Letter to Judge Lindberg from Isaac Wyler et al



“Segregation of every form is an unworkable plan. The Trust should reject the idea of a separate subdivision for the displaced Trust Participants and more specifically the displaced Non-FLDS Trust Participants.” (Page 3)


 “If a new housing panel is created, it should also be stipulated that the representatives of the FLDS should not be any person who is cohabiting with a ‘re-assigned’ spouse… The petitioners for equity in housing and restoration of deeds or property could never be treated fairly by the same men who are now in possession of their homes and in custody of their families.” (Page 7)

 “The deceased/renewed people from the various religious factions interred in this cemetery are getting along so well together; they are a shining example of cooperation for those of us who are still alive and struggling with such a simple concept.” (Page 10)


~ by FLDS TEXAS on July 9, 2009.

18 Responses to “Letter to Judge Lindberg from Isaac Wyler et al”

  1. LOVE this response!!! Easy to read, Easy to understand, Fair, competant, and well thought out!!

  2. By far the most readable, clean and accessible of all the petitions to Judge Lindberg, and it doesn’t leave you needing a brain enema as Wee Willie’s did.

  3. I think it is a well thought out response and pretty much covered all the forseeable bases. And since it acknowledged that there’s no way to figure out everything in advance and made allowances for both flexibility and allowing all a chance for representation, I think it’s about the most well rounded response yet. I hope the judge is impressed too.

  4. According to this letter, there are 320 graves in Isaac Carling cemetery (which may or may not be adults) and 182 graves in Hildale baby cemetery.

    We know all the graves in Isaac Carling cemetery are not for adults, since little Caden Stubbs is buried there. So on the face of it, there seem to be a disproportionate number of infant graves in Short Creek.

    The answer could be, as Boots says, that their infant mortality rate is excessive. Or, as Betty says, the vast majority of adults depart, leaving only a core of fanatic believers. Or it could be some combination of the two.

  5. WOW

    Did I see Shurtleff and Wee Willie get their can kicked up and down the internet…


  6. Brooke Adams is now using her “moderation” to steal ideas and quotes from her bloggers, LOL. Yesterday when she posted about this letter to Judge Lindberg, I tried to post a comment that said “I nominate this quote from page 10 of this document as the best quote to come out of all these procedings: “The deceased/renewed people from the various religious factions interred in this cemetery are getting along so well together; they are a shining example of cooperation for those of us who are still alive and struggling with such a simple concept.” ” But my comment didn’t make it through Brooke’s moderation process.

    Now today Brooke has a new post up
    “Award for Best Paragraph in a Court Document”

    Guess that moderation process serves the purpose of giving Brooke “original ideas”. ROTFLMAO

  7. Lady Sadie

    Not only is that funny, its sad!

  8. Blame it on the Angel Wally

  9. Amazing! Common sense! Whoohooo!



    I write to you in reply to the “Interested Persons” Letter opposing the Utah AG’s proposed UEP settlement. I will be brief, and just make a few short observations to each statement made in that letter, point-by-point. You will note, that of the 15 elements of the letter, all 15 are merely and simply in opposition to the simple concept of discretion, discrimination, or segregation, which always has been a key principle in all religions. It is the segregation itself that makes every religion a religion, a distinct or SEPARATE system of belief and understanding of truth, law, and ethics, to limit and eliminate crime or sin. Indeed, what is the meaning of “Discriminate”? Break the word down into its elements: Dis-Crime, to limit or eliminate crime and sin. Get it?

    I can already sense that my reply to this apostate letter is not going to be as brief as I intended. After all, there are 15 items to be covered. Oh well, how long are most “Legal Briefs” anyway? While this is no legal brief, I will keep it to around 3 pages in length.

    I will use the Roget Thesaurus, which defines the word “Discriminate”. Quote: “To separate, set apart, or discern”. The very “Gift of Discernment” is a religious gift and principle, to discriminate (2 Samuel 14:17, 19:35, Matthew 16:3, I Cor.2:14, Hebrews 4:12, 5:14, D&C 46:23). Indeed, what does Roget say that it means to be “Discriminating”? Quote: “Keen, refined, discerning, astute, cultivated, and tasteful” (end-quote). Now, what is the opposite, the antonyms? Quote: “Unperceptive, dull, vulgar, and uninformed” (end-quote).

    With this very simple fact in mind, I will briefly address the elements of the Letter, point-by-point (items #1-15), starting with the very first element, each one being integral to the simple concept of discrimination, to wit:

    1. PROPERTY: “Segregation of every form is an unworkable plan”. The fact is, without segregating and distinguishing itself, every religion is unworkable, period. It becomes undistinguished, apostate, and no longer a distinct system of belief, but like the dissidents themselves, apostate. This is why they sign on to the fallacious concept that “segregation is unworkable”. Like the FLDS, the United States itself is naturally segregated from the world by two oceans (Daat & Yesod: That is, by knowledge, and by carnal knowledge). It is according to their nature. But according to the apostate, the United States is unworkable, because it is segregated. This makes the apostate undiscriminating, which means “dull, uninformed, and unintelligible, with no sense whatsoever”, because for a nation or a people to be separate, does not hardly equate to making it unworkable.

