Ruling on Motion to Disqualify Lindberg


~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 13, 2009.

14 Responses to “Ruling on Motion to Disqualify Lindberg”

  1. Thank you for posting this. A group of posters on the SLT board and blog were insistent that Judge Lindberg and Bruce Wisans were handcuffed ny the disqualification order and could not/should not have made any decisions about the UEP until the order was reviewed and settled. Interesting that it was reviewed in December of 2008.

  2. Judge shopping. Hmmmmmm.

    Yes, chemist, that’s one of the reasons I love this site. Just the facts, ma’am.

  3. Yes, the insanity on Brooke’s blog gets a little old at times. I’d told folks that this must have been ruled on and that it must have been ruled in favor of not disqualifying Lindberg.

    This document actually has a pretty good discussion of inferred versus actual bias.

    Maybe now the pro FLDS on Brooke’s blog will close their traps.

  4. Ron, you are assuming that they are swayed by facts and logic. I think we have lots of proof of the opposite.

    In my opinion, most of the pro-FLDS folks fall into a few categories:
    FLDS (very few)
    Other polygamists (they are usually fairly obvious)
    Polygamist wannabees (duane).
    Sex offenders who sympathize with and excuse all sex crimes.
    Anti government nuts, homophobic, Ruby Ridge nuts, patriarchal, skin head, racists and other political weirdos and tin hat conspiracy folk who idealize a society where women stay home to can peaches while wearing hand made pastel dresses.
    A few mainstream LDS who think talking about the FLDS is bad for the LDS and we should just ignore it and maybe it will go away.

    There are a few women who sympathize with male offenders, even to extreme degrees. I have not decided if they are 1) really male sex offenders using a female persona as a cover or 2) deeply disturbed by former abuse of some sort. I take that on a case by case basis. For instance, I think ‘rericson’ is one of the most disturbed and frightening people I’ve ever spoken to, and not a nice person at all.

  5. Betty, I agree with your list in general. I have also noticed that some pro flds posters show traits of racism and misogyny.

  6. Betty

    It’s interesting. Old rericson was one of the reasons I started commenting on this situation. When the YFZ raid happened there was a call for family lawyers to volunteer. I decided to do a little checking to see if I was going to volunteer and I realized that the FLDS were not some little house on the prairie group that had parallels to the Amish.

    It was her non-stop comments that made me decide that someone needed to counter the crap she was spewing.

    As to her being disturbed, the turning point was when Blues found those public cases she’d interjected herself into. It’s one thing to possibly misjudge one situation. It’s a far different animal when you routinely speak out in favor of the alleged criminal and trash the victims.

    So, kudos to Blues. Hopefully he’ll be around even with his health issues and mourning OU’s losses.

  7. chemist

    I definitely think that racism often goes hand in hand with the anti-government folks. The whole CPS needs white babies meme is about as racist as you can get.

  8. Ron, what do you mean by OU’s losses? Oh, and don’t forget that extra return; it’s obvious here that you ended with “you can get.”

  9. “It’s a far different animal when you routinely speak out in favor of the alleged criminal and trash the victims.”

    Well, you can see why she and Pliggy are so tight.

  10. Ron,
    Anyone who tangled with Regina, (which is about all I ever did when I posted to Brooke’s blog,) is familiar with that case. But unless I’ve missed some information, Regina simply believed that the accused young man was innocent of the charge leveled against him, and said so. Right?

    But to fill in some other parts of the portrait, Regina is the one who said, very early on the Texas Polygamy blog “I have heaps of integrity.” Any birdbrain knows that ‘integrity’ is not an observation that can be made about oneself, but only by another person. That she would have the hubris to say such a thing shows that she has some pretty dark areas that she doesn’t know about. It is axiomatic that to the same degree we are unaware of our dark side, others are subject to it and know about it.

  11. Well, I remember her maligning the victims and making little out of the crime itself – just a bunch of kids having a good time, adults are so uptight, etc.

  12. Judith

    Indeed there was darkness there. I pulled up some old articles, she was pretty adamant about protecting abusers at every turn.

  13. Judith, rericson made comments about a rape victim needing to wear a chastity belt and coming from toothless, white trash, trailer park stock (as best as I can remember). She was moderately kinder to the young man who supposedly falsely accused another young man of molesting him. She was also quite scathing on many occasions to any individual who dared to disagree with her sunshine and roses attitude towards the different “culture” that the FLDS should somehow be allowed to practice (at least in her mind). I simply find it hard to take anyone preaching tolerance seriously when they are so terribly intolerant themselves to others. As I recall rericson stated on many occasions that protecting the FLDS and calling for kindness and understanding towards them was her goal but that she had no need or desire to practice the same sort of kindness, understanding or tolerance to others. But she was quick to point out that she wasn’t really a hypocrite. (I’m still waiting to understand why not, but I’m a little slow sometimes.) 😉

  14. Hi, guys.

    The motion to disqualify seemed to run along these lines:

    “Every time I lie, cheat and steal, the judge convicts me of lying, cheating and stealing. She’s biased.”

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