FLDS YFZ Bigamy and Sexual Assault INDICTMENT Sampler



Indictments L Jeffs A Jeffs Dutson


Warren Jeffs with Keate Emack Jessop Barlow


~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 12, 2009.

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  1. Thanks Flds Texas, Sickening!! for sure!!

  2. Thanks for publishing these documents. I’m glad they charged the doctor with failing to report child abuse in addition to charging the men perpetrating these crimes.

  3. I’d like one Raymond Merril Jessop fully covicted on all counts and sentenced for fifty years, plus,
    Please. Can hardly wait for the Jury selection process, trial and much awaited conviction. Raymond should have thought your actions through and weighed the weight of a remainder of your mortal life in consideration of the felony(s) you chose to violate. This stairway may not lead to where you wanted to go but the clank on the gate lock will sure may seem familiar. Please, note these bars aren’t pearly and there’s no Saints around.

  4. if raymond was exed before the raid, did they reinstate him since he’s “taking one for the team”?

  5. I think he’s been reinstated by default. I don’t think he was officially let back in but he was on probation and was working his way back in. I believe he has been living at the Ranch since shortly after the Rescue.

  6. Hopefully, these are the first of many to come. Justice does moves slowy. This is going to go one for years! These child brides may be grandmas before this is all over!

  7. well him being at the ranch keeps sally and her family from coming back and also annette and her family.

  8. do both of leroy’s indictments stem from sally’s daughter, the one in the interview who he told was 18 when she didn’t know how old she was and she was really 16?

  9. This tidbit, with hilarious hildale response.

    (Seems like Team Plyg PR has retired lately)

    Here in Az, the FLDS up in Colorado City practice polygamy and have multiple marriages amongst the same few families. (We know of granddaughters being married to their grandfathers, among other convoluted and forced relationships.) The state’s public health system covers the results. Here’s a piece of local investigative reporting on the matter: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/2005-12-29/news/forbidden-fruit

    I have lived there all my life. And the phoenix times is full of Crap!! And you are for listening to them. there is a web site with the truth http://www.fldstruth.org You should do your research before you make such an immoral accusation against people you have never met. we have been very clear about the way we live and believe and you people have no right to state these sick actions as fact.

    Posted by: me | April 13, 2009 5:10 PM


  10. Kinda wish I lived in Schleicher County so I would be part of the jury pool. I’d love to hear the testimony first-hand.

  11. the people in schleicher county would rather not be part of the pool. they want their tired sleepy little town back.

  12. ProudTexan, I don’t blame them. It’s sad the way they’ve been invaded.

  13. http://coramnonjudice.blogspot.com/

    TBM fleshes out how they may lose the YFZ to Bruce Wisan, as it appears through dictations that UEP land sale funds were used to purchase it (and not noted but the Newe Braunsfel property too) and if he even bothered to file suit, the FLDS WARRANITES would likely lose.

    I meantion Warrenites, as they were the ones benefitting from this transaction, at the loss of the original UEP benies, who Warren cursed.

    TBM eloquently points to the FLDS errors, I cant recite it, its just tooo good!

  14. Stamp, TBM’s post is brilliant.

  15. Agreed. Thanks, for the link, Stamp. And thanks, TBM! Bookmarked that one.

  16. Trials scheduled out about each two months over time there at Schleicher County. Ought to at least fill the cafes at lunchtime and bring a few bucks into Eldorado. I guess Willie’s crew of thug enforcers will be out and around too like they’re used to doing, and did also in San Angelo. Could be easily spotted.

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