Jessop Child Support Case: The Bigger Picture

Carolyn Jessop’s child support case against Merril Jessop concluded today in San Angelo, Texas.   Carolyn was seeking retroactive and future child support for her eight children who were fathered by Merril Jessop.

According to sources close to the case, the parties agreed to resolve all child support  issues:

→ Future child support, beginning October 1, will be $2,350.00 per month indefinitely.   The reason there is no end date to the child support obligation is so that the severely disabled child, Harrison, will be supported into adulthood.

→  Carolyn and Merril agreed on an amount of past child support from 2003 – present, and they agreed on the terms Merril will repay that amount to Carolyn.   There will be a written settlement agreement, but  the amount and terms of retroactive child support will not be filed with the Court unless Merril is delinquent on any payments under the agreement.   Others have reported that the amount of retroactive child support is based on the maximum child support “cap.”   We will provide more information as it becomes available.

→ Carolyn will pay for the children’s medical costs

→ Merril will get credit for any of his social security payments that have gone to the kids

Congratulations to Carolyn’s kids — they are the winners here! !  Hats off  to Carolyn  Jessop and Natalie Malonis for their tenacity and fearlessness in taking on the FLDS Priesthood and getting an outcome that those kids deserve and that has been a long time coming.   Hip hip hooray!


This outcome has an impact well beyond its impact on Carolyn and her children.

This outcome sends a message to all FLDS fathers — you are responsible for ALL of your children.   You bring them into the world, you must support them even if you have 30 other kids and 12 other wives.   You are responsible for your children, even if they flee the cult, and even if you choose not to be involved in their lives and even if you consider them apostates and tainted — you are not relieved of your obligations to your kids even if you are the Bishop with a cult following, even if you hold all your assets in someone else’s name, even if you are 75 years old, and even if you think you and your  thug bodyguards are real scary.   If you live in Texas, you will be held accountable, and you will be ordered to support your children.  Period.

Even more importantly, this outcome sends a message to all FLDS women and children as well — there is life beyond the compound walls, and you do not have to go without healthcare, food, clothing or basic necessities if you decide to leave the cult.



~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 29, 2009.

23 Responses to “Jessop Child Support Case: The Bigger Picture”

  1. i can only imagine judge walther’s reaction when merril said it wasn’t his problem because they left.

  2. I agree, this ruling sends a tremendous message of hope to any women and children desiring to leave this situation. Congratulations Natalie and Carolyn, you’ve done a great thing today.

  3. The settlement is good news as it seems only Merrill is responsible and this attempt to take YFZ didn’t work, though I’m sure other ploys to seize all their homes will be attempted.
    Now, how many women are going to “escape” from their supposedly “oppressive” religion in the future? I bet the numbers that leave won’t be any more or less than it has been in the past.

  4. Carolyn was already one of my heroes for her escape – now my admiration is even greater for her courage to bring Merril to task and set the example for any other FLDS women that may want to flee the abuse.

    And to her attorneys, Natalie Malonis and Angela Baskerville – outstanding job…

  5. Fantastic news, and thanks Blues for all the postings !

  6. from their supposedly “oppressive” religion

    “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.” Blaise Pascal

  7. duane – go and share this good news with mudpuppy and be sure to tell him not to save a place for luanne at the ranch. it appears pretty obvious that she won’t be joining the cult any time soon.

  8. Grandpa Bile already has a post up, lamenting the bias of Judge Walther.

    I pointed out that Merril caved, so that there was no need for a ruling.

    Whatcha want to bet that my comment disappears, just like at Hugh’s and at Toes’ blogs?

  9. I wonder if the women on the ranch will get word of this, or if there is a ‘news blsckout’ to keep the fact, that Carolyn won againt Merrill, from spreading. Wouldn’t surprise me.
    And duane…if Merrill hid his assets n YFZ, then Caolyn was entitled to her settlement to include YFZ in my book.

  10. apparently there were a number of women in the courtroom today soozie. surely they’ll talk.

  11. yeah i saw his comments bluesy. wonder what natalie tried to get him to do or if his imagination is just working overtime again with wishful thinking.

  12. “Duane, your idiocy knows no bounds…”

    I second that, Blues.

  13. ““Duane, your idiocy knows no bounds…”

    I second that, Blues.”

    I third and fourth that. Ole dog deci duane again constructing a strawman to get people to react to it. Same stupid stuff he has been doing forever. Somebody get a new toy for him to fetch.

  14. Who says you can’t get blood out of a stone?

  15. I’ll wonder for a long time why Carolyn Jessop and Natalie Malonis folded so easily.

  16. A person’s got every right to fold up or stretch out as one wishes after a good day’s work, well done, as these women have done. Kudos, ladies!

    (Don’t you only wish you ever did anything worthwhile, Alin?)

  17. Alin, Carolyn got a pretty darn good settlement which the state of Texas will be gathering up for her. I particularly like how NOTHING Carolyn does is good. She reaches a settlement with the children’s father, spares her children dragging daddy through the mud, and she’s STILL wrong. But then, what else would anyone expect from people who lap up Mudpucky’s bile like it was ambrosia?

  18. Alin 10, you never cease to amaze me. Carolyn got 2350 per month that doesn’t quite even when all the kids reach 18. Plus she got an undisclosed sum for back child support. How exactly is that folding? Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Apparently Merril has no desire to see his children with Carolyn though since he has made no effort to see them since he moved to Texas. If he expects them to come to him when they are 18, he’s got a long wait ahead of him. So far Betty’s the only one. And while I don’t begrudge Betty being with her father, it doesn’t seem that’s exactly where she is. Apparently she’s living with Babs who is sometimes at the ranch and sometimes not.

  19. Good job natalie you did a good job now uncle merrill will get whats due to him even if no one else leave some of the sisters will know they can leave to thank you

  20. What kind of father punishes his own children because their mother, the mother who birthed children to him, escaped him? Why does this mother and her children deserve his meanhearted punishment, or the point is, how can he do that to them, how can he?

    Not in Texas, Merrill. Or any of you others. Man up.

  21. Funny, Same thing i’m going through but “SHE” will be going to jail and appearantly gets to apply credit for time served towards he non-compliance and extended extension since put on”probation” X2, we go back to court on the 15th of March…but she will never pay! We have 4 children that I have custodialship…
    She is electing to go to Jail! What moves do i have?

  22. I’m thinking there may be more to this story, so I’ll keep my feet out of that cowpie. If she’s choosing jail that’s her choice but remember she birthed those children to you. Love them.

  23. Geek, if the non-custodial spouse elects to go to jail rather than pay you’re kind of out of luck. There are no wages to garnish. Sorry.

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