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~ by FLDS TEXAS on June 9, 2009.

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  1. Last comment on the last open discussion thread:

    LMAO yall have alot to say about me. Your all a degree of right and a degree of wrong. I left cause no one truly listened to me. Everyone on that forum tried to tell me what I really think. I have internet access at home. Always have. I rode KTM 250 well into 17 years old. My life is better then 99.9% of the human population. I dont need to get a grip on anything (i have the bull by the horns). Pliggy was right. Everyone i talk to about my life takes everything i say out of context. Thats why i quit posting. Theres not 1 person there that didnt just kinda peck at what they wanted to hear.
    you will most likely pick this apart and take from it whatever you want so have at it

    plygkid said this on June 9, 2009 at 1:37 AM

  2. Plygkid –

    I am sorry you had that experience. I remember reading your posts at the Trib, and you always made me laugh. I was impressed by your intelligence, wit and self awareness.

    Glad to hear that you life is good!

  3. duane said:
    “Texasmon, wash off? Hope it wasn’t too messy.
    Ahh its so easy to set you guys off into wild fantasyland!
    If you didn’t have such excitable minds and lurid imaginations, maybe you would be able to think straight and see the big picture without the sexual imagery that seems to so fill you minds.”
    me: woot. you crack me up ~ thanks dude. (may I call you dude?) I’m a graphic designer by trade, 25 yeah—*visuals* are my friends…usually. (exceptions declared)

    Your presumption that I’m set-off by your comments –is silly. (just lettin’ you know)

    Won’t give the personals, but I grew up in a BIG city….all the virtues and vices…… there is LITERALLY nuthin’ you could post that would make my jaw drop. And while I’m at it — I’m not KS, don’t confuse me.

    I leave the SuperNatural to those whom it comforts ~

    …though I hold admiration for one in particular (hi, Rattle) who often…..well pretty much every time, states exactly what I’m thinking.

    My comments about your exposure….. stand.

    I doubt I’ll ever see a post from you admitting that FLDS children (male & female) are raised in a *Prison of the Mind*….and I’m not going to sweat-it. I’m sure you’ll keep doing what you do……

    …and so will the rest of us. 🙂

  4. plygkid:
    Good to learn that you are well and that life is going good for you. Yes, it was evident that people were taking your comments out of context and using them to support their viewpoints. If I did that, I apologize. Best wishes to you and your family going forward.

  5. PlygKid just wanted to say hello and happy to hear you’re well and life’s good. I have really been curious on your insight on the prospects of a UEPTrust settlement. I think it could be a good thing and I was curious about your view of the parties at the table and chances of an fair agreement?

  6. PlygKid
    yes people here don’t listen (I should include myself) because we all come at this with our own viewpoint.
    That being said I liked “listening” to you. Have often wondered if you were going to write that book. I would buy it.
    Glad to hear you are well.

  7. PK

    Wish you and the fam the best. Glad to hear from ya! Say, things are moving along, this website is offering a lot of things the MSM will not show.

    So, it is the de-facto place to see what REALLY is going on, and not just Brookes spin toy.

    Other things have happened backstage.

  8. I hope the Utah State AG gets around to fixing more Fundie problems behore he bails.


  9. Gee, how about that Koerber guy and his 100 mill Ponzi. How Joe Smithish. The AG even gave him a *wink* and a *pat* on the *ass*.

  10. If PK feels that way. Think about everyone in the FLDS who reads the blogs.

  11. Plygkid

    Actually, Glad to meet you, After duane decided “he” knew you best, I went back through trib boards from last year. And started looking for post by you and others.
    By reading your posts, you seemed very rational about the situation you were raised in Flds.
    You talked about good times as a younster, before warren jeffs became Prophet. You talked about your family, mother , father, and siblings.
    But you were also honest that the situation became intolerant for you after your father was kicked out. I also saw posts where you corrected duane’s assessment of your situation, because duane wasn’t getting the full context of your posts.

    If you are the real Plygkid, you will know several people on this blog, especially ONE in particular, because she helped some people you know.
    Personally, I don’t believe you are the “real” plygkid.

  12. If it IS PK. I’m not hearing the characteristic light heartedness and intelligent humor. But I reserve judgement for now and am keeping an open mind.

    I’m betting 80% of the FLDS do not have internet connectivity or don’t use it to surf FLDS topic blogs. They might accidentally read something from the dictations and have their fairytale fall apart. Can’t have that.

