MJ – UEP Settlement Proposal


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~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 10, 2009.

15 Responses to “MJ – UEP Settlement Proposal”

  1. seems to me Elissa Wall is being extremely fair after reading the whole document and not the downgraded crap Brooke put on her blog

  2. Yes, lets put her in charge of determining who worthy of receiving a deed to their house or not.

  3. duane: “Yes, lets put her in charge of determining who worthy of receiving a deed to their house or not.”

    Yes…let’s. Is she less qualified than Warren Jeffs? …or as you are fond of saying, “….it’s not any of our business.”

    This UEP (not being our business) is an area that I can agree with you duane…well that and “there’s no law against being stupid.”

    Everyone who willingly paid into this scheme — tossed their earnings/hard work to the wind ~~~~ not surprising the outcome.

  4. duane if the FLDS Church doesn’t want to find the common ground and reach a settlement, then Elissa Wall (MJ) is set to go to trial and any Award and Punitive Damages will be hers alone. The choice right now is to discuss the mutual settlement agreeably or run the risk of losing far more at trial. If Elissa Wall wins at trial it includes a favorable Award & Punitive Damages. Seems when the FLDS Church is confronted with a clear choice to exercise their free will, the ‘Howl of Foul’ arises. Pretty humorous.

  5. duane read the document, she will never be the one to “determine” who receives a deed. She will just decide which deeds that the advisory board gives will go against the sum of her settlement or not. Geez you people that spout off from your butts drive me crazy!

  6. daughter to marry an older man, a 40-year old man and she said, yes, in an evening
    meeting and during the night she couldn’t sleep. In the morning she called and said
    I can’t do this, I withdraw my consent for my 15-year old daughter to be married to
    this man.

    The case is in the pleadings and within five to ten minutes there was a
    person knocking at her door as a representative of [the] United Effort Plan Trust
    saying, because you don’t agree to the principles that we’ve espoused, you are going
    to be evicted and it went to court and not surprisingly, the trust lost because of the
    facts and then the trust won on appeal. But—and this again overlaps—Mr. [Rodney]
    Parker was taking the position in that case for the trust, that this is a charitable trust,
    you have no right to the property, we can control who lives on this for things like
    having your underage daughter married to an older man.

  7. Of course, the AG is treading on thin ice by including the FLDS and excluding Elissa Wall. As Messrs Hoole correctly note, “Having voluntarily forfeited their control over the UEP Trust and also having defaulted in the MJ action years ago, Warren Jeffs and the FLDS Church have no legal right to object to or participate in such discussions.”

    This proposal is spare, without a wasted word. Clearly they don’t need to pad their argument.

    Does Mr. Parker have a barber shave him? I would think it would be darn near impossible for him to look himself in the eye anymore.

    And just for giggles:


  8. I was just going to say that Greetings,, that or wonder what he thinks when he looks in the mirror? Certainly NOT a man of integrity!

  9. What ? Shurtleff throwing in the towel?

    They can make nice Monday or get out the attorneys and rev them up..

    Did anyone really think they would settle? After Warren got revelation from God, he texted him too!

    This aint no cult, now drink your koolaide!

    F to the L to the D to the S

    All he can think of is a Pioneer dress

  10. We’re posters. We can and do read the document and bring up points biased or not for discussion.

    It’s a far cry from those other places that don’t show the document but tell you what the writer (NOT “reporter”) wants you to think it says in the context the writer wants you to think it exists.


  11. I have personally seen attorney Rodney Parker in action during numerous court hearings on behalf of the FLDS over many years.

    He is SLIME!


  13. Anonymous, The newspaper only gave a couple of names, don’t remember who they were. They talked to the press,but can’t remember if they gave their names or not.

  14. http://cbs4denver.com/investigates/FLDS.polygamy.colorado.2.861281.html

    go here Anonymous

  15. Lee and Debbie Steed run the Colorado compound, One woman who spoke to the reporter was Dorthy Barlow.

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