UPDATE: Walther Denies Motion to Suppress

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A West Texas judge will allow prosecutors to use thousands of pages of documents seized during a raid on a polygamist ranch.

The decision will allow jurors in the upcoming trials of 12 men from the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to see some of the documents.

The documents come from an April 2008 raid on the FLDS-owned Yearning for Zion Ranch.


UPDATE: This is apparently a ruling that will apply to all defendants. Judge Walther found no credible evidence that law enforcement did anything improper or deceptive. This is a very big ruling on many fronts (think Arizona and UEP).

Cheers to Brooks Long, Nick Hanna, David Doran and the rest!! Well done!

~ by FLDS TEXAS on October 2, 2009.

36 Responses to “UPDATE: Walther Denies Motion to Suppress”

  1. interesting.

  2. way to go judge walther.

  3. Good Decision!!! This isn’t a religion, its a baby making factory, breeding farm,, with young girls as the livestock!

  4. News from San Angelo


    “SAN ANGELO, Texas — A Texas judge ruled Friday that prosecutors could use thousands of documents seized during a weeklong raid of a polygamist sect’s West Texas ranch in upcoming criminal trials even though search warrants were prompted by faked reports of abuse.”

  5. Well it couldn’t have been that hard of a conclusion to draw since even the FLDS attornies had to admit they had *cough, cough* no evidence.

  6. WOW

    This is major. The FLDS just lost all, what is it, 22 cases? (wrapped up in the Twisted Twelve PERPS)

    Wouldnt be surprised if discovery leads to more charges, probably other states too.

    Is UT and AZ going to ignore the evidence they raped girls there, then skirted them across state lines and snuck them into Texas?

    We let this crap happen in AMERICA? Is there no AMBER ALERT if you have FLDS stamped on your forehead?

  7. Judge Walther

    Abraham Lincoln just gave you a HIGH FIVE!

  8. Before I left, Warren wanted to get a compound in every state “that didn’t have laws against the priesthood people.” It’s beginning to appear he had reference to underraged marriages. If thats the case, what other states have had underraged girls trucket into them?

  9. That’s “trucked”.

  10. There is no state I am aware of that has a consent younger than 16 and many of those have restrictions on the allowable difference in age between the participants.

    Here’s a chart:

    So, unless he was planning on bumping the age to 16, and marrying off 16 year olds to men 19-21 or so, I can’t fathom what that means.

  11. That’s the problem with using less than direct talk. It leaves people wondering what you meant. Keep in mind that many in the FLDS are claiming Hilderbrand wanting to raise the age of consent was an attack against the FLDS. Some are claiming the underraged marriages were legal when performed, and the twelve are getting hit with an expo-facto law. (Their attorneys would have it easy if that were true.)

  12. That claim of “attack” has always cracked me up. What the FLDS are going to die out if they can’t marry 14 year olds? Is their fertility limited to under 18? *snort*

  13. Cement, there were NO legal marriagies in Texas that I’m aware of. None.

  14. Good News!

  15. Haven’t I read there are questions about pregnant teens that went missing like almost overnight, were driven to Short Creek? Has there been any resolution with that, or perhaps more of it will come out in court?

  16. cement, there’s a difference between the age of consent for marriage and age of sexual assault of a minor. if raymond hadn’t already been married numerous times, we might be talking about the first, but he couldn’t legally marry janet and/or lenora and/or teresa as he was already married (8 times in the case of teresa), but we aren’t, we are talking about sexual assault. apparently the age was raised after his assault on janet which is why it’s only a 2nd degree felony. i think if they were to try him about lenora they could go with a 1st degree felony. he was married to janet in august 2004 and to lenora in june 2005.

  17. i think that the girl in the car with levi jeffs or whatever his name is was teresa steed, and she was a pregnant teen. i don’t remember where i got that information though.

  18. I am happy you have no idea what hope this gives thank you

  19. Sexual assault is a felony of the second degree. The offense becomes aggravated assault when the child is younger than 14 years of age, in which case it is a felony of the first degree.

  20. Perhaps one that didn’t get away, Pround?

  21. nope, i was wrong, the law changed september 1, 2005.

  22. well, cps totally dropped the ball on teresa. why on earth would they release a 15 year old fixing to give birth?

  23. Smiles, you are clearly thrilled with this decision. Do you feel comfortable telling us anything about yourself, why this is important to you personally, etc?

  24. Well I wanted to see for myself what was really said at court I had heard that private stuff would be in the media that was found on the ranch.I dont want to say my name I think its good it can be used but im worried about it being in the media the girls on the ranch are not bad just confused thanks

  25. Proud: politics. Real bad smelly kind

  26. Smiles, I think most of us here totally understand that. As the mother of a now grown daughter I know perfectly well that most girls aren’t really prepared to make rational judgements until their 20’s or so. I just hope that some of them are willing to decide to do what is right for THEM, not what someone has told them is right. I also hope that they know there are a lot of people out here who would help them in a heartbeat, no questions asked. And I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to come out and share a little. Welcome! 🙂

  27. There are Flds in New Mexico Cement, did you know that?

  28. I understand thank you talk to you later bye

  29. I have no idea where anyone is anymore. But I’m not surprised.

  30. South Dakota, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Ive heard of a couple in Virgina (allreds I think) and Canada

  31. oops Arizona

  32. You mean Arizona compounds at a location other than Colorado City?

  33. I’m curious, where in New Mexico DD?

  34. Attila
    Ruidosa NM for one place.

    Kelly Fischer group

  35. Really Kelly Fischer is in New Mexico. Do they know that he is a registered sex offender?

  36. and Albuquerque

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