    2. HARKER FARM: “The Harker Farm is a non-essential Trust asset which should be appropriately marketed to obtain funds”. The fact is that farms feed the people. Is that not most essential. It is the very first essential of any church or culture, or of its economic arm or leg. The people must eat. To cast it off is to throw out the baby with the bathwater, or to divide a child asunder to satisfy a blood-thirsty vulture or woman, as King Solomon was urged to do, until he wisely discriminated as to the true mother. So why are they “struggling with such a simple (Satanic) concept of lumping everything and everyone together, like chopping up a body or church in a wood-chopper to satisfy their blood-lust, as the sons of Saddaam Hussain would do, without discrimination.

    Page 2

    3. BERRY KNOLL: “The assertions (of value) confuse the historical use”. Whose business is it how a church uses (or doesn’t use) its own land, whether historical or concurrent, or if they sell it themselves. This hits to the core of property-rights in our system of government. “The sale would enhance and expand the Centennial Park community”. That’s the motive, to be self-serving, even steal it, regardless of who owns the property, as you can now see in this trite confession.

    4. SUBDIVISION: “…A good idea, exactly what the Fiduciary and engineers (of the FLDS demise) contemplated, dividing the baby in order to kill it. That is the design and work of a criminal and of Satan, to divide and destroy man, not to unite or to save them. The only subdividing is what the Prophet has done, to divide out the rotten apples, as the Lord Himself does (Matt. 10:34).

    5. HOUSING PANEL: “Decisions were made…but could not be implemented, because merchantable title could not be delivered”. See, they are NOT entitled, having no ownership nor property rights, and here they even acknowledge that… “While those whose claims came later are more likely the recipients of Trust benefits”. Heirs always come later, and are still the owners of the property. Furthermore, what says our Lord in this regard:

    “About the eleventh hour, he went out and found others standing idle (to their faith)…Whatsoever is right, I will give you…But they supposed they should have received more…and they murmured against the good man of the house, saying: These last have wrought but one hour, and Thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day. But He answered: Friend, I do thee no wrong. Didst thou not agree with me for a penny (or for benefits that ye have already received)…Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with MINE OWN? Is thine eye evil because I am good? So, the last shall be first, and the first shall be last, for many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 20:6-16).

    Note that each element of their letter is in opposition to religious identity, the simple concept of discrimination, to dis-crime-inate, to discern, refine, to set apart from the criminal, from they who sin against their faith in the law of the Lord.

    6. CEMETARY: “The proposal of giving 200 cemetary plots to the Apostates is a bad idea”. That is correct. The FLDS is a separate and distinct culture and belief-system of practice, for both the living and the dead. Therefore, apostates should not receive any plot or place therein. It is a system of refinement and full discrimination, not defilement and the mixing in of bad apples. Throughout the world, memorial grounds are exclusively consecrated to private entities. “The dead are a shining example of cooperation for those of us (apostates) who are still alive and struggling with such a simple concept”. Their words, not ours. Cooperation in discrimination or refinement and astuteness, vs unperceptive, dull, vulgar, and uninformed (all antonyms of “discriminate”).

    7. COTTONWOOD PARK: “There is no reason for the Trust to create public facilities segregated by
    religious affiliation”. That is the very point. The FLDS is segregated from the world. That’s their very Constitutionally protected establishment of religion, and commanded of God, to be separated, to wit: “Come out of her, O ye my people, and be not partakers of her sins” (Revelation 18:4). “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother”… etc. (Matt.10:35).

    8. LIBRARY: “The maintenance of the building and grounds to meet the FLDS standards is a
    misplaced concept”. As I have shown in this reply, that is the ONLY concept that rules here, and none other are acceptable, for only the Devil is in the details of anything else.

    Page 3

    9. OCCUPANCY FEES: “Fees can be reduced or eliminated, but there should not be refunds”. In every court of the land, wherever a property is burglarized, or monies are forced from their rightful owners, the courts ALWAYS have a precedent of restitution. It is part of the Rules of the Court, or of the law itself, as is also the exemption of taxes on all religious entities and their properties.

    10. FIDUCIARY: “The fiduciary and board are capable and willing to stay on until the distribution is
    affected”. As shown above, the only distribution is to the rightful heirs of the faith, faithful to the Church and the law of the Lord. No legitimate court distributes to non-heirs, for then the court ceases to exist as far as the Lord is concerned, and the law of the land. They lose their credibility and standing.

