Transcript: Berry Knoll Hearing July 29

Pages from UEP Transcript 7-29-09 Hearing


~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 7, 2009.

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  1. First witness: “We are a peaceful people”


  2. Thats an excellent record – I havent read it all, but Art Blackmores testimony was quite touching.

    There are no accounts that he was ever a bad person, and he just did sooo much for the FLDS and the UEP, then WhackoWarren booted him out for no good reason.

    Well, look at Warren today – lucky to eat scrambled eggs and surviving precariously day to day.

    He ruined these people, and its often mentioned by some how they dont, or wont listen to what is really going on.

    True SHEEPLE.

    Well HELLO SHEEPLE your prophet knocked down your sand castle.


  3. They say: “we are a peaceful people”, but their actions belie their words.”
    Peaceful indeed, is that why Dee Jessop was arrested for harrassment? Because he was trying to be peaceful.

  4. The testimony is very moving. Very touching. Very heartfelt. And very informative.

    I don’t know what Willie Jessop thought he’d accomplish by showing up and insulting the judge and her hand-picked fiduciary but he came across as a complete ass — and a dumb one at that. The judge showed restraint.

  5. FLDS have no respect for the law, for America, nor apparently Canada.

  6. FldsTexas, that’s what Willie does best,, Make an ass of himeself! 🙂

  7. I liked this bit:

    Rod Parker: lots of blah, blah….ended with– “I would move to continue the hearing, Your Honor, until such time as the fiduciary is able to present a written contract so that we can review the contract and comment on it appropriately.”

    The Court: “That motion is denied and that just used up two minutes.”

  8. Doncha just LOVE women Judges!!!! LOL 🙂

  9. Yeah, old Rod Parker thought the judge was continued the hearing when 20 lawyers have flown in from around the state, hundreds of FLDS members are waiting outside, 20 or so witnesses have appeared to give testimony, and extra security is in place to enforce a special decorum order. That was funny.

    I’m still reading. The accounts of the FLDS harassment of non-members is interesting as well as the city’s refusal to provide utilities to non-members, resulting in lawsuits for discrimination. Everywhere you look there are lawsuits by or against the FLDS. This group has got to be about crippled financially

  10. i just wonder how they get their money and where did that guy get 999,000 to basically buy the YFZ.

  11. John Wayman is part owner of New Era Manufacturing in Nevada. He didn’t realyy pay actual money, they just transfered YFZ into his name. Like a Quit Deed.

  12. They have done this for years, alot, espeically if one of them are in trouble, or about to get a judgement against them

  13. Its a good thing the court got to hear from the FLDS victims, however short it was.

    Her PWNING of Rod Parker was just a bonus!

  14. I finished reading the transcript this afternoon. Rodney Parker is nearly as offensive as Wee Willie. IMHO, Parker spent much of his remaining few minutes positioning for a later argument that this hearing was by its informal nature not legitimate. He carped that Her Honor didn’t allow him to cross-examine the witnesses, as if this were a trial.

    But Wee Willie really is in a class of his own:

    “There is no judicial integrity when you have people rewriting the trust that the Court says it’s going to protect… When has this fiduciary ever done one thing for them? There’s lots of people here that would love to hear where he has done one single thing for one person, other than those he’s hired to hate us…”

    He finished that round of oratory with his now-classic “I think we’re about one step away from just signing an extermination order.”

    One exchange I enjoyed:

    Her Honor: “Mr. Bodily, since it was the Utah AG initially who got us into this fine mess, you can take the first place.”

    Mr. Bodily: “I’ll pass that blame onto a higher authority. How does that sound?”

    Her Honor: “Oh my. I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

  15. We’ve heard a lot about how leaseholders have been harassed by the FLDS, but this story told by Isaac Wyler is both heartbreaking and frightening. He experienced “weekly cases of severe vandalism, the worst of which occurred when someone drove through a couple hundred feet of fence with their truck and run down one of my main breeding stallions I’d purchased in Kentucky. The stallion had his back broke and so I had to put him down.”

    Wyler described in great detail Dan Johnson and Willie Jessop’s efforts to take over the Berry Knoll property without a lease. “[W]e have had ongoing problems to this day with Dan Johnson and Willie Jessop gazing their sheep and cows on the property without permission from the fiduciary. Bruce asked me to talk to Dan about it and I even offered to fill out the paperwork and be a go-between for him but Dan refused for the same reasons that Merlin had. Dan and Willie do not have lease agreements and have been specifically told not to place their animals on the land, but that didn’t stop them…”

    Now, will someone please tell me why Isaac Wyler is a convicted trespasser and Wee Willie Jessop is not?

  16. Shane Stubbs (another leaseholder who has been put out of business there on Berry Knoll by constant vandalism, including wrecked irrigation pivots) had this to say:

    “You know, a lot of these people out in the hallway, they’re probably here because if they didn’t show up, they might get kicked out of their house or get their family taken away and given to somebody else or, you know, stuff like that.”

