Is Bill Medvecky a sexual predator?

TxBluesman asked this question on Bill Medvecky’s site:

So Bill, in addition to the one file that you were convicted for, you took 11 other files that you weren’t charged with?

Gee, a shame that they didn’t try you for those crimes also. Maybe they could have stacked the sentences.
And, if I recall correctly, wasn’t the parole board concerned about the allegations that you sexually abused a special needs foster child? Isn’t that why the state was upset that you broke into the CPS offices – that you were getting rid of the evidence against you?

Sorry Bill, I don’t believe you.

1. TxBluesMan on October 29th, 2009 at 8:17 am

It’s a fact that Bill Medvecky served time for grand larceny and burglary and tampering with governmental records, all related to files he stole from CPS related to one or two of his foster children at the time. I have heard “rumors” that Medvecky had a special needs foster child removed from his care based on allegations that he sexually abused a mentally incapacitated child — Medvecky was apparently a foster parent for a number of mentally retarded children who could not testify against him.

Once again TxBluesman appears to have the inside track. I’m sure his comment will be deleted from Medvecky’s site. Now ordinarily, a blogger’s personal background, criminal or otherwise, I would consider irrelevant and inappropriate for public discourse. However, due to the nature of the FLDS crimes of sexual assaults on children and Bill Medvecky’s obsessive support of sexual predators — together with the fact that Medvecky takes every opportunity to personally smear anyone who opposes the FLDS — these allegations or rumors that he sexually abused a mentally retarded child , and stole the child’s CPS file to avoid prosecution, are pertinent to the discussion.

I welcome Bill Medvecky to respond and correct this information if it is false. I welcome any explanation he might give that would explain why he was seen by three witnesses committing the crimes he was convicted of or what reason he could possibly have for destroying governmental records if they did not include evidence of the deplorable act of Medvecky sexually abusing a mentally retarded child.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 29, 2009.

36 Responses to “Is Bill Medvecky a sexual predator?”

  1. Bill would rather talk about ‘drunk’ Indians than the actual facts.

  2. I think it’s obvious that there is something seriously wrong with Medvecky. Just the string of pictures on the current post is really, really ugly on a visceral level. The fascination with child abuse and a clear black/white thinking pattern in which those who are being separated from their child or foster child are always good and right and policemen, CPS, CASA, lawyers who defend the children, etc. are not only wrong they are pigs, dykes, gimps, etc. I think it’s very likely that he was an abuser of some kind who was about to go to jail when he stole that paperwork.

    However, I like TEXASFLDS as a site when it sticks to publishing documentation and facts. Honestly, I rather never hear of Medvecky again than blast him.

  3. It’s just criminal behavior being advanced by an exconvict conducting himself with a reckless disregard for the facts. Bill proclaims his care for the children yet ignores any of the facts on the Child Brides and now San Angelo Grand Jury indictments against nine (9) FLDS Church members, including their Prophet Warren S. Jeffs. A series of these Texas Grand Jury indictments are underway and the facts will soon speak for themselves and Bill’s diatribe will be less and less audible as Justice is measured out against each indictee, all innocent until proven guilty. Not innocent of any guilt prior to trial Bill, sorry every case has to proven by the prosecution in Court and not falsely exonerated without trial or public opinions.

  4. I agree with Betty

  5. well–I never go to his site–it is very offensive and trashy!!
    However–I will say I agree with Betty–but, I do like it when he is proven wrong…since he is such a loud mouth…!!!!

    I can’t believe he was ever approved to be a foster parent???

    When is he supposed to do his rally at the trial..????

  6. I would say TBM has Bill pegged pretty well. Its too bad Bill stole the files and therefore skated the prosecution of his acts he obviously was intent on hiding.

    And yes, not only is his language offensive, his site is as well, its like a look inside the mind of a pervert.


