The Sky is Falling (and other hysteria)

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~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 6, 2009.

14 Responses to “The Sky is Falling (and other hysteria)”

  1. So now Warren’s going after the nonprofit status of the 501(c)3 group Dan Fischer founded to help those leaving the FLDS. All I can say is, thank God for Dan Fischer.

  2. Personally, I think stopping Warren IS an act of charity.

  3. picaretta and wright disgust me…nothing but attorneys for the mob.

  4. This is why discovery is limited in criminal cases. Picaretta and Jeffs should not be allowed to go on fishing expeditions and use the legal process to harass and intimidate folks. I don’t know if Judge Conn primarily does criminal or civil trials, but he’s really giving Jeffs way too much latitude in discovery in a criminal case.

  5. Reckon they’d like some cheese to go with that whine?

  6. Testing my profile.

  7. Two powerful motions in a row. The prosecution is probably going nuts.

  8. Yeah, they are going nuts laughing their butts off.

  9. lol, yes Betty, they probably are.

    “Powerful”? Delusion is an entertaining thing to watch in action.

  10. So this is how our legal system works: If you commit a crime, you hire the most expensive lawyers and commence to file frivolous suit after frivolous suit until you wear down law enforcement, investigators, government and any public who opposes you. Until you win? At what point do the judges step in and say “Enough is enough”? Shame on Picaretta! And others!

  11. Judge Conn should have about enough of this crap by now.

    Here he is, with a big crime racket in his backyard, allowing them to play yo yo in his court.

    He gives the FLDS too much rope – but perhaps enough for them to hang themselves with – as Blues noted they did in Texas with the MTS.

  12. Utah courts are like this,, if it as a hispanic or black man in jail for the same charge warren jeffs is facing, the hispanic or black man would have already gone to court, been convicted, and no pussy footin allowed

  13. Utah is still screwing around with Brian David Mitchell for god’s sake, they know he’s guilty and the defense keeps trying to prove the man is insane. Okay he’s insane, get his ass in prison and keep it there!!

  14. My hope is that Warren and Mitchel share a cell in Draper prison.

    Then they can write the “Deuce Dude Manifesto, Ghost written by Ervil LeBaron, Forward by Lafferty”..

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