Raymond Merril Jessop Trial – Witness List

Raymond witness 1


~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 20, 2009.

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  1. […] List, State v. Raymond Jessop, FLDS Trial The State has filed its witness list for the upcoming trial of Raymond Jessop for the Sexual Assault of an underage girl at the YFZ […]

  2. Oh Lord, Julie Worthless and FA are going to have heart attacks! Dr. Larry Beall is listed as an expert witness.

  3. DPS Motor Vehicle Theft?

    Isn’t that like stolen cars?


    I wonder

  4. Some FBI folks too. Thats always got to get the attention of your defense attorney.


  5. Hi FLDS texas,
    1. I can’t open any thing for the second witness list on Raymond Jessop and
    2. what is the difference between Raymond Merrill Jessop and Raymond Jessop?

  6. P.S.
    In addition to vehicular theft and FBI there sure is a lot of stuff on bank records, hmmmmmmm

  7. Their seem to be a lot of witnesses dealing with motor vehicle theft (registration) and financial records. Something more than child marriage going on here.

  8. What? Chemist, you mean these are just godly people living a simple, self sufficient life style? I’m shocked.

  9. Note to readers: This list was inadvertently double posted, it is now back to one, if there are continued problems with the link to the pdf please note.

    HHG: Raymond Merril Jessop and Raymond Jessop are the same person.

    Perhaps someone will dig out the Dictations detailing the fake ID fiasco – it may relate to this case – regardless it shows the leaders were involved in whatever steps necessary to fool the public and law enforcement.

  10. Yabba Dabba Doooooo!!!!! Seems, there is MUCH more evidence than the public has been given!!! 🙂

  11. Of course I was intrigued by the motor vehicle theft question as well, and now FLDS Texas has thrown a broad hint that the answer might lie in the false ID dictations.

    When I get home tonight I’ll try to find them.

  12. Where is the stuff about the false ID?? I didnt see that

  13. Page 8 of 20 – FAKE ID AND freaky friday halloween story as a bonus
    And I think there is another note on this in the dictations, where Jeffs realized Ben or some other fLDS stole about 30,000 scamming Jeffs for fake ID’s.


    “At 8;00 p.m. I got a call from Ben Johnson, who
    was in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he told me this
    story that he had paid two thousand dollars to a
    man named Dan to give them the name of the
    woman who would prepare our false

    This woman, supposedly, and this
    was her story, she was traveling through Califomia
    and was stoppsd at Bakersfield. The police saw
    that they were smoking marijuana, speaking of these
    gentile women, and this woman had our false

    She was searched, arrested, placed
    in jail, and had a court hearing in two weeks.

    Now she needed money for a lawyer and said that the
    man that prepared ow false LD. was willing to do
    it again under different names if we gave them
    more money, and all this came from this man
    named Dan whom the lord had me tell Ben to not
    even talk to.

    Great was the regret upon me as I
    heard this. I sought unto the Lord diligently to
    know what to do and if all of this was true. So as
    we retired I was pleading unto the Lord to know
    whatto do.

    Would our false identification get into
    the police hands?

    Or was it in the police hands?

    Saturday, July 2312006

    Now dictating Saturday, July 23, 200 5 . I retired
    to bed at midnight and was in the heavenly session
    until 9:00 a.m. In the heavenly session the Lord
    had me voice that the story of this woman to Ben
    Johnson and his brother Smith just didn’t sourd
    true, andthatl was to haveBenJohnsonbackaway
    completely from this.

    In the heavenly session the Lord had me voice
    that this Priesthood people will go tbrough the
    greatest persecution of all times, even some of you¡
    wives and daughters ravished and killed, men and
    their sons beaten, whipped, and some killed.”


  14. HA!!

    Page one

    Warren gets ripped by Ben in the “FAKE ID SCAM”


    “I had sent Ben Johnson with fifty-one thousand
    to go and get the false identification two weeks

    And the Lord had me dismiss him, and turn
    everything over and put it into the hands of my new
    driver at R17, Russell Johnson, tre brought it to us.

    I directed him to bring what Ben Johnson had.

    Ben Johnson had not paid more then fifteen
    hundred dollars to the people they were trying to
    get the idcntification on, and all that returned to me
    was twenty-one thousand out of fifty-one


  15. is it just me or are the rest of you wondering if we will start finding out what was in the red escalade when it was stopped in nevada with wsj onboard?

  16. I’d long wondered about some of their, FLDS, heavy equipment, whether it was bought or stolen. Any mentions of that or of any law enforcement looking into that subject?

    It is a fact that FLDS have different ideas of truth and facts than the rest of us have. One of the funnier ones was Willie stating under oath in Texas that he speaks for nobody but himself — then again, he also claims under oath to speak with unspeakable authority for FLDS. Willie you’re still a lying POS.

  17. yeah, i pointed his affidavit out to those he spoke in front of at the committee hearing.

  18. Ron here is the thread I was talking about.

    If this made headline news I missed it. If it didn’t make the headlines it should. jmo

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