  7. yes–it’s a scary place–his site!!! No way would I register to post a comment–I don’t trust him and afraid he could hack into my computer…haha….but..I would love to post some comments back to him…I am sure he would delete them…as he does everyone who does not agree with him.

  8. FLDSTexas please go check your email

  9. Bill Medvecky goes way beyond just erasing a poster. He will re-edit what has been posted and literally rewrite what has been posted to blur the information or make the opposition look totally in the wrong. He’s a criminal pretender capable of many nefarious behaviors that are very common to his kind. His adherents are soft clay in this molders covert agenda.

  10. I think this is completely germane and deserves dissemination. FLDSTexas did not make Bill Medvecky’s past a part of the discussion; he did it himself. And he used a distorted version of that story to bolster his central thesis that CPS and CASA were abusive to the FLDS families.

    As a citizen of the great state of New York, I’m chuffed to see how well our court system performed in his case. Yes, he deserved more time in jail, but no errors were made in his prosecution and his sentence withstood appeal. No state will ever let him have custody of a child again, which was the ultimate and most important goal.

    This man outed Merrianne’s foster family and twisted personal information about Natalie Malonis in an effort to discredit her. While two wrongs don’t make a right, he fails to elicit much sympathy from me.

    Medvecky has paid the price for his crime, exacted by the state of New York. To me, he is to be watched carefully, but not excoriated or hounded through life because he once committed a crime. It’s done; we move on. However, he has taken no responsibility for the lies he’s told or the people he’s injured in his self-serving campaign to elevate the FLDS. For that he can be condemned, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that the lies be stopped. TBM shot directly across the bow, and I commend him for it.

    (Now if TBM could just find a dossier on Wee Willie Winky, I could die happy.)

  11. Well Said Greetings!

  12. Cajim, I doubt he reedited your posts, it is quite easy for someone to login to his blog masquerading as another poster.

  13. Waiting for Bile’s puppet to speak…….I’m sure, according to him, TBM has tbis info alll wrong and has distorted the issue! After all, Bile would never do that on his own blog!

  14. wee willie winky has one somewhere or he lied during his deposition with natalie saying he was pleading the 5th due to a federal grand jury. if grand juries are supposed to be such a secret, how does everyone know there is or was one?

  15. Of course, Medvecky was never charged with child abuse even though the state apparently got the documents back, His foster child was not returned to him, but we don’t know why.

    We have reversed our national perspective about child abuse since 1981. Medvecky’s case happened at the very start of our consciousness and exploration of the question, at a time when there was a raging debate about whether children were reliable witnesses and little practical information on interviewing child victims. To put it in perspective, it was two years before the McMartin Preschool drama hit the news.

    When gaffers like Medvecky and McBryde and Duane complain about our current child abuse and child sex abuse laws, part of what they’re saying is that they’re unable to process that change. Yes, we were more forgiving of sex abuse back in the day. No, we should not go back there. We aren’t going to, either. The sooner the troglodytes recognize that, the less unhappy they’ll be.

    But in re: the burglary/tampering charges: New York has a lot of political problems, but a corrupt or incompetent judiciary isn’t one of them. If Medvecky was convicted and the Court of Appeals rejected his plea, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of his having been guilty.

  16. Naming jurors is highly irregular.

  17. We already know she’s an ignorant twit owned by FLDS so it stands to reason Willie’s thugs will be harassing that named juror.

  18. We already know she’s an ignorant twit owned by FLDS so it stands to reason Willie’s thugs will be harassing that named juror.

    Who do you have reference to here?

  19. I’m wondering who this “juror” is too. I haven’t heard that any jurors were named. I’d have to worry that if that were the case that the person doing so might just be guilty of jury tampering.

  20. I meant who is the ignorant person owned by the FLDS.

  21. Are they talking about Brooke?

  22. that’s my guess

  23. They answered on the wrong channel… they were discussing it in “Open Discussion”.

    TBM, I thought I’d originally read that some of the documents were destroyed but changed my tune after reading your post. Thanks for clarifying.

