Elissa Wall/Allen Steed Timeline

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As reported in today’s Salt Lake Tribune, Judge Rand Beachamp has scheduled a December hearing in Allen Steed’s rape case on the issue of Steed’s allegation that the case is barred by the statute of limitations.   Apparently the statute references a time  limitation based on when a report of rape was made to law enforcement.  The statute of limitations was 8 years if the incident was reported within 4 years.   There is some question about whether that statute of limitations still applies because it was amended by the legislature before it had expired.

Note the above log that was produced in discovery in Warren Jeffs’ Utah trial — the alleged offenses were between April 14, 2001 and September 30, 2004.   The first report was taken by Gary Engels in January 2005, within the four year period.   Steed argues that  Engels was not a proper person to whom a report could be made.   Engels, however, was acting as an investigator and agent of law enforcement.   In any event, whether Engels was a proper person to take the report or not, an official report was apparently made and a law enforcement investigation opened in January of 2005.    Note the subsequent interviews of Elissa Wall in January 2005 by law enforcement officers.

Steed is SOL on the SOL issue.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “Elissa Wall/Allen Steed Timeline”

  1. Allen Steed seems to have an impartial and fair jurist reviewing his case.

  2. The subsequent interviews of Elissa Wall were a year later in January of 2006.

    Is there a report form?

    I noticed in the defense argument that they quickly stated that the statute of limitations had to be based on the FIRST occurrence only, not the middle or the end. I thought that was contrived when I read it.

  3. SOL on the SOL issue? Pretty cute.

    I wonder if Al in the Usa will say the same thing come December.

  4. When will the FLDS learn that the laws werent written for them to break?


    This echos of the MTS.

    Perhaps the cameraman will be ready this go -round when they lose and come out moping like they lost their marbles.

  5. Oops – Betty you’re right, Elissa’s interview was 06. No matter. The report was made to Enfgels in 2005. Even if that offense is tossed out there’s another charge for a 2004 incident. I can’t think of any way to argue that is barred by the statute of limitations.

    This is just smoke and mirrors.

  6. Lloyd Wall was un-apostatized in 2007, when he was interviewed? How did that happen? Did he get a new family assigned to him? Is he still in the FLDS?

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