  13. DD

    I think it is. :p

    We’ll see, PK knows he is welcome to post here, I’m sure.

  14. I sure wish PK would come back and start posting again, I always enjoyed his posts. For several reasons I don’t think “plygkid” that posted early this morning is “Plyg_Kid” that posted on the trib boards last year, but guess we will just have to wait and see.

  15. Hmph

  16. 😛

  17. Hey Texas Twist!!!! 🙂

  18. Longtime, no see !

  19. So now we have TexasTwist back again too! Can we speculate if TT is the real TT just like is the PK of this morning the real PK?

  20. well I dunno hellogoodbye, hopin it is the real texas twist 🙂

  21. And doesn’t it seem really funny that both TexasTwist and PK would post for the first time in months on the same day? Just the day after dear old duane brought PK up and was telling “his” version of PK’s story???????

    Can anyone say TROLL????????

  22. Right….and next we will have a visit from ELVIS!


  24. Elvis has left the builiding!! 🙂

  25. I’ll repeat what I said on Brooke’s blahg:

    It’s no fun tickling your little brother if he just plays possum until you give up and go away. I am not going to feed the trolls if I can help it.

  26. You all ring?

  27. You fools. Elvis has been dead twenty years!

    Patriarchally yours,


  28. How is everyone?

  29. John Lester still spouting off his filth.

  30. Check out my new website

    Patriarchially yours,


  31. Hi duane! I mean wendyjo, gemsmaker…evil universe – etc.

    Ya think the FLDS Dirty Dozen will get off if they switch names too?

    P Yours,


  32. skinwalker.

  33. OK stamp I mean “watching”, the “evil universe duane” moniker was on purpose, alluding to the South park episodes where Cartman in the evil alternante universe was a nice guy, the other kids are mena. Thought you guys would get it.

    Yes I did the Wendyjo and last gemsmaker NOT Elvis or first Gemsmaker. OK jokes over.

    BTW, I’m sure that post by PK was authentic, the detail about the motorcycle gives it away.

  34. Nope, duane the detail about the motorcycle does not give it away, first of all the real PK posted all that information on the Trib boards and……you already knew that information.

  35. Hmmm Hugh is into Cartman too. You guys should hang out!

  36. That PK post wasnt duane. Not enought sex talk.

  37. duuane, duane, duane. you poor, sick puppy.

  38. Yeah, Stamp, Kween & Lady Sadie duh duane even dragged his dead cat PK post over to Brooke Plural Life -‘The Brent Jeffs’ Story’, such a stand up guy. Heah Duh! maybe the jokes never over with you because “YOU’RE IT”! Duke of Dumb

  39. cajim,, remember we gotta be nice 🙂 admin don’t like us callin peeps names 🙂

  40. I thought I was being nice I didn’t put A$$ on the end?

  41. LOL


  42. Who is Elvis? It is not me, someone is lying about themselves because Elvis died a long time ago. Someone is trolling!!

  43. What did Elvis say to you duane?

  44. Well HI! Street pats everybody on the….head.

  45. Go Away Sherrill!

  46. I don’t understand why grownups would want to discuss sexual abuse of children as a “religion”, but it appears Adams has up a new topic:

    “The raid on the FLDS ranch in Texas in April 2008 will be the subject of several panel discussions this week during an international conference in Salt Lake City sponsored by the Center for Studies on New Religions.”

  47. We’ve heard already that pedophilia isn’t a religion in Texas. We know it’s not a religion in USA, it’s a criminal activity.

  48. Hmmmm,Center for Studies on NEW religions?? Since when is mormon polygamy NEW???

  49. A panel discussion—now, that’s an exciting blog topic.

    Think I’ll go read Consumer Reports instead.

  50. “What did Elvis say to you duane?”

    Elvis said I shoodn’t have done dat! As in my cute little troll posts that I owned up to. Seems everyone is now doing troll posts posing as well known blog commenters in an effort to suggest PK’s alleged post was likewise, made by a troll.
    Fascinating to observe “group think” in real time, the subconscious undercurrents that run underneath as in, I doubt you guys made a deliberate decision to do that…hope I said that right.

