Utah Supreme Court Denies FLDS-Parker Appeal

The Supreme Court of Utah isn’t humored by the FLDS attempts to harrass the courts with frivolous filings – so this appeal denial was delivered – coincidentally – just  hours before Warren’s “accessory to rape” appeal starts.

SCOU FLDS appeal denied


~ by FLDS TEXAS on November 3, 2009.

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  1. Not too ambiguous: “Rule 8A is supposed to be for emergencies, but you guys packed it tighter than a flat-fee Priority Mail box in the hope of catching our attention. Didn’t work, you’re wasting everyone’s time and money, and by the way please stop being so bloody annoying.”

    More attorneys involved than there are tithing members left in the FLDS.

  2. Wow the timing was impeccable – Warren gets the news of this major FAIL as he is trying on his suit for his other appeal.

  3. Gotta feel for Wee Willie on a day like today. It must be hell to decide in which courtroom he should show up and shoot his mouth off.

  4. I’m just not up to listening to Warren’s hearing on Radio Free Utah today. So I’ll wait for it to hit the printed page.

  5. Where is Willie and Brooke going to go? It seems they are in the unimportant venue – the UEP Appeal and Warrants appeal seem like much bigger cases than that loser RMJ and his child molesting shenanigans.

    The big fish are beached but the troops are helping the little fry.

    OOOPS eye off the ball!

  6. Radio Free Utah. Oh, GFNY you are it!

  7. Radio Free Utah. Best comment of the day, GFNY!

  8. Catching a little of warren’s appeal and here is something I didn’t know:

    Even during the wedding ceremony of Elissa and Allen, Elissa was crying and so distraught she could not say the vows, Warren had to make her mother go stand beside her, hold her hand and tell her what to say.

  9. Oral argument in warren’s appeal is over, I thought it was kind of funny that one of the Justice’s asked warren’s attorney that if a father sold his daughter to someone to have sex with for money didn’t the lawyer think a crime has been committed?

  10. Yeah, I can’t listen to it either. Partly, I’ve been down with the flu too long and need to be productive. And partly, I think listening would suck out my brains like a pack of zombies. I’ll take the reader’s digest version.

  11. LadySadie, it makes you wonder how many of those women that we are told were consenting, were also standing there crying. I suspect quite a few of the ones who were reassigned and married to another man en masse were sniveling through the ceremony. How can you not feel about as special as a cow at an auction?

  12. Or a slave woman at an auction? I can’t get out of my mind the original Republican platform in the 1860’s — to eliminate “the twin relics of barbarism,” slavery and polygamy. Here we are almost 150 years later and for a certain segment of our population, women are still treated as chattel. No wonder they’re crying when they are “sold off” to a man currently in favor with the self-appointed prophet.

  13. This is part of an update from San Angelo

    SAN ANGELO, Texas — ELDORADO — Prosecutors want jurors to learn that a 16-year-old girl was struggling to give birth at the Yearning for Zion Ranch in August 2005 for about three days, according to a dictation or “priesthood record” that prosecutors contend is from imprisoned polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs.

    But Jeffs didn’t consider taking the girl to a hospital to be an option, according to evidence a prosecutor hopes to introduce to the seven-man, five-woman jury in a child sexual assault case against Raymond Merril Jessop, 38.

    “I knew that the girl being 16 years old,” Jessop could be jailed, said the document.

    A nurse and midwife were also in attendance during the labor, according to the document.

  14. After hearing Wallys tack on the appeal, “Warren was convicted on the wrong charge!” I feel very confident that the Justices are going to laugh and use that when they dine out as a good joke.

    Hell yeah there was a bunch of things Warrant could have been convicted on!

    But there is only so much time in Utah courtrooms!

  15. Deputy Dog –
    Contrary to what is written in the San Angelo newspaper, there are NO certified midwives practicing at the YFZ Ranch.

  16. Even during the wedding ceremony of Elissa and Allen, Elissa was crying and so distraught she could not say the vows, Warren had to make her mother go stand beside her, hold her hand and tell her what to say.

    Makes for a great start to an instant wedding…I’m sure some troll puppet will come along and say that we are misreading this…that they were tears of JOY on her wedding day!! She was so overcome with happiness, she coudn’t stop crying or speak for herself. UH-HUH!!

  17. The photo of Elissa Wall’s mother pinning up her ‘wedding’ dress changed everything for me. Like many others here I believe the parents of these girls are legally and morally culpable.

    Having said that, the prosecutor had to do what was feasible at the time. The most important thing was WSJ’s conviction—to cut off the snake’s head. How likely was it that Elissa Wall herself would have cooperated had her mother been charged?

    Which is not to say I have no sympathy for Wall’s mother. I’ve been reading about Utah’s ‘Mormon Reformation’ (1856-58) which was a regular little reign of terror in the desert. It is in many ways analogous to WSJ’s purges and realignments when he took power. The isolation, the lack of an independent judiciary, and the corrupt theocracy all made it impossible for otherwise good people to defend innocent victims.

    I freely admit that given the choice of doing the right thing or protecting my family I will always choose to protect my family, and I can’t imagine many people feel differently.

  18. GFNY, I agree with you on the parallels between the Mormon Reformation and Warren’s rule over the FLDS. Has anybody read Zane Grey’s classic Riders of the Purple Sage lately?

  19. Not since I was read it with a flashlight under the covers because it was past my bedtime.

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