Breaking News from Schleicher County

Breaking News . . .
The Schleicher County Appraisal District in Eldorado, Texas has denied a request for a religious property tax exemption at the YFZ Ranch.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on September 9, 2009.

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  1. I don’t see how the appraisal district could have come up with anything different. Merril’s residence and the unnused temple obviously do not meet the criteria for a religious exemption.

  2. Chemist, the ruling stated that they failed to meet the statutory provision. The Eldorado Success specifically mentioned two buildings they were trying to get an exempt ruling on — the temple and an adjacent building referred to as “the annex.” So it seems they were not trying to exempt Merril’s residence, unless that happens to be “the annex.”

    I’m not sure why the temple would not qualify unless it indeed is not being used. The statute says a building has to be used for regular worship services in order to be exempt.

  3. i think it is based on the fact that the temple is not being used and even before the raid, was not used by the rank and file flds, only a chosen few of the chosen at yfz were allowed in the temple.

  4. Thank God,,,people are on their toes!!! Good for Schliecher County!!

  5. I think that the Bishop’s residence was, also, applied for but the requirement is that 51% of his income has to derive from his work as a Bishop/minister. His application for residential exemption was denied, lack of prerequisite income information. I don’t believe that FLDS Church has filed or has tax exempt status in Texas, for one thing they have not formed their United Order trust, namely the ‘Texas Heritage Trust’ so applying for YFZ Ranch tax exempt status was putting the proverbial ‘cart before the horse’?

  6. caJIM, that’s certainly pausible on the minister’s residence, ie. Merril’s house. His income certainly doesn’t come from any kind of ministry. From what I read, it seems that the FLDS was trying to shift money from UEP to the Texan Heritage Trust for the purchase of the ranch. Trying to set up a new united order under a new name?

    Reading their transactions, I certainly can see how RICO statues might apply. Seems to be a definite effort to hide assets under different entities and make it hard to trace the money trail.

  7. The exemption requested for the temple and annex “print shop” in Warren’s dictations. The FLDS are now calling the “annex” a meeting house.
    Historically the “meeting house” was the school house.
    The school house is the building with the rounded front that was first bricked in the limestone. According to Warren’s dictations this buiilding was where ordinances and baptisms where held before the temple was finished and afterwards. Warren, Wendell and Uncle Fred dedicated it as such.

  8. Church of the Holy Order Of Texas

    H O O T

    Too bad they arent law abiding citizens. Or at least have the decency to keep their new Church name from being some variant of a Warner Brothers Cartoon.

  9. It seems to be there’s a real tax issue here. If the flds is not registered with the state of Texas as a religious organization under federal 501(C)(3) rules, it can’t possibly qualify for relgious exemption of any property. If it’s registered as an LLC, a limited liability company, then a tax return has to be filed, and all the “tithes” reported as income.

    “Target-rich” seems a real understated assessment.

  10. Since they are not using the temple they might as well tear it down and save themselves some money. That is, unless they decide to appeal the appraisers office ruling.

  11. Maybe a soap and cheese factory would be its “highest and best use”.

  12. Good though Ali – if they appeal it to District Court, guess who gets to hear it.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAH Proud Texan,, good one 🙂

  14. I doubt very seriously if more than 5 or 6 Flds members have actually seen inside the temple!

  15. The thing looks like an Islamic mosque from the outside.

  16. I’m still wondering the exact use of that pedestal bed

  17. me too granny toad. maybe they could ask raymond at his trial in oct.

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