    After going back and reading my earlier posts, misspoke and really opened myself up for attack…but so did Boots. I wish you guys could scan my HD…would be very disappointed.
    Knowing that, it is really difficlult for me to draw hard conclusions on much of the dictations posted here. Yeah I know, there were some underage marriages.
    Aren’t I feeling humble. Good night.

    PS, the FLDS and other Mormon Polygamists do practice a religion.
    Uuh, the hatred expressed on this blog towards such a large population, 50-100,000 or so (all mormon polygamists).

  51. Then LEAVE duane, no one is forcing you to stay here dude!

  52. Quit being a tiddy baby, and Grow UP!

  53. I don’t think that it’s true that the FLDS hire alcoholic lawyers. I think working for the FLDS drives them to drink.

    (Mindy Montfort is Annette Jeffs’ attorney. Read about her here:

  54. lmao i am the real pk get gfny or sadie to verify i sent emails to them both 😛

  55. This plygkid is the real deal. Great to see you posting again and don’t be a stranger! You are in our thoughts frequently and have been missed!

  56. Hey PK hope all is well, yeah you are missed!


  57. I’m another who misses reading you PK but sure do understand why you’d not have the time for bs

  58. Hiya Plygkid, nice to see you! Someone was here yesterday with your Plygkid name… How are things going for you?

  59. Hello everyone. I am well. Dog, that was me that posted :P. A friend told me i was being talked about on this site so i came and read. I was a lil dissapointed after reading all of it. Truth is no one here really knows me so no one here can really speak for me. Granted they were talking about thing i said………but everything people post that i have said is completely out of context. Duane like dropping my name alot cause im one of the only nutral exflds. Most people that come from there have a hatred of that place.

    Other funny thing ive picked out from reading on this site is……yall are trying to figure the flds out……let me tell you. The flds dont even have the flds figured out. If it ever seems like they just make stuff up as they go along……..thats cause thats exactly what they do. No one will ever know the motive or logic for what they do. In the flds they call this perfect obedience. They are lemmings with the head lemming having a mental illness lol.

    Duane like to make the point that I wasnt sheltered. I wasnt sheltered too much but the point i always make is……every family is different and every year that goes by the flds get a lil stricter. Because this thing in texas happened they will lock down even tighter. All and all despite the motive for the raid it will only bring harm to the children.

  60. Thank you plygkid for replying. When duane started using your words, I felt uncomfortable, so I went back to Trib board to last year and read the posts by everyone, but was looking for your posts. Believe it or not, I saw alot in your posts. Of course you still love your family, regardless what anyone goes through, they somehow always manage to love their family.
    I think people really concerned about children, want and need solutions for abuses to stop happening, whether its in religious setting or just home setting. Personally for me Plygkid, I would like to see more openness in the community. I would like to see children be involved in some FUN, like maybe you said you had as a little kid. We only get to be children for a small part of our lives, and children should be able to enjoy their childhood without so many restrictive rules being put on them.

  61. duane sorry to accuse you falsely of posting a bogus post yesterday @ 2:32pm (above). I apologize for jumping to a mistaken belief that you posted a fake message from ‘PlygKid’ or PK. Turns out to be bona-fide and makes me the Dumb Duke! 80(

  62. cajIM, you made a honest mistake, with as many fake messages that duane posts under a whole slew of fake names who can blame you.

  63. gee thanks hazzbins, I posted a few obviously silly comments mocking some former monikors, now getting blamed for every fake post on this side.

  64. Well if I added to you being falsely blamed I’m sorry for that, as well. Thanks for being OK with my mistaken comment.

  65. PlygKid good to see and read your honest opinion, again. I have been curious to have you share on your own homestead grown up and the current UEPTrust settlement. Everybody wants fairness but one groups fairness is another groups rip off. Tough subject to redress and settle equally. Also, we didn’t know that the Prophet had declared the Short Creek area as,”rejected as of God” and that the FLDS must move to a ‘Land of Refuge’ and become a scattered people? What’s your thoughts or take on this newer Revelation? Secondly, Teresa Steed did defy the Court over producing her baby for DNA testing and you felt strongly that the legal system should not resort to this level. Now Teresa is up on charges in a San Antonio Court for her actions. What’s your view?

