Musical Trusts (aka “Hide the Ranch”)

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~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 9, 2009.

20 Responses to “Musical Trusts (aka “Hide the Ranch”)”

  1. OK OK OK

    This is a two-fer

    “Texas Stake of Zion”

    BOTH the name of the TRUST and THE CHURCH.

    What happened to the HOOTers? DANG

    Now its Texas STAKERS and UTAH STICK-EES.

    Obviously this cuts the cord with Utah, as there has been no similar paperwork recorded there in April nor this time.

    REGARDLESS that the FLDS had their land sold, and funds from such and consecrations piled into this craphole called YFZ.

    Blatant theft. They can record this crap every month, it wont sheild them from liability.

    It only makes it look worse to a JUDGE.

    Its like a trail of crackers leading to a big fat FRAUD.

  2. “Gimme all you got to show your faith, and allow me the right to leave you up a creek without a paddle.” You know that even personal property will be asked for eventually of those living the “fullness of the United Order.”

  3. Here we go again. We can’t seem to learn from the past.

  4. OK, while they flop around trying to come up with a name for themselves, like HOOT (last time) I am going to brand them with this moniker:



    So from know on, if you hear me talking about the rotten TOMCATS, you know who I mean!

  5. Here we go again. We can’t seem to learn from the past.
    “This time we’ll get the ponzai scheme right.” Too many apostates it the past didn’t like building houses and then realizing the religion was corrupt. “Last time we left them up a creek, we forgot to take away the paddle.”

  6. LOL, Cement, they can write the trust anyway they want to but if the premise is illegal it will still be illegal. And profiting from another’s labor without fair recompense is illegal, no matter how many scriptures you find to dress it up in.

  7. Stamp, you could say randy tomcats to even betyter describe them. LOL

  8. ale wife

    HA HA and look they are sending the TOMcats to the pound!

  9. We are in agreement on that Stamp! The pound is where they belong.

  10. Erm. This is an unacceptable denigration of male felines.

    Couldn’t you liken them to hyenas instead, which are NOT attractive creatures?


    Hey, I’m all for calling them Hyenas but what would that stand for?

    Hildale Yokels Expected Nasty As Sin

  12. BTW both the Trib AND the des news have been told about this Church name change – So far we just the ELDORADO SUCCESS giving us the skinny – maybe those guys should get a subscription so they can tell which way the winds blowin!

  13. Good point, Stamp. You would think anyone seriously covering this story would look to the local news as a reliable source. Sure, it costs to subscribe ($27/yr) but that’s piddling for a news outlet to spend. I’m not even a news outlet but I’m so interested in the story that I spent the money to subscribe.

    Shoot, even if they didn’t subscribe, they could pick up the phone and call the publisher. I bet he’d send them the story as a professional courtesy.

    But that assumes they want to cover the story objectively.

  14. Stamp, somehow I don’t think the trib’s polygamy section wants to publish an article proving that days after the child support ruling in which Merrill’s ownership of the ranch was waived in his face, he was signing away the ranch in yet another shell game. But they’ll be right there to publish that Anne Wilde is speaking at a conference.

  15. Its almost embarrassing for the Trib. I admit there is a lot to cover, but hey, changing your Church and Trust name again so soon after losing in court smacks of a mob manuever.

    Wonder if Merril marched down there and made them scratch out his name where it named him as the Manager of YFZ Ranch LLC and was still a member in good standing.


    “I aint in good standing no more and neither is the YFZ Raunch!”

    And these other three figureheads – who are they? What is THEIR background that makes them so special, besides having avoided an indictment and trial date?

  16. Ok this conveyance is apparently not a transfer of the entire Ranch property. It covers a 6 acre tract and a 3 acre tract and an easement over a larger tract.

    It was reported that this transfer was done in conjunction with a second request for a religious tax exemption. Perhaps the two tracts are Bishop Merril’s house and the Temple since that’s what they were seeking. I wonder if that has anything to do with the exemption being denied the first time ..those structures weren’t taxed separately I presume since the property was not subdivided. Just speculating.

  17. Also interesting to note that the effective date is recited as January 1, 2009 but it was not notarized until September 30, 2009 — the day after the child support settlement between Merril and Carolyn.

    Things that make you go HMMMMMM…

  18. Hmmmmm indeed! Merril got caught flat footed and now they make a mockery of their own shell games.


  19. Buncha lying damned crooks.

  20. About those anomalous dates, FT – time is what keeps everything from happening at once.

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