Raymond’s Bad Acts

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~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 29, 2009.

29 Responses to “Raymond’s Bad Acts”

  1. he was really bad!!!

  2. The state is going to spank him. BAD BAD BOY!

  3. shoot, angela goodwin is on my hero list along with carolyn, angela baskerville, natalie and luanne. imagine how much gumption it took for luanne to take the stand and testify against her father with most likely a large contingent of her family in the audience. wonder if betty was there.

  4. WOW, that is really a list of things that will get Raymond in to ,
    hope all his wives will file for immediate child support.

  5. Okay, someone educate me. How is raymond related in the FLDS? Merrill’s son, brother, second cousin six times removed?

  6. merril and bab’s son.

  7. i was looking over at the order of severance filed way back and mary j musser jessop has too many kids listed with her. according to this motion, she has 6 total. she’s got 8 listed as hers on the order of severance. 2 of whom it would be physically impossible for her to have given birth to as one was born 10/31/99 (probably the one she was pregnant with when raymond kicked her out of the master bedroom) and another born 2/12/00.

    who said those women didn’t lie about their kids.

    anyone know anything about this rosemary jeffs? is she warren’s or maybe a sister of janet?

    and just exactly how many children do warren and annette have? maryanne would have been born in 1980 and the next closest to her that i have listed is lenora born in 1988.

  8. i’m just glad that someone finally brought up the fact that these people were helping a fugitive from justice.

  9. who said those women didn’t lie about their kids[?]
    Or last name. Marrie Johnson is a Musser; don’t know if cousin or sister to Mary.

  10. on the order of severance she’s listed as marie johnson musser. her kids middle names are harker and last name is jessop. its amazing how the flds have complete disregard for laws. it isn’t acceptable to change the last names of children at will.

  11. hey blues – this was in the paper this morning:

    “Mark Stevens, the San Antonio attorney representing Jessop, said Tuesday night he intends to file a response Wednesday.”

    can you post a copy when its filed. i’d love to see the reasoning for all raymond’s bad behavior.

  12. They are probably going to ignore the bad behavior and concentrate on reasons to exclude talking about it.

  13. since it won’t be brought up until the punishment phase, they probably won’t have much luck. you can always discuss other behaviors to help get the maximum sentence.

  14. on the order of severance she’s listed as marie johnson musser. her kids middle names are harker and last name is jessop. its amazing how the flds have complete disregard for laws. it isn’t acceptable to change the last names of children at will.

  15. Really. It’s called lying and it could be called fraud.

  16. What an all-around likeable, pleasant chap this young Raymond Jessop turns out to be. But I suppose he’s just another ‘exception to the rule’ in the FLDS ruling class?

    May he rot in jail until his grandchildren’s grandchildren come of age.

  17. I think that’s what the prosecutor is hoping will happen.

  18. Betty, do you suppose the rest of them have equally appealing pedigrees?

  19. isn’t he the one who abused on of carolyn’s daughters? or is that another of bab’s fine upstanding offspring?

  20. That was Dan.

  21. Well, Greetings, it’s pretty obvious that they got rewarded for one thing only; obedience to Warren.

  22. “YFZ Land, L.L.C. engaged in illegal banking activity…”


    Money quote, so to speak.

  23. Anon E. (cute name, I like it) what are you trying to say? Too cryptic for me.

  24. Anon E Mouse , care to explain your remark?

  25. Really. It’s called lying and it could be called fraud.
    Not really. Children oftentimes take up the last name of their stepfathers. As long as the income tax statement matches out the social security number on April 15 it’s all good.

  26. No, really Alin, schools and doctors offices frown on using false names. My grandson was conceived when his mother was a teen and the father failed to acknowledge him. Two years later, the father shows back up, makes nice and she marries him. When they enrolled the child in school, they used the father’s name even though the birth certificate has the mother’s name. So fast forward 10 years and the schools and doctor’s offices are demanding birth certificates and they changed his name in the school records to match his birth certificate.

    Why? Because the doctors and the schools have legal requirements (not the least of which the health privacy act) to determine who can sign for a child to get medical help, to go on a field trip, etc.

    And lying about the name of a child to law enforcement so that your “husband” can get away with a crime or six is obstruction of justice.

  27. yes, you have to use the child’s legal name for court documents, medical records, school records and the likes. the kid can call himself whatever he chooses, but to me the order of severance is a legal court document and the children’s legal names should be on the document. the problem lies in the fact that most of these kids don’t have birth certificates because no one filed one for them.

    And then there’s Mary Musser, the first and legal wife of Raymond, who the Motion in Limine says has 6 kids. For the Order of Severance, she claimed 8 kids. Who do the extra 2 belong to?

    Does anyone know if Maryanne who replaced Mary had any kids with Raymond?

  28. I smell federal investigators and the office of the US Attorney for the Northern District of Texas all over the latest revelations.

  29. ProudTexan your guess is as good as anyone else’s who the other two children belong to.. Some of those kids has 4 or 5 last names.

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