  66. Fairness is an illusion lol. Some one will always get the shorter stick even if by a millionth of an inch. On top of that depending on where you stand determines whats fair and what isnt. No one will walk away saying “that went well”. Forgive me i havnt kept up on flds news. In fact i havn’t read a drop of it since i last posted on the trib boards. I just didnt thing childrien or thier dna should be used as leverage but that stems back to my symbolic view on life. As long as Teresa can stand tall and take whatever happens i say my hats off to her. As everyone knows i care very little for the law but i am willing to die for what i believe is right. I would have done the same thing as her and I would be in the courtroom with one finger on each hand up.

  67. Now that’s why we missed PlygKid’s perspective so very much. Just on which side of the UEPTrust split is your take in favor of: “Zero” if your kicked out or still resident and FLDS membership isn’t a requirement to live in Short Creek? I recall you sharing about ‘Fantasyland’ and needing to keep the area clean of apostates, so I could guess at your view but in your own words is better, how say you.

  68. PK

    I understand how you feel, other people have felt the same way. But what most people have found out, in these cases, there has to be protection for the children.

    DNA helps LE from making mistakes. While there is not really any animosity at T, LE needs it to prosecute child abusers. They have gotten away with a lot of abuse, now they are getting busted – Should Nathanial be arrested or do we call the 12 arrested the “Bag Limit”.

    I think many people would be satisfied with th “Bag Limit” if there was repentance, a change of heart, and true remorse.

    But as the law goes, when there is denial and resistance, they just give those fingers back and arrest more and more.

    Back in Utah, it seems apparent that the UEP will go to full litigation and will fall apart at the seams.

    You didnt answer Jims Q, but it was found in Warrens dictations, after he was sued by Brent and Elissa, that the UEP, and all Shortcreekers “unworthy of moving to Zion are Rejected of God”

    The notation is in the “Warrens answer to UEP negotiation Dictations” where you can read them as Naomie dictated and typed them.

  69. lol I wont read them. Mostly cause i dont care. I understand where your comming from i just dont think you understand me. Despite the consiquence I would aways stand tall. I rather teach my children to stand proud and strong against oppression then to just go along with w/e cause its the easiest path. I know you will fire back that its not oppression…..but to them it is. Its a good thing im not a plyg anymore cause you would see me in the news alot lol. Headline would read “FLDS member tazed”

  70. my view about apostates living in short creek is………who in the hell would want to live around those ppl. I think the apostates are doing it just to be a pain in the a$$. their hurt and want whatever revenge they can throw back. babies

  71. “I think many people would be satisfied with th “Bag Limit” if there was repentance, a change of heart, and true remorse.”

    They announced that underage marriages will cease, when Oprah went to visit YFZ, she asked them what a good marriage age was, they answered back 18 or on.
    What do you want them to do?? Publish their marriages in the local media, offer up dna whenever there is a birth?? Just them and no one else?

    You are not going to get them to bend to your will with brute force.

  72. If the UEP falls apart, those people are going to live somewhere, they aren’t going to just magically disappear.

  73. where do i live duane

  74. The Teresa Steed case goes to the heart of one of the ‘eyewitness’ problems. Many of the Child Brides are not in agreement with LE/Court actions like the length of sentences or registering the husband as a sex offender. This causes resistance to co-operate with authorities over DNA, witnessing or even coming forward to report abuse(s). Candi Shapley recanted her statements to a AZ Grand Jury in part because she later felt the punishment to Randolph Barlow was too severe, he today has no case to fear because of her refusal to witness. I don’t know the solution to this one but it is causing the cases to be harder to file. Some of this is the ‘code of silence’, the ‘Answer Them Nothing’ or FLDS Omerta` but it stymies prosecution and stumbles the Prosecutors.

  75. Plygkid
    If your happy at this point in your life, then Im extremely grateful. You have done what we are all supposed to be able to do,make your own life choices. You “took” the opportunity to think for yourself and It must of been a long road to get to the point where you are content where you are.
    My hope for ALL children everywhere is to be able to have those same choice without pressure or guilt or fear.
    I suppose that’s why im not a religious person myself. To many dang rules, restrictions, demands on people. I figure if you believe in God and just love your neighbor as yourself, that is good enough for any God.


    Canada is untangling the Flds in canada, Im hoping the same is true in United States.

  77. PK

    I dont blame you for not reading them, it appears you are past that baggage.

    PPl who hold on to Warren should though – if it was me, I would want to know how my leader felt about me and I think there are a lot of people who dont even realize whats coming down the pipe.

