FLDS Celestial Marriage Cerificate Samplers

Note time, place, witnesses and duration ( Time and Eternity or just TIME ONLY) are listed.

Most of these were at “Warrens Jeffs house at R17”.  (YFZ)

FLDS Marriage Cerificates Sampler

Juxtapose those Certificates with this little Documentary trailer, for context.


~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 10, 2009.

64 Responses to “FLDS Celestial Marriage Cerificate Samplers”

  1. GEEZ louise, first we see documentation how Warren and his band of merry men screw the Government and people of the USA, now we see documentation of them screwing little 12 year olds.

    Both MJ and TJ are listed on there! One marriage was at the “Days Inn, Cedar City” and Warren was “mouth” for most, except when Warren married MJ, then her own father sealed her fate.

    FUBAR! Why were these guys allowed bail, anyway?

    Remeind me PLEASE!

  2. The same reason courts in Arizona and Utah allow or dismiss cases, because they are paid off.

  3. Marriage certificates I have seen show the age.

  4. Yes, Warren S. Jeffs is living, loving and marrying at R-17 (YFZ Ranch) bigger than life, while he’s being searched for by the FBI on a nationwide dragnet. Nope, nobody saw or reported anything from the YFZ Ranch. He’s not here, haven’t seen him and we have no idea where you should be looking for him? What’s the explanation for why weapons were being kept within the Temple and the YFZ Ranch has a guard tower and twin fencing? Is it to keep out the EVIL Gentiles or to insure the FLDS Faithful don’t get any fool ideas about leaving or reporting any of the secrets at the ranch.

  5. Reminds me of Osama bin Laden. Lot’s of people know where he is, but no one is talking.
    All I know is that if I would know where one of America’s top 10 was hiding and not report it or even help him to hide, I would be in deep trouble. How come the FLDS is getting off scott free?

  6. CAJim, that went right past me. Arizona’s arrest warrant for WSJ was dated June 10, 2005; the Feds’ was dated June 27, 2005. Wendell Neilson and Merril Jessop were present at every one of the ‘marriages’ when WSJ was a fugitive.

    Why haven’t these men (and Naomi Jessop and WSJ’s hapless bagmen) been charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive?

  7. Righto, C-M. Why would the FBI look AT HIS HOUSE?????

  8. Isn’t it tacky getting married in a Days Inn? Will that be smoking or non smoking?

  9. i’ve wondered for a long time why no aiding and abetting a fugitive charges have been filed against the YFZ. They have dates and times and witnesses of people who were with him when he was on the run.

  10. Betty, if you saw photos of Elissa’s “Honeymoon Hideaway” you wouldn’t even ask that question.

    And her ‘husband’ put his boots on the bed.

  11. Seem some law officals aide and abet Flds criminal activity for sure.

    Like there are some barlows, steeds, and allreds convicted as sex offenders in florida, and have left the state and are supposed to register where they say they have moved,but guess what??? They Haven’t, I checked

  12. is there an flds community in florida?

  13. The FLDS traveled to Florida to help rebuild after the devastations caused by the hurricanes – it goes as far back as Hurricane Andrew to my knowledge.

    Maybe some decided to stay there.

  14. I have looked at the Florida registry and there were 11 total with those last names and 5 are still incarcerated prisons, 1 registered in OH, 1 registered in PA, 1 registered in OK and 3 registered in FL. I don’t think any were associated with the FLDS.

  15. It doesn’t matter how many times I see this video it gets me every time. Reaches all the way thru this tough ol skin and touches the heart.

    So many different emotions. Sadness. Anger. Fear. Pride. Hopelessness.

    I wish I could help.

  16. Walton


    I have seen it before too and it always tears me up.

    I am surprised they get away with this stuff in America!

  17. ProudTexan

    Have you seen the movie trailer? The link is below the picture of the certificatee!

  18. i’m getting a “youtube is down for maintenance” notice at the moment. i’m going to try again in a bit.

  19. I had ordered it when it first came out. And then I ordered more to send to certain officials in the political offices. The rule was that they had to share it with another.

    And then I ordered more for different media outlets again the same rule applied.

    I thought they did a fantastic job putting this together.

  20. i’m going to order that and show it to the people here in san angelo. they need to see what’s going on. it is so sad.

