Medvecky Gets it Wrong Again

On a comment to one of his own posts, Mad Bill says this:

The bottom line here as TBM knows all too well was that Carolyn had every single opportunity in the world to ask for child support, and would have received it, from the original court which granted her custody of the children. All she had to do was ask, and she could have avoided all the mushrooms in the world.

But how could she possibly slam Merril if he was giving her money? It just didn’t fit in her “Victim’s” role in her fictional books.

You seem to have all the court documents in the world TBM, show us ONE where she asked for child support and he refused to give it. It simply doesn’t exist!

4Bill on September 29th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Bill’s wrong again (doesn’t he get embarrassed being wrong virtually always?)   Carolyn did ask for child support in the first pleading she filed just a week after she escaped.   Merril has yet to pay a single penny in child support, but that will change in a couple of days.

Picture 3

That once paternity is established, Respondent, Fredrick Merril Jessop, should pay the monthly child support amounts, based upon the state guidelines, until the children reach the age eighteen (18) years or graduate from high school, whichever occurs later, or are otherwise emancipated and one-half (1/2) of any work related day care expenses. Said amounts to be determined by the Court. Further, should the Respondent become thirty (30) or more days delinquent in his child support payments, that the Court issue a withhold and deliver order pursuant to Section 62A-II-401, U.C.A.

¶ 9, p. 2, Complaint to Establish Paternity, filed by Carolyn Jessop, dated May 6, 2003


~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 30, 2009.

29 Responses to “Medvecky Gets it Wrong Again”

  1. And that’s that. Besides that, however, there’s the simple question of why should Carolyn have to ask in the first place. If he offered, as Mr. Wouldn’t-know-the-truth-if-it-bit-my-nether-regions Medvecky states, then why didn’t he just establish an escrow account for his children and pay into that until this day came? And why did he wait for court to convene and go through a days worth of testimony and evidence? And why did he so stupidly tell the judge that he didn’t think it was his responsibility because Carolyn left. No, he NEVER meant to pay. Bile is simply lying through his teeth, yet again. And for such a righteous and holy people to associate with him and claim him as one of their fine defenders says something about their standards of righteousness and holiness.

  2. The sad thing about this is that Carolyn had this court filing in May 2003 regarding paternity and her request for child support. She later had the paternity legally established (because men can’t be forced to pay child support if they are not legally married to the mother unless paternity is proven) and polygamous “marriages” are not legal.

    But then she ran into problems trying to get cooperation from Merril (who had moved to Texas) to live up to the legal obligations as the father of these children, to financially help provide for them.

    It finally took 2 strong female lawyers in Texas to make things right for a struggling mother in Utah.

    It should not have taken over 6 years to make things right in this situation, but sadly it did.

    God bless you Natalie Malonis for getting justice for Carolyn’s children.

    Utah should be ASHAMED for not intervening in this injustice. The Utah Attorney General was well aware of what HELL Carolyn went through to get away from the FLDS and what her situation was after she did escape.

    But, I should not be surprised that no attorney in Utah took this case. After all, it is Utah, where polygamy thrives and is an acceptable practice and published religious doctrine in the scriptures of the predominant church that runs the state like a theocracy.

    Utah … a new 4-letter bad word.

  3. I agree with Anon 1:11 — it should never have taken this long to get child support for these kids.

    Welcome to Texas, Merril. We take child support seriously here.

  4. I’m just tickled pink!!!!

  5. yeah and he’ll get an early taste of jail if he doesn’t pay up today and the first of every month thereafter.

  6. This is by far the stupidest statement made by mad bill yet…
    How many men/women would pay child support if they had just “ask”..???????
    Give us a break mad man…

  7. Something I have wondered about Bill Medvecky, we know he is a convicted felon, that he broke into government offices and stole government files. This stems from a foster son that was removed from his home because of whatever the boy had written in the journal/files that mudpucky stole. What had that young boy written that was so bad that mudpucky felt it was better to be convicted of a felony and go to prison for stealing the government files than let whatever was written by this young boy become known? Now I have to assume that whatever this young boy wrote was really horrible because CPS removed him from mudpucky’s home and CPS really doesn’t like to admit they made a mistake and placed a child in a bad foster home. I assume that whatever this young boy wrote would have sent mudpucky to prison for longer than he was sent for the felony charges of breaking into a government office and stealing government files, because why would he have done it otherwise. Is whatever this young boy wrote the reason why mudpucky defends people that sexually assault young children?

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  8. LadySadie,

    I can’t really speak to that, but I can say that the pictures of children he posts creep me out. They are all saccharine sweet too perfect to believe. Black/white thinking – the parents who are losing their kids are accepted as innocent without question and the authorities are deeply evil without question.