    11. TRANSFER FEES: “There should be NO bulk transfers”. This is correct. The land should remain
    with the FLDS, with no transfers (bulk or otherwise) to rogue claimants who are long gone from that community of the faith.

    12. ARIZONA: “The Arizona AG has not approved”. Is Arizona or any other state party to the matter? I believe that only a Utah court is involved in the attempted management of a religious trust.

    13. RELEASE OF CLAIMS: “Specific releases should only be executed at the conclusion of the Distribution Plan. As note above, there is no distribution plan except to the rightful or faithful heirs, the Church. The UEP is an integral arm of the church. A doctor never cuts off a persons arm to feed a pack of dogs (Matthew 7:6, 15:26).

    14. REMAINDER: “There is no reason to distribute remainder property to the Church”. The Church IS the body (Coloss.1:24), and the UEP an arm of the body of the Church. To state otherwise is to state that your own limbs are not you, nor part of you, and that the LDS Church or any other church cannot distribute their property to their Church. “No solution can anticipate all the nuances associated with each and every property”, or all the nuances associated with putting a body into a wood-chopper, for then you are guilty of a capital crime, even mass-murder. All the limbs or branches of a body should always remain intact, and especially in a healthy body which works to abide in the strict word or law of the Lord of life. It is the creed of the physician “To do no harm”.

    15. EFFECT OF LETTER OF INTENT: “This letter of intent should ACCURATELY reflect a substantial agreement”, and all parties involved KNOW for a fact that there has been no agreement whatsoever between the parties, that no body or child or church should be divided, or a revision or apostasy allowed, and that all such fantasies of perverse minds must be abandoned.

    “PROPOSED SOLUTION”: א: The Hebrew Alef (“I am Alpha and Omega”). Alef means literally: “Paradox between God and Man” (end-quote). Do you know your ABC’s of the Law? A is Alef, B is Bet, which means literally: “God’s purpose and dwelling place below”. This has always been the purpose of the FLDS Church, and of its arms and limbs, “for God’s purpose here on earth”. But the undiscriminate (apostate), the “Unperceptive, dull, vulgar, and uninformed”, all who have lost their faith and their place within the body, only have the following as a “proposed solution”. I think that you will all agree that the following is quite unperceptive and unintelligible, like they themselves have become, to confuse, to divide, and to get gain, to Wit:


  11. I believe that street is now posting as anonymous.

  12. Street, you poor man, you’re bringing a knife to a gun fight. And not even a usable knife — you’ve got a butter knife. Now go take your medication and let the sane people talk, okay?

  13. Maybe he brought the butter-knife deliberately, to butter the ifs, ands, and buts on both sides, so they can be toasted, since they are exposed to the blazing light of the midday Sun.

  14. Street, the root of “discriminate” is the L. “discriminare,” meaning to divide. “Discriminare” itself comes from the L. “discrimen,” a derivation of “discernere” which gives us the modern “discern.”

    Do I have to read any more?

  15. OK, Street, I’ll answer your first point but no others. (I tried but was flummoxed when I got to number 4. What can I say to a man who thinks the Fair Housing Act is the work of Satan?)

    You wrote, “The fact is, without segregating and distinguishing itself, every religion is unworkable, period…”

    Not mine, pal. I am in the world but not of the world, as per Jesus’ explicit instruction:

    “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14-16)

  16. Greetings from New York said this on July 15, 2009 at 5:13 PM
    Street, the root of “discriminate” is the L. “discriminare,” meaning to divide. “Discriminare” itself comes from the L. “discrimen,” a derivation of “discernere” which gives us the modern “discern.” Do I have to read any more?

    REPLY: Thus saith the Lord: My word is sharper than a two-edged sword, to the DIVIDING asunder of both joint and marrow”. See, even your Lord DIVIDETH, and we see that clearly also in Matt.10:34, to wit:

    34. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

    35. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

    36. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

    37. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

    38. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

    39. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

    40. He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.

    41. He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward.

    This is why a true prophet divides the people, even as Moses did to Israel at the golden calf, destroying thousands who were too proud and too ignorant to accept a prophet’s voice. Do you see it?

  17. Nope. Because judgment and vengeance is God’s alone, and not for you or I to contemplate. (I am speaking here of salvation; it is entirely legitimate for governments to exact justice.)

    I would say that presuming upon God’s right to judgment and vengeance is blasphemy.

  18. I start from the premise that Jeffs is a false prophet.

    1. A true prophet’s teachings correspond to Scripture (Isa 8:20)—Jeffs added a crazy mix of stuff, just as you do;
    2. A true prophet’s predictions come true (Deut 18:22)—most of Jeffs’ were sadly wrong;
    3. The motivation of a false prophet is personal gain (Jer 6:13)—Jeffs was wealthy at the expense of his followers.

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