    Ms. Hainline’s testimony showed that while the Fiduciary has the authority to negotiate leases, the FLDS still control the police and city, and they are ignoring the court’s orders. At the end of the hearing, Stubbs told the judge, “I’m trying to cut little wheat on one of them pivots and the officers are stopping us…”

    Her Honor: “If you have a lease with the trust, it is this Court’s order that that lease be respected and you need to be able to do that.”

    Mr Stubbs: They claim that they need a court order from you to…”

    Her Honor: “There is not court order, no – the leases – anything that’s been negotiated by Mr. Wisan, this Court stands behind, period.”

    And then the execrable Mr. Parker (‘Mr. ?’) trotted up to question Wisan’s authority to negotiate leases.

    But Bill Richards was no dummy. He responded:

    “My understanding is, your order has been opposite of that, that in fact there is a valid, there’s a lease that’s been issued, that lease comes with this Court’s authority and I assume, we have counsel for the city here, I assume that will communicated back to the city.”

    Her Honor: “That is my position.”

    Bravo, Mr. Richards!

  17. WOW

    Just finished it – the FLDS are nothing but scofflaws.

    The price they pay for their misbehavior has been, and will continue to be, steep and deep.

    Being your own God doesnt come cheap these days!

    Look how many attorneys they need to try and prove that God might be on their side!!!!??

    Guess prayer quit working for them quite some time ago!

  18. “We are a peaceful people.”

    “I’m trying to cut little wheat on one of them pivots and the officers are stopping us…”

    “We are a peaceful people.”

    “weekly cases of severe vandalism, the worst of which occurred when someone drove through a couple hundred feet of fence with their truck and run down one of my main breeding stallions I’d purchased in Kentucky. The stallion had his back broke and so I had to put him down.”

    “We are peaceful people.”

    Girls having babies at 13, girls not taken to the hospital to have babies so the fathers won’t face the legal consequences of their actions, boys being kicked out for giving girls attention/gifts.

    Maybe I don’t understand the meaning of the word “peaceful”?

  19. Parker:

    “If you sell it, then we can’t settle it anymore, then it’s warfare forever if the Fiduciary continues in his futile quest to solve a problem that he can’t solve and incurring debt and all of those things.”


    Actually, its Parker and the FLDS that are on a futile quest to resolve the issues outside the law. So we know what that means – lets reduce it to zero, and only attorneys like Rod Parker will come out ahead.

    The FLDS dont see this? Are they blind!?


  20. Rebeckah

    Yeah they are about as peaceful as crack smoking homies fighting for drug turf in the hood.

    What Bull crap they spout!

  21. Don’t forget Rummy Rod’s best argument: “The relationship is irretrievably broken. Never mind that we broke it; reward us by capitulating.”

  22. After Rod almost got stiffed for a half a mil he decided to ride this train to the end.

    He is feeding the FLDS what they want to hear even though it wont work.

    Litigation to Zero is his game, Rod is his name!

  23. “Don’t forget Rummy Rod’s best argument: “The relationship is irretrievably broken. Never mind that we broke it; reward us by capitulating.””

    I think this is the true evil of religiously mandated polygyny; emotional retardation. The FLDS, their supporters and their arguments all remind me of when I worked at a daycare center in the toddler room.

    “But it’s MINE!”

    “I saw it FIRST!”

    “He touched me!”

    “I didn’t DO it!”

    “It’s not my fault!”

    The men never have to grow up emotionally because they’re too busy working for their next young wife. The women never grow up emotionally because “keep sweet” means being numb from the neck up.

  24. Rebeckah

    The Keep Sweet wives are numb from the neck up and the belly button down.


    In the hearing, Tim Bodily of the UT AG office cracks his support of the FLDS by pointing fingers at them

    “I would point out to the Court though that no
    property can be distributed until these liabilities are
    satisfied and I do think the Court is aware that one
    liability remains and that is the tort lawsuit of MJ, that is
    a no fault of any of the attorney general’s office or the
    Fiduciary or his counsel. I have not yet seen the FLDS
    Church agree to assume the defense of that lawsuit.”

    snip to page 93

    And so, there are other solutions but for whatever
    18 reason, the citizens of that community, the participants in
    19 this trust, have chosen not to pursue those to a manner and
    20 degree which would allow us to avoid this situation. That
    21 leaves the Court with the situation of trying to decide how
    22 does it raise the funds necessary to pay these obligations,
    23 many of which are not the fault of any party here.
    24 I have not heard any witness other than Mr. Wisan
    25 testify as to an alternative.

  25. I just know how Wisan Irks Brooke Adams when she asks him a question, but ya know, seems to me the man has done what he was put in charge of doing. Whether adams likes it or not. She is haninging to a dead man walking!! Cause with it, she doesn’t have a job.

  26. One thing said during the hearing is that while Bruce Wisan has spent roughly $3 million (largely dealing with working out these endless problems) he has also recovered $8 million in assets. So he isn’t any kind of net drain on the Trust.

    But of course their “leadership” never tells them that.

  27. I had not thought of that, either GFNY. Thanks.

  28. Good point, Greetings.

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