  21. Some time ago someone shared a clip of a documentary of The Sons of Perdition
    http://www.sonsofperditionthemovie.com/film.html It talks about it a little here but I had actually seen a clip. Very good. And very informative.
    It was because of this clip that I lightened up on Pliggy. In my opinion no one should be made to feel the way that these kids did. Not at any age or for any Religion.

  22. maybe show it for movie night in eldorado

  23. Watch this one.

  24. Timing might be good, if the movie comes out when the trials start.

  25. Walton,, the news is Pliggy is back in the fold of flds, Im sure he is pleased as punch….

  26. Why he would want to go back puzzles me!!

  27. Well I would say, those marriage certificates are pretty good evidence that underage girls were married to already married men!

  28. i just wonder if pliggy wants to go back to reclaim his wife and child/children. will this be possible? i mean if she’s been sealed to another then hasn’t the dna of the kids been changed already? surely its immediate when the resealing takes place. just one more thing. warren jeffs is an idiot, but if he convinced people to believe in changing dna then they are bigger idiots.

  29. Pliggy and others who were restored to the priesthood were not restored to their families or property. They are there to tithe and support the leaders, that’s about it.

  30. cash cowXXX bulls

  31. after all the depressing you tube stuff, i found some howl-o-scream shamu’s rocking creep show videos to watch. sea world san antonio puts on one heck of a halloween show.

  32. deputydog1 I had read that Pliggy went back. I don’t pretend to understand Pliggy.

    One thing that I’ve been wondering about is how did BillM get so involved? Does anyone know if Rod Parker and BillM knew each other prior to the raid?

    Another thing was how were they feeding the cattle in Texas? Were they hauling in feed and from where?

    Just curious.

  33. It would seem to me that pliggy’s return would be bittersweet–I sorta doubt he will get his family back, and to have to see them daily would tear your heart out knowing they were with a new husband/father.
    Why he would want to return is way beyond me????

  34. I don’t know how anyone could tolerate that at all. Apparently he loves Warren more than anything, and he has allowed himself to be emasculated and stripped of dignity and self worth all for the sake of a pedophile lunatic.

  35. Walton

    Up until the raid on the ranch, BillM was just another CPS hater. Once the raid happend, the FLDS started their PR spin machine that had worked so well for them back in 1953.

    So, they co-opted people that were sympathetic to them. One of the folks they co-opted was BillM. They also co-opted our own Duane Skinwalker aka Darth Pliggy.

    I guess the moral of the story is that some evil gentiles are more useful than others.

  36. If Pliggy believed his wife and children were damned by their relationship to him, then it was an act of love and self-sacrifice to let them go to another man whose priesthood wasn’t in question. So sad, since it was based on a lie.

    The few men who took their families out when they left acted with almost superhuman moral courage, in my opinion. Such a man may have consciously known that WSJ was a sham, but since childhood he’d had the opposite message drummed into him, that the prophet was perfect. It is nearly impossible to will yourself to shut out the voices which repeat that; they have a way of coming back to you in the quiet times.

    I sympathize with people like Ron in Houston who believe that religion is bad, because people like Jeffs or Tony Alamo ARE deeply disturbing. However, as I am a bit of a preacher myself, I wouldn’t want anyone impinging on the right to preach.

    I take solace that in the end every soul must face judgment and without the ameliorating presence of Jesus Christ, people like Alamo and Jeffs are going to be in deep trouble for the souls they have led astray. To coin a phrase, if God weren’t real, we’d have to invent Him.

    But that doesn’t solve our problem in the here and now, does it?

  37. FLDs Texas,

    I agree. Can you imagine? “We have now deemed you worthy to pay tithes from afar”..

    LMAO, Does he get Warrens jail house sermons wit dat?

    Proud Texan ahhhhh Cant listen to more than 20 seconds of Jeffs! CREEPS me out!

    Walton, I bought the movie too, and wish I had a bunch of copies to passs out. Laurie did a great job of fleshing them out, and still, I think she missed half of it. For instance, nothing about the IRS tax liens or business practices and fraudulent bankruptcies they engaged in.

    But it is an excellent primer.

  38. Sons of perdition website says it will be released in summer 2009.

    WE’re here! Is the movie? Cant wait!

  39. I really don’t see Pliggy’s situation as being different than getting a divorce in any small town. Now why he would kiss the hand that beats him, I don’t know, but he is definitely not alone in that peculiarity.

