OUCH! (Shurtleff and FLDS Take a Beating)



~ by FLDS TEXAS on July 17, 2009.

50 Responses to “OUCH! (Shurtleff and FLDS Take a Beating)”

  1. ::SNORT!::

    Oh, did I just snort out loud? Imagine that, another female judge sticking to the law instead of kowtowing to the sweet fundamentalist religious kooks who want to control a whole city by imposing a Theocracy.

    :::snort:::snort:::snort:::snort!::: It’s good to be single!

    What’s next, real justice in Mohave County? Ooooo, that’s gotta make Matt Smith and Tom Sheahan’s balls shrink up like a cold shower in January;)

  2. Looks to me Like Judge Lindberg wasn’t replaced like Willie wanted

  3. Mark Shurtleff has 48 hours to present a viable check to the fiduciary. Since this document was filed yesterday, that gives him until sometime on Saturday to comply. If he doesn’t, will he be in contempt of court?

    I worry about that man. He seems to be rapidly descending into total confusion. Just last year he was telling people that the FLDS saw him as the Antichrist and prayed for his death after his motorcycle accident. Now they’re BFF.

    Did he get bumped a little too hard in that accident?

  4. Wow!

    Judge Lindberg just slapped both Willie and Shurtleff upside the head….

    How are they going to get the money to the court in 48 hours (i.e., Sunday).

  5. my favorite bits:

    All the Motions to Intervene are DENIED.

    …the Court’s courtesies should not be misunderstood to imply that the Court recognizes those individuals as having standing in the case. (Merril, Willie, Lyle et al…hooo-hahaa-hee)

    Because the Motions to Intervene must be denied for lack of standing. the proposed Intervenors’ remaining motions are also DENIED.

    The *answer them nothing* boyz have been DENIED. 🙂

  6. GFNY, the Deseret News is also running an article regarding this:


    Lindberg also gave the Utah Attorney General’s Office two business days to turn over to the court all payments from the Fundamentalist LDS Church community, which will be given to the trust to pay bills.

    The judge also set a hearing for July 29 to address the sale of Berry Knoll Farm, one of the assets.

    Assistant attorney general Jerrold Jensen said his office will comply with the judge’s order, although Friday is generally a day off for many state employees as a cost-saving measure.

    “I anticipate we’ll have a check delivered to the court on Tuesday, and we’re glad to do it,” Jensen said.

    And they are reporting that she gave them 2 business days but reading the document it states very clearly “48 hours”.

  7. I looked up ‘black letter law’ and found this: “The principles of law which are generally known and free from doubt or dispute.” So when Judge Lindberg says it’s black letter law that potential beneficiaries can’t make claims on the trust, I think she’s saying that any idiot with a law degree should know this.

    That being the case, it is clear that the movants did not press their claim with any expectation of succeeding. They are using the courts as a vehicle to harass Bruce Wisan.

    Is there any mechanism by which their attorneys can be penalized for using the courts as a cudgel instead of for their intended purpose?

  8. Greetings,

    I’m just as excited as hell to have a new word to look up, “cudgel”?

    I know what a kugel is…

    Thank you! Googling now…

  9. So on Monday Utah offices are closed for what? To commemorate the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon?

  10. Closed or not, someone betta getta check to the fidicuary!

  11. I have no idea, Greetings. I know Friday the 24th is “Pioneer Day” for them.

  12. I don’t see what the big deal is. The FLDS gave them a check, right? They did, right? It is still only 4:30 pm in Utah right now, so run the dang thing over there.

  13. seems simple eh boot? LOL

  14. Nothing is simple anymore once lawyers get involved. Of course, it depends on what your definition of is is…

  15. Can’t wait to hear Shoeless response to the ruling!

  16. Wonder if SLT will interview Willie the Weep for a response?

  17. I dunno, but I hope he says something brilliant again, like, “I don’t want to have to vote but I will if I have to”.

  18. hahahahha!!! or, we are a peaceful people

  19. Boots said: “I don’t see what the big deal is. The FLDS gave them a check, right? They did, right? It is still only 4:30 pm in Utah right now, so run the dang thing over there.”

    now, now …don’t rush them. They’ve been granted a full 48 hours to find some way to shoot themselves in the foot/head.