  24. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. First of all, despite the person who is Medvecky, he raises points about the CPS system that shouldn’t be discounted because of the person Medvecky.

    The highly ironic point about his is that he raises a number of questions about taking kids from parents and putting them with foster parents. For a long time now, I’ve felt that there were a number of foster parents who were strange. In some cases, I even felt the foster parents may have been highly malicious. The irony is he raises questions about foster parents when in fact he is a classic example of the questionable foster parents that are part of the system.

    I also feel this is getting way too personal. Yeah, a lot of folks disagree and may horribly dislike Medvecky. Yeah, Medvecky has done some things to people involved in this issue that no one should have done. However, as my Momma always says: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

  25. Ron,
    I was just trying to frame some comments over on TBM’s site but couldn’t figure out how to be respectful to all – but I agree with you….
    I can understand the frustration and anger that Mr. Medvecky outs people’s home phone numbers, calls every one obscenities etc., but don’t go there then.
    This site has been a great place to get real information on the FLDS case and then commentary on that real information…..

    I think that it undermines the credibility of the site to serve as a conduit for this information, plus it just gives Medvecky more PR…..

  26. You’re right, Ron. I personally would have a problem with anyone publishing the names and contact information of Bile’s family (and I don’t actually believe Blues would do it). On the other hand, he’s so obnoxious that it is fun to talk some of that malice back. As long as it remains wishful thinking I’ll be okay with it. 😉

  27. PS Ron,
    read your last three posts – thank you for the info
    and thank you
    TBM for your info also….

    wish we could have more “live” feed from the trial.

  28. Ron, doesn’t this get to the heart of the “public disclosure of private facts” issue in defamation cases? Medvecky insinuated his own narrative into the debate about the FLDS and CPS.

    Having said that, I would never ‘out’ his family, because that would be malicious. They already have enough problems, don’t they?

  29. It’s funny reading your comments about Bill, knowing that UNT put Prickett on administrative leave.

    It’s funny reading Ron’s posts, knowing hwo frightened he was about being outed. We had absolutely no intentions of outing Ron. Did you?

    Greetings, the reason why Bill didn’t get his foster son back is because his foster son died while Bill was in prison. What did you expect CPS to do — dig up his foster son’s corpse and give it to Bill?

    Yes, our site is down temporarily. But we will be back internationally.

  30. In response to the above : No one suggested that you folks were interested in outing Ron, Ms. Farver.
    Thanks for playing.

  31. I>Yes, our site is down temporarily. But we will be back internationally.

    Deb Lee said this on December 5, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Deb, does that mean that Bill is opening international offices? Because the Internet is already international/global – DUH!

  32. Yes, our site is down temporarily. But we will be back internationally.

    Deb Lee said this on December 5, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Interesting. So Ms. Lee, this web site that shows photographs of naked children with names and other personal information is YOUR site? OK. I think the FBI will be glad to know whose web site this is. Thanks for the admission.

  33. I wonder how long it will be before Bill’s new site gets shut down, given that he likes to post pictures of naked children and he also likes to post confidential medical information about children and adults. I’m thinking it can’t last too long, despite the fact that it is “international”
    Strange isn’t it that someone who calls herself a “nurse” doesn’t find Bill’s behavior unethical. But then again we all know Deb Lee (aka Debra Farver) is not a real RN, she is an LPN (bedpan changer & sponge bather)

  34. this debra farver?

    Friends: Deputy Headmistress, Bradley Wayne Horn, Tom Mcclendon, Bill Medvecky

  35. Yes, and Duane is featured as one of her friends – notice his lovely Mexican bride.

  36. It is interesting how you pull up people to look like perverts so you can promote your lie about Warren Jeffs. Well, every one has to look themselves in the face and see if they are perfect. And the Lord is the Judge remember, not this nation that is fed a lot of lies and hogus pokus.

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