  40. Well, I certainly don’t think religion is all bad. There is just so much mischief in religion.

  41. I think that religion has the potential — the GREAT potential — to be used for evil. It is, ultimately, based on feelings and not logic. Research has shown that people, particularly in groups, can be convinced to feel almost anything. So a great deal of evil has been done under the guise and encouragement of religion. On the other hand, religion can be very beneficial too. I’ve known a lot of people with drug, alcohol, etc. problems whose lives were going to nowhere but the city morgue fast, who found religion and turned their lives around. For them religion was a wonderful, beneficial thing.

    It’s basically what you do with religion that makes the difference, I guess. That’s why I advocate education and not the abolishing of religion. As long as the men, women, and children of various religions are given a decent education and (most importantly) taught some logic and critical thinking skills, then religions like the FLDS will die out of their own accord.

  42. Walton, re: your comment at 10:41 last night about how they’re feeding the cattle at xyz, I have it on good authority that west Texas is actually pretty green right now, starting at about Llano. They’ve had the rain whereas central Texas is blowin’ in the wind.

    Hay prices are up everywhere, though. We can still buy Texas hay, but it won’t be much longer before we’re buying Oklahoma hay instead.

  43. Come in this direction texastattle–we got lots of hay!! In fact–lots of it is being trucked to west Texas..they have none.
    I’m thinking there is not much around El Dorado–San Angelo area!!

  44. Rebeckah, I would argue something to the reverse—that one can determine the validity of a theology by whether it stands up to logical scrutiny. In my experience, the harshest expressions of atheism are usually the most emotional responses. See Stephen Hawking, for example. The poor man has every reason to repudiate God, doesn’t he?

    I think that a rational, unbiased analysis requires that we acknowledge there can be no explanation for the beginning of time—because there clearly can be no “before the beginning of time.” Atheists have attempted to explain it away with any number of stratagems, including redefining time. But in the end these are leaps of faith equal to “Bereishit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve’et ha’aretz.”

    The great presumption of the Bible is that God exists outside of time, which neatly answers the question.* And once you consider that the question that drives modern physics (from whence the cosmos) was asked and answered in the first three words of the Torah, you begin to have a certain respect for its writer.

    To me, asking whether the theory of evolution is true simply shows that the asker doesn’t know what a theory is. The better question is why the current theory of evolution fits the facts as related in Genesis so well. Yes, there are discrepancies (and which way they’ll be resolved is anyone’s guess), but the bigger question has to be how the ancient mind could have seen that in the natural world.

    A lot of people who carry on about the “mistakes of the Bible” are simply excessive literalists. Did Job really believe that hail and snow were kept in storehouses? You might as well ask whether Nicole C. Mullen was being literal when she recorded this in 2000:

    “Who taught the sun where to stand in the morning?
    and Who told the ocean you can only come this far?
    and Who showed the moon where to hide ’til evening?
    Whose words alone can catch a falling star?”

    *See the opening lines of the Gospel of John for the most obvious example.

  45. Greetings,
    I do not disagree with the points you make. I must ask, however, just WHY you feel that we need “God” to explain the beginnng of time. Perhaps we can just admit that we don’t know everything.

    I have not really read the big atheist writers. I DO tend to believe that what little I’ve seen from them is rather rabid and often emotional. I started to watch Zeitgeist and turned it off when the phrase “Now logical people must believe that…”

    Sorry, I’m a logical person who believes what she believes, not what someone else tells me to believe. 😉

    No, my departure from Christianity came from reading the Bible. If God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, then the Old Testament God who hardened the Pharoah’s heart so He could destroy every first born male down to the most innocent slave child born 10 minutes earlier is still the God operating today. And I can’t worship that God. The same God who gave a commandment to His people not to kill (or murder if you will) but then told those same people to slaughter every man, woman, child and infant of the nation they were conquering… well, you probably get my drift. Logically, that got is cruel and psychopathic and I can’t follow or respect such a being.

    However, many people follow a different God based on love and loving intentions and I think nothing bad of them for it. Just because religion isn’t right for me, it doesn’t follow that religion isn’t right for everyone. I tend to be something of an “outlier” in my life so I don’t EVER expect others to think as I do. 😀

  46. I guess I’m an “evil” gentile. It is interesting to note when FLDS mothers were being held as minors and presented their driver’s licenses and birth certificates as proof of their age, CPS and Judge Walther refused to accept them claiming they could be forgeries, so how do we know that these cheesy “marriage” certs are authentic since…you know, according to Walther, forgery is so prevalent in this day and age. I’m not an attorney but wonder if the defense will mention this during the pre-trial hearings.