  20. Hahah Texas Mom, pretty soon they gonna run out of feet!

  21. “Is there any mechanism by which their attorneys can be penalized for using the courts as a cudgel instead of for their intended purpose?”

    Where I am the person who brings numerous frivolous lawsuits against another can be made responsible for legal costs on both sides. That would serve to reduce the debt to the Trust AND deter frivolous lawsuits by Willie et al.

  22. Thanks, Rebeckah.

    I found this possibility: “An action for malicious prosecution is the remedy for baseless and malicious litigation. It is not limited to criminal prosecutions but may be brought in response to any baseless and malicious litigation or prosecution, whether criminal or civil. The criminal defendant or civil respondent in a baseless and malicious case may later file this claim in civil court against the parties who took an active role in initiating or encouraging the original case. The defendant in the initial case becomes the plaintiff in the malicious prosecution suit, and the plaintiff or prosecutor in the original case becomes the defendant. In most states the claim must be filed within a year after the end of the original case.”

    If Bruce Wisan can sue for malicious prosecution in Utah, I think he should do so. Any such suit should also include the attorneys who are sucking the trust dry with these meritless motions. Their clients are uneducated; perhaps that is an excuse. But if their lawyers didn’t know their motions were without merit, they should be disbarred for stupidity.

    Mr. Wisan may believe that he would be adding fuel to the fire with such an action, but I think he would actually calm matters down by taking a firm stand.

  23. They have been acting like school children without a teacher in the classroom and getting away with that behavior for too long.
    Treat them like the bullying children that they are and maybe they will stop their idiotic, selfish actions. The world is watching and not as gullible as they’d like to believe.

  24. DD – I’m cracking up at you cracking up over “we are a peaceful people”

    that slays me!! HAHAHA. Who told Willie that was a catchy or effective slogan, because it’s in every pleading, press release, and media interview that comes out of the FLDS these days. It is so stupid, completely irrelevant, and just lame. I mean what’s it really mean: we’re stupid thieves and liars, but at least we’re not violent thieves and liars? Or…believe us because we’re softspoken criminals? Or …we may be criminals, but at least we have good manners?

  25. “We are a peaceful people”, however we evict people from their homes on the leader’s whim, when evicted we will reassign your family, tyake over your home and business. You basically leave with the clothes on your back and are not allowed to communicate with your own children. We don’t want any apostates or non flds to live in the same town we live in, if you cross us, we won’t resort to violenece, but will file lawsuit after lawsuit against you. We will have the entire membership pray for the demise of people we esteem to be our enemies.

    Yeah, right. They are just peaceful law abiding followers of christ: NOT!

  26. The people I know who say, “I am a very peaceful person,” are the ones who are always fussin’ and fightin’. It’s their way of saying someone else started it.

    Sometimes it’s a threat: “I am a peaceful person, but if you don’t (whatever) I will make your life a living hell.”

    And sometimes it’s an excuse: “I am normally a very peaceful person but he pushed me too far.”

    When “We are a peaceful people” comes from the lips of a professional bully (i.e. bodyguard) it’s more than usually suspect.

  27. for they are just peaceful pastoral nomads here to graze their livestock

  28. Some other examples of peaceful people:

    “North Korea’s state-run media reported Tuesday that Kim Jong-Il shed tears of regret during the country’s controversial rocket launch because he could not use the launch funds to provide aid to his people, the AFP reported…

    “Kim ‘felt regret for not being able to spend more money on the people’s livelihoods and was choked with sobs,’ AFP quoted ruling communist party paper Rodong Sinmun as saying.”

    “Germany needs peace and desires peace!” (Adolf Hitler)

    “We want only peace, to build up our country.” (Pol Pot)

    “We are the true servants of the people, and the people want peace and hate war. Yes, all of us are dedicated to the desire of the people not to allow the spilling of blood of millions and to safeguard the peaceful structure of a happy life.” (Joseph Stalin)

  29. Read Carolyn’s book ESCAPE.

    They are NOT peaceful.

    Hateful, jealous, physically and verbally abusive, threatening, meanspirited, neglectful, all those words apply.

    Carolyn was taken aback when a security guard – who spent 20 years in prison for murder – was kinder to her than her own husband and family.

    And then the health care workers cared for her children, while Merril and the rest of the family acted like the children were disposable diapers.

