100 Grand!

Our counter shows that we have passed the 100,000 mark on visits to this board.

Here’s to all the moderators, administrators, contributors, readers, posters, lurkers and detractors who have helped make this a great board!

Hip Hip Hooray!


~ by FLDS TEXAS on August 7, 2009.

21 Responses to “100 Grand!”

  1. Hmmm…

    You forgot to thank Brooke for shutting down her Blaugh?

    She never had much content anyway, just pro-plyggy spin.

    People come here to get Ambushed by the FACTS!

  2. In my neck of the woods we have problems with entirely mob run villages. If I remember correctly in some cases the feds have stepped in and put the towns into receivership to be run by non-elected officials until the mob ties are rooted out. I will look into this to see if I remember correctly.

    This would be different than the UEP issue because it relates solely to the civic government (police, fire departs etc., village managers) as a corrupt entity

  3. I love FLDS Texas. I’ve nearly stopped visiting the SL Tribune because the information is better here. Not only from the source posts, but the links provided by readers, who bring in news from all sorts of places. And I don’t have to try to peer through the commentary to find the truth. (I do admit, I’m not going to finish reading the Berry Knoll brief this morning, either.)

    Congratulations, all of you.

  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head, GFNY. Read it here, see for yourself what the actors did and said, in context. Go to the record. Supply your own interpretations, bias if you must.

    Thank you all, every one on every level.

  5. This web site peels the onion on the biggest racketeering – religious group in America today.

    The enquiring public can find facts here, and not MSM spin.

    The internet age is bringing down these generations old abuses, and this site is a shining example of how that is happening.

  6. Gratz, FLDS Texas! πŸ™‚

  7. A big thank you to the FLDS Texas group for this website. Love being able to read the actual documents. There may some who do not like it, perhaps the flds leaders and their attorneys. To which I say tough tooskie.

  8. Congrats Flds Texas!!!! It’s nice to see actual documented evidence, which most newspapers do NOT provide.. Prairie Dresses and Braided hair doesn’t mean everyone is innocent, nor does it mean they are persecuted. but so far all the documentation you have given tells me PROSECUTION has been a LONG TIME COMING!!!

  9. I would suggest that you go read why Modern Pharisee thinks the counter here is bogus and that he is still polygamy site with the highest traffic count…..but that would just increase his traffic count! LOL. Delusions of Grandeur!

  10. Hugh makes my brain hurt, Betty. How can anyone be sooooo self centered and delusional and still function well enough to create a blog? Inquiring minds want to know…

  11. I went to look but didn’t see anything that applied, Betty. What is Hugh saying? (His website isn’t terribly user friendly, is it?)

  12. Good Job! 100 Grand The word is getting out πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Rozita! Big hugs, honey! Hope you’re doing well!

  14. I’m good Thank you!

  15. Rozita I am still hoping all stays well and you have what you desire sooner than you hoped for it. Take Care 80)

  16. Thank you caj (^_^)

  17. It is curious, Rebeckah. I just read “Under the Banner of Heaven” and when I read the section on narcissism, his name did spring into my mind. LOL.

  18. Who, Betty? Hugh or Warren? LOL! What does it matter, they’re both narcissists in my book. πŸ˜‰

  19. Hey, Rebeckah, I saw your post under Celestial Marriage but will answer it tomorrow. I think I burst a blood vessel in my brain reading Duane’s post as “Anon” and the anguish that followed it.

  20. lol, no problem Greetings. Duane can have the effect on people. You’re three hours ahead of me anyway so I never expect an instant response from you. Too often you’re asleep while I’m still posting. πŸ˜€

  21. Betty, Hugh whoever you are who cares about Modern Pharisee blog.

    He is alwasy tooting his own horn and asking for money.

    Two things that turn me off.

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