Sam Browers statement on Willie R. Jessops admission


~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 2, 2009.

24 Responses to “Sam Browers statement on Willie R. Jessops admission”

  1. Wow! Did Willie actually own up to the real reason behind minor celestial marriages? “If we don’t get to those girls when they are young they will be exposed to the outside world and we [FLDS] will lose them”. What a candid admission on why statutory rape will not only be tolerated but codified in their belief structure. Amazing!

  2. And, you have to get them knocked up fast so they have no options.

  3. So much for them being free to leave at any time and make their own choices in marital matters.

  4. Sam Brower said that Reed Braithwaite said that Willie Jessop said…

    Well, let’s just as Willie. This statement is way too contrived and draws too much of a perfect caricature of the anti-polygamy activists; not credible at all.

    Post approved, regardless the comment by Willie seems to be proven truthful. -ADMIN

  5. correction: “too much of a perfect caricature of the FLDS by the anti-polygamy activists”

    EDIT -dont ask personal questions. Leave your email if you want. – ADMIN

  6. When I looked at a map and realized that the nearest Greyhound station was 80 miles away, my whole assessment of the situation changed.

  7. FLDS Church practices no form of missionary work to attract converts, shuns the outside world as EVIL Gentiles and sets their sect survival upon underage girls for there manifestation of doctrine and congregational renewal in population. I think this demonstrates why The Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church formally excommunicated this sect from their association in 1890.

  8. Ironic that their own scripture teaches that Lucifer tried to force people to do right and take away their agency. Now they want to ensure that the girls don’t become “Gentiles” by marrying young. If it weren’t all mythology, I would be tempted to make an accusation.

  9. “So much for them being free to leave at any time and make their own choices in marital matters.”

    Yeah, and so much for “consent” and “free choice”.

  10. That was very well written Sam and so accurate.


  11. Cement as PlygKid always reminded us in the past it takes that ‘Fantasyland’ atmosphere to hold the effect that nothing is wrong and life on the FLDS Church bus is bliss! Problem is their driving down a highway that leads ultimately to a Dead End. Where would the Lawerence Welk Show be without all the orchestra music, dancing and bubbles….an a one, ana two”.

  12. duane, if Reed didn’t agree with what Sam Brower wrote that he said, he would of ask for it to be retracted.
    I have NO doubt Willie Jessop said it, he’s like a piece of dynamite about to explode all the time.

  13. Whether those are Willie’s exact words are not, the statement has been proved true by the facts. I was struck by Brower’s comment that the terms “Don” and “Prophet” are interchangeable, comparing the FLDS to the Mafia. I truly hope a federal attorney somewhere has the guts to file RICO charges.

    Money quote from Sam Brower: “The really telling part about that statement is the fact that there is an admission by one of the FLDS leaders that this abhorrent practice is not supported by a spiritual belief in God but rather their desire to traffic little girls to facilitate gratifying relationships with men in the Church. If the Church were to crumble, it would negate any argument that could be made about a group of people practicing their sincere religious beliefs. It is the tail wagging the dog. That is, underage marriage is not a necessary part of a bona fide religion; rather, the church is necessary to continue this abhorrent practice under the guise of religious freedom. “

  14. duane

    What if Willie said:

    “We own the cops, calling 9-1-1 is like calling the Bishop – because he does get the message soon..”

    “We dont tolerate teenage boys who flirt and get into mischief – we find ways to get them out of town”

    “We follow God’s law, not man’s law”


    While those arent perhaps actual quotes (and perhaps they are tho), those are the actual performance of the FLDS.

    Why you think Reed would make that up, and not ask for it to be redacted, is disengenous.

    Beleive it – its the way they operate.

    I agree its heinous, especially when they voice it.

    But maybe it’ll take a few convictions for it to really sink in for ya.

    But open your eyes, see the Molestial Kingdom in front of you.

  15. Funny how those same little girls have been saying the same thing for years.

    Sometimes ya just gotta love the bad guys (i.e. Cousin Willie) for being such a smart faithful Priesthood swinger. However, ya gotta ALWAYS love the good guys like Sam for walking the walk he talks. Thanks Sam. You have helped many, been appreciated by few and are still a hero to me for believing the evidence.

    Those who have believed and stuck are few and far but you are some kick ass people in my book

    And I still say a hero is NOT someone who has been arrested for breaking the law. The FLDS need a new dictionary. I think maggots ate some of their pages.

  16. Yes Flora and the mirror of your image as a long standing American Heroine is a large portion of this unfolding saga. Your will to survive, hold you head high and confront the abusers is legendary stuff for every American to witness and fully appreciate. There time is coming upon them like a delayed train into the depot and the platform, this time, will be a Courtroom.

    God Bless You & Yours and may your Days be filled with His Light.

  17. Judge rules on motion to suppress

  18. Hallelujah! The evidence will be admitted.

  19. hey blues, will it be possible to obtain a copy regarding the motions in limine?

  20. At least old dog deci duane is being watched on this board and his inappropriate things are being edited, probably not long until he is FOREVER banned. Can’t happen soon enough for me.

  21. I believe that Willy said that about the underage girls and that Reed told it to Sam accurately.

    Myself and Andrew Chatwin were involved in encouraging a couple of restaurants up here in C.C. to treat people with respect, regardless of their religious differences and quit discriminating against who to sell a hamburger to and who to call the cops on, simply based on religious beliefs.

    The FLDS hired Reed Braithwaite to be their lawyer in defending the case. Reed called me one day and asked what it would take to settle this case out of court.

    In a nutshell, I told him that our lawsuit wasn’t about money and that all we were looking for was a policy change that came from the leadership of the FLDS church.

    Basically we wanted to be able to buy a hamburger from the local businesses without swearing allegiance to Warren Jeffs whom we had no faith whatsoever in.

    Reed couldn’t believe we would settle so easily when we had the restaurant owners over such a barrel and proceeded to try to put a meeting together with the FLDS leadership and us.

    Willy R. Jessop was the one that was spearheading the negotiations (spokesman) and was talking to Reed all the time about the case during this time period.

    Anyway, Reed called me a few days later and told me that he had some news that I wasn’t going to believe. I laughed and told him he probably couldn’t surprise me when it came to the FLDS way of doing things.

    He said that he had just been fired from the case. I asked him why? He had been told (I presume by Willy) that because he had talked to me, that he was now “contaminated” and that they (the FLDS) could no longer use him.

    I’ll bet it was during these very negotiations, before Reed was fired, that Willy talked so candidly about why they marry the little girls so young in the FLDS church.

    I. W.

  22. Well, Reed can’t acknowledge or deny it without violating attorny/client privilege, I imagine.

  23. (And to be quite honest, he probably shouldn’t have shared it in the first place, if it IS true.) It sounds plausible but it isn’t information Sam should have had.

  24. “Don” Warren

    I’m sorry, but that’s funny.

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