  9. i agree with your conclusion on mudpuppy. if a parent has lost his or her kid, its always the fault of the state, regardless of the circumstances as far as he’s concerned.

  10. Grandpa Bile is several cards short of a deck. Yeah, CPS makes mistakes all the time, and I’ve got my own tales of their stupid and harmful decisions. On the other hand, they’re better than nothing and I believe most of the people working for CPS are good people who want to help. But anyone who has read more than three of Bile’s literary gems know that he is a bald faced liar who has no clue what’s going on. What’s always baffled me is why the FLDS think his “friendship” is in any way a bonus for them. He makes them look even worse. I think that the leadership, however, think exactly the same way Bile does. Women are dangerous, untrustworthy, second class citizens, as (appparently) are individuals with disabilities, the governement in all forms is evil, etc. Hugh is pretty close to the same mentality, he just moderates his tone a smidge.

  11. I agree that CPS nationwide needs a good look see and an organizational overhaul. Bonuses for adoption is a really bad idea.

    However, what the opponents don’t seem to accept is that there HAS to be some such service. If the cops raid a meth lab and find that the family running it had kids, there is an IMMEDIATE need for the kids to be cared for. We want the COPS doing that? A man gets convicted for sexual assault of a child….we leave his kids living with him while he’s on parole? etc., etc., etc.

    As usual, real solutions are not simple, black and white statements.

  12. The only time Medvecky speaks nicely of women is when they are submissive, stay at home mothers, hopefully blond and skinny.

  13. he apparently thinks Babs is a pillar of virtue. He keeps saying Carolyn is jealous of Babs. I’m guessing its probably the other way around since Carolyn is free and Babs has children who are facing trial for criminal acts and others who are victims to still more criminal acts.

  14. Plus Carolyn is aging WAY better than Babs. She is beginning to strongly resemble Earnest Borgnine.

  15. TBM, I copied this over in case you are reading….

    I don’t know if you will find this comment in all your different threads but I have a question.

    It seems strange to be as a non-lawyer for the state to put both these documents about Raymond Jessop out now. One states what he won’t be able to bring to the table at the trial and the other states what the AG won’t be able to bring to trial, but will be able to use during sentencing (if I understand it correctly).

    This seems to be a PR war and I am guessing that what they are trying to do is make him crack and turn before the trial even begins?


    September 30, 2009 10:05 AM

  16. hhg – motions in limine are always filed prior to trial. its standard procedure for each side to submit a list of what they don’t want brought up. before a jury is selected, the judge will go over them and rule on them one by one.

    as for the bad acts document, i’ve never really paid close attention to criminal cases before, but i think they are listing stuff that they will bring up in the punishment phase of the trial in the event that he is found guilty. in that part, you can use information of other misdeeds to help sway the jury to sentence them to the maximum sentence.

  17. proudtexan, would you mind emailing me? I have a question for you. texasconnie

  18. check your email texas connie.

  19. Sooner or later, Madpucky is going to threaten the wrong person, and will end up in a jail cell with other FREAKOIDS like himself!

  20. Medvecky is a complete a–; that’s a given. However, one would need a separate blog if one were to devote any time at all to cataloging his ridiculous statements.

    I prefer to concentrate on the awesome job done by Natalie Malonis. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: she’s an incredible attorney.

  21. FLDS ADMIN you need to get the document filed by Merril’s lawyer Rodney R. Parker, Snow, Christensen & Martineau respond to this filing.

    1. Respondent admits the allegations of paragraphs 1-4 and 6-11.
    2. Respondent denies the allegations of paragraphs 5, 12, 13 and 14.
    3. Respondent denies all allegations of the compliant not expressly admitted or qualified herein.

    Answer to Complaint
    Filed July 22, 2003

  22. Paragraph #5 says that they were not married…well, not legally. So Merrill is insisting that he committed the crime of bigamy?

    #12 says he will get life insurance on himself of $20K for each child and name the children as beneficiary.
    #13 says she is entitled to an equitable portion of any assets accrued during their marriage.
    #14 that Merrill will pay her attorney

    So, Anonymous 5:43 if he agreed to all that, why didn’t he pay child support for all those years? He took advantage of the visitation!

  23. Betty, I figure he denied #5 because it says they were engaged in a polygamous marriage, which is a crime.

  24. Ah. I see. Sort of damned if you do and jailed if you don’t.

  25. Mudpucky’s always going to get nearly everything wrong, caused by thinking with his arse. Rectalcranial inversion. He’s the guy who got a phone call from the office nurse to let him know not to worry, the proctologist found his hat.

  26. HA HA GrannyToad

  27. I don’t understand why some of the people he has slandered haven’t filed a civil suit against the old fart!!

  28. hmmmm

  29. And yo mammas.

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