuck, all there is to it and most likely it’s easier for her to stay with what she knows than facing the great unknown world.
    Doubt she will be reassigned for Raymond is now considered a martyr.
    At least it gives her body a break.
    Read Ann-Eliza’s book, written during the Pioneer years, it’s an eye opener and could have been written by an FLDS apoatate yesterday. Only thing different is that all those blood atonement killings could be so easily blamed on the Indieans.

  10. “All I can say is, thank Heavenly Father Raymond didn’t swab Janet’s underage cheek.”

    Okay, that gets my vote for next great line. 😀

    “Is there any way we can rescue this woman?”

    I very much wonder if her first child (the one born the day she married Raymond) is being used to hold her. We have heard nothing of this young girl (was she the one named Spiritual Unity?) and I wonder if she’s been whisked away somewhere to keep [name withheld] (lol) in line.

    hehe (couldn’t resist on the “name withheld”)

  11. I recommend for that are interested in how women are treated in polygamous marriages to read Ann Eliza Young ( 19th wife of Brigham Young) book. It is free, online and a spell bounding read. Not much has changed since she penned her book. She had guts, especially for a women of her time.

  12. FLDS supporter’s reaction to conviction of Raymond Jessop for child abuse. “P.S. It’s too bad Hasan didn’t shoot up Barbie’s court instead of Fort Hood.”


    I can understand the argument for polygamy re: freedom of choice and religion, but I do NOT understand those who are supporting sexual abuse of children, to the point of wishing death upon the members of our court system that try these abuser.

  13. I second C-M. Ann Eliza Young’s book uses language that makes it undeniably 19th century, but the facts and feelings she describes are as current as today’s news. Her book was foundational to my understanding of the FLDS and like-minded groups.

    If Janet should want to leave, I’m sure there are those (like me) in the area who would do everything we could to help her and her child build a new life outside the cult.

  14. Who is Janet’s father?

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