    Barbara was reported as beating a baby over and over during “prayer time” (in another room) for an hour as the rest of the 57 people (mostly children) sat silently in the next room listening to the violent abuse.

    And this woman still walks free? And Merril, who condoned it..?

    ASTOUNDING !!!!!!!!!!

  30. Utah state offices are not closed Monday. The state offices are closed on Fridays. They started that a year ago to save money – the state offices are now open for 10 hours Monday-Thursday. Only the state courts are open on Fridays.

  31. Stamp, I love hearing your righteous indignation, now that you’re FINALLY reading Escape. It should be required reading.

  32. rattle –

    Here Carolyn, a fifth generation FLDS – tells how the abuse and craziness piled higher and deeper until it was intolerable.

    She notes many others who led miserable lives – the idea that polygamy is a fairy tale fun thing to do is pretty well fleshed out by her.

    There are crimes that I am amazed were never prosecuted. Its obvious from the book, if not from simply paying attention, that LE has simply left them to their own devices, to live, die, breed, and everything in between no matter how crazy or unlawful.

  33. The last offical who gave a shit about this subject was Governor Pyle,, and look where it got him!

  34. For instance Warren wouldnt let one of his wives with a troubled pregnacy go to the hospital and the child died.

    One of the CO city police tied his pregnant wife to a bull, it dragged her and the child died.

    What a nice clean peaceful bunch!

    Full blown Utards, with an extra helping of stupidity from local law ENFARCEMENT.

  35. DD

    That event still scares the law, evidently. But whackos like Alamo and Yahweah will help pave the way to more prosecutions in the FLDS.

    They dont look so righteous anymore, do they!?

  36. At the time of the Short Creek raid, child sexual abuse wasn’t even on the radar in America. Today we all understand it only too well.

  37. check Texasbluesman Blog something interesting there on comments

  38. Seems one of our own have upset the applecart over on TexasBluesman blog. Seems Fly on the wall, trent head is pissed that someone said Brooke copied their quote about “Best Award” for paragraph about the cemetary….

  39. HA HA HA. How funny. Yes, Trent does seem to go out of his way to defend Brookie. I’ll have to go check it out.

  40. In all fairness (and as I pointed out on Brooke’s blog) just because one person had the idea and sent a post that may or may not have gone through, it doesn’t follow that Brooke “stole” the idea. I’m sure many people thought the exact same thing about that line. There is no way for anyone to know when Brooke planned out the post in question and it IS rather rude to accuse her of plagerism. I have seen similar instances before, since I have contributed to fanfiction blogs, where fans accused the scriptwriters of the show in question of “stealing” their ideas off of the blog. Truthfully, it was most likely that they came up with similar ideas independant of each other. Storylines follow predictable arcs, the humor of that paragraph was noticable to almost everyone who read the motion.

  41. Rebeckah, I respectfully disagree

  42. Ditto, Deputy.

  43. That’s okay, DD1. People already agree with me on here more than I’m used to. 😉

    Really, I’m just pointing out my point of view based on similar experiences in a different arena, but I’m not out to convince anyone of anything they don’t want to accept. It’s just a different point of view that may or may not have already been considered. And please understand, I am in no way trying to say that anyone is trying to be dishonest. I just have a different perception.

  44. A correction, though, I expressed my sentiments on Texbluesman’s blog, not Brooke’s. I’m kind of kerbobbled today. All the grandchildren are over.

  45. No, No, I understand,, just that I to know the person who posted the comment, and it sat there for a LONG time,, and then all of a sudden Brooke had the exact same POST for a story.
    Not to worry,, LOTS of people disagree with my opinion, lol

  46. If I didn’t have inside information about the moderated post, I’d write it off too. (DD and I hang out in the same gin joint.)

  47. Do y’all think Trent will buy the truth?

    Must someone forware him the email?

  48. What I think is it really doesn’t matter if Trent will buy the truth or not. The managing editor of the Trib was sent the post while it was still in moderation and every editor of the Trib was cc’d. The post immediately disappeared and the ban was put in place. Time to let the matter go, and just go forward sharing as much of the truth as possible.

  49. Y’all need to read Ron’s blog article about the UEP/YFZ catch 22 as it relates to the trust:


    Pretty darn clear!

  50. Mr Shurtleff, I hope you know , whatever office you run for buddy, your gonna LOSE!!

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