While certain blogs have eliminated their blogrolls altogether, we have added a few interesting links to our blogroll:

1.  Trent Nelson has started a running collection of links to articles about polygamy.   No commentary, no particular position is taken, just the links.    I like this idea, and it’s a great one stop source for current news items.   Trent’s page can be found at:

2.  Perry Bulwer is a Canadian lawyer, human rights advocate, who has been blogging about religion and child abuse for some time.  He refers to himself as a “cult expert” and he does seem to be rather informed and conversant on the issues — he is also a former member of the cult Children of God.   Very informative.   There is a Canadian leaning to his chosen topics, but he covers news in the US also.     Perry’s main site, Chain the Dogma, where you can also find information and discussion about religious topics, can be found at:

3.   Perry Bulwer has maintained a comprehensive collection of articles and discussion regarding Religion and Child Abuse.   His archive, which he no longer updates, can be found at:

He now maintains the archive to the above link on his main site and continues to update as news happens :


~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. Thanks for the information–appreciate the links to additional resources.

  2. If I may suggest two great books on the Children of God— Not Without my Sister by Kristina Jones– and Heaven’s Harlots by Miriam Williams. Fascinating and frightening at the same time.

  3. Speaking of blogrolls, and moderating blogs to cope with vitriol etc…, Bill Medvecky has joined the ranks of elevated thinkers. He closed his recent comment on Brooke’s blog by recommending that people “stop “Shooting from the hip”.”

    Bill, I have a reciprocal recommendation for you. Don’t talk in front of a mirror, you may have no face left when you’re finished. On the other hand, having seen your picture, that may improve your looks.

  4. I see has also made the blogroll here. No more elevated commentary from the pro-polygamy viewpoint exists today.

  5. Thanks New York gal! Im thinking “elevated commentary” is meaning something kinda nice. Keep reading my blog to see what a TOTALLY AWESOME way this is to live!! Youll sure learn HEAPS about how to do polygamy WRITE!!! And be sure to leave your oomments cos I LOVE hearing from folk!!

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