    Also these docs don’t prove sex by any means.

  47. donkeypizzle

  48. The few men who took their families out when they left acted with almost superhuman moral courage, in my opinion. Such a man may have consciously known that WSJ was a sham, but since childhood he’d had the opposite message drummed into him, that the prophet was perfect.

    No more than those that leave other cults. And after a few years, you quit wanting to read all that rubbish, but right at first, you keep sneaking a peek at religious rubbish and wonder if you are really doing the right thing.

  49. I would add no more than any other religion.

    So should we outlaw all religions?

  50. You’re right, Cement, which is why there are blogs for most cults out there. I think a support group is really helpful for most people leaving a situation like that. Obviously it wasn’t for PK, but if we were all the same no one would want to join cults in the first place, would they?

  51. “So should we outlaw all religions?”

    Could we start by outlawing vicious liars who don’t care who they trash or hurt by pretending to post anonymously?

  52. Cement, I would love it if you felt comfortable enough to elaborate on your comment that “right at first, you keep sneaking a peek at religious rubbish and wonder if you are really doing the right thing.”

    (You’ve probably gathered that my two consuming passions are faith and psychology, so an insider’s view of something I’ve hitherto pondered—well, that is fascinating.)

    I think two unique characteristics of the FLDS would make it harder to leave than other cults:

    1. It’s an old group, with roots many generations deep. I cannot think of another cult with such lineage (no, Duane, the Amish are not a cult);
    2. It doesn’t evangelize, so all its members have been taught its doctrine since infancy (a time when we have no intellectual resistance at all).

    Other cults may be insular and controlling, but they aren’t multigenerational and so completely non-evangelistic.

  53. anonymous posts should be respected, If they are so offensive then the admin can delete them.

  54. Or you could stop posting bigoted and hateful stuff and trying to pass it off as from the “anti-FLDS” side.

  55. An analogy is I guess it’s similar to a child whose security blanket becomes moldy. He knows he has to throw it out, but still wants to hang on to it and hates to see it go, even when mom explains that it is making him sick.

  56. And then Pliggy comes along and tries to make one feel guilty for throwing out a rotten security blanket.

  57. Cement

    Yeah, I dont get Pliggy, I understand he doesnt get anything but the right to start paying tithes again and his kids quit callin him satan?

    OBTW have you heard who is leading the people around now? Word is out that Warren has been abandoned.. Not an official announcement, but an effectual happening.

    So who is calling the shots? We know it aint Willie!

  58. duane

    I think your posts WERE deleted. Happier now?

  59. I would go further than deleting duane’s offensive posts, which are 90%, of his posts, and pemanently ban his ISPs from this blog.
    It is telling that the flds supporters practice deceit, lying, etc just like the flds do.
    Are you listening flds administrator? Can we finally get duane’s filth permanently banned from here?? I will send Brooke an email suggesting that she also ban deci from her blog and the SLT comment board.

  60. Shoot–I guess I missed duh duane’s posting!! Sure sorry I did!!!

  61. “duane

    I think your posts WERE deleted. Happier now?”

    I almost wish they’d been kept up as Duane is now trying desperately to whitewash his offense. (Well, I didn’t really say… I didn’t mean…) Yeah, right.

  62. Rebeckah,

    If you don’t like the typical organized religions, you may want to look at Deism, which is remarkably similar to what your beliefs seem to be.

    Deists believe in a higher being, normally called Nature’s God, Architect of the Universe, etc. and by His gift to Man of the ability to Reason.

    Most of the Founding Fathers were Deists, and there is plenty of info out on the web if it interests you.

    Although Deists don’t believe in revealed religions such as Christianity, they do see the value in those religions for some, much as you noted their benefit in 12-step programs, etc.

    I was brought up in a Christian family, but the contradictions of the Bible and the historical development of the church led me to question its validity. I found the answer to my questions in Deism. You might also…

  63. I’ll take a look Blues, thanks. I’m not sure that I believe in a divine deity at all, though. If there IS one, I find it hard to believe he/she/it has anything to do with us on a personal level. But I think there is something to be gained from exploring basic concepts of spirituality. I’m still very new to non-Christianity really.

  64. Most Deists don’t believe that God interferes or gets involved in the world.

    Try http://www.deism.com, moderndeism.com, or positivedeism.com.

    Any of the three has real good information on Deism.

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