    Like you I care more for the people than for the “flds” as it stands in heirarchy, I think you are exactly right that its a fluid fairytale that requires perfect obedience – and that means forgetting yesterdays plans for todays at the drop of a leaflet.

    As far as “apostates” go – there are 87 varieties. If you are sitting at home having dinner with your wives and you get a phone call telling you to leave, and have your wives reassigned, as many have, I think that they should own their home and tell whomever bucket mouth to shove up in the dark place.

    That’ll monkeywrench the bullies in the flds!

  78. Prophet’s declaration of Short Creek taken from his Temple dictations,’Short Creek Judgment’ Sunday, July 11, 2004 :

    “You little know what has been happening. By ordinance and circle prayer this whole nation has been delivered over to the judgments of God, and the Lord sent me to Short Creek on June 14 and on the 15th[,2004] of June, by ordinance and prayer, in the authority of the Priesthood, Short Creek was delivered over to the judgments of God — all ungodly and halfhearted who will not repent. Now the Lord having sent me to do that work, you will see the falling away take place and the persecutors come upon those who can be faithful to humble them, until the whirlwind judgments strike that place and leave neither root nor branch. You now have nowhere else to go. Only on the lands of refuge will there be a dedicated condition unto the Lord. And I reveal that much to you, and it is the Lord doing it”.

    So duane there’s your answer the ‘fireballs’ are going to take care of any remaining squatters. We’ll leave a light on for you.

  79. You think i did it without fear guilt or pressure? Those are the things that forged me not the things that broke me. I dont wish anyone to have my life. But if some one wants to be as strong as me they have to have opportunities to be strong like i did. I would never have been the man i am today if i didnt have to fight and stand up for it.

    I am not a religous person myself. In fact i dont believe in god. I used to make a joke with my friends that i could start a religion myself, get thousands of followers make tons of money very easily. Then after 10 years i would say in my church….this has been a social experiment lol. Religion or god is a llama and we are all sheep. I dont help my neighbor because an invisible man tells me i should i do it because i genuinly want to. I dont steal…..not because im afraid of burning in hell……but because it makes me mad when things are stolen from me. Its my belief that religion is just another form power. Its the same thing as the goverment just another form of it.

  80. PK

    Unfortunately there are thousands that are also forged by FLDS fear, guilt, and pressure only many of them think it is the right path.

    If they own their own homes they can be released from fear and pressure.

    As in “They wont fear losing their home when they are pressured to give up 13 yr old Suzette”…

  81. Then to them its the right path. Now lets go throw rocks at them because they didnt end up like me. lol

  82. PK, I believe you live in St. George. My posts about the UEP were not directed at you.

    “Brides are not in agreement with LE/Court actions like the length of sentences or registering the husband as a sex offender. This causes resistance to co-operate with authorities over DNA, witnessing or even coming forward to report abuse”

    CaJim, that problem is cropping up everywhere, not just flds.

  83. I wouldnt trade all my scars for anything in the world lol. At least when i die i will be able to say “that was one hell of a ride” lol

  84. Observing LE put them in prison after getting away with all that crap has been enlightening.

    I reckon the FLDS stand enlightened plenty. They got a real revelation thing going lately!

    I’m sure they hear it loud and clear!

  85. “I suppose that’s why im not a religious person myself. To many dang rules, restrictions, demands on people”

    That is why I’m not religious either, but let people discover that for themselves.

  86. PK

    Was that you at that little mex restaurant in huurican’ a few months ago?


  87. all im saying dueane is no matter what happens people will find homes. Apostates and Plygs alike. I left without a cent to my name and here i am living very well. I think its insulting to apostates and flds alike to assume they will just sit there and cry about it. Most poeople ther or from there are driven people. You treat them like they are abused puppies lol.

  88. lol no. didnt even know there was mex resturant in hurricane.

  89. what happend at the mex resurant in hurricane?

  90. I was driving through one day and stopped and there was a group of guys – long sleeves ha ha – this when you were still workin over there – and anyway one of the guys struck me as it might be you. I ALMOST said hi.

    BTW its that place with the statue of liberty out front and the daily specials – yknow, on the right before the LH turn heading to LaVerkin

  91. PS

    Doesnt Taco Bell rate as mexican!! HA HA no it dont

    This place is authentic tho.

  92. PS

    Last time I drove through I went to that big ass new Walmart in huurican.

    You can sit out front and say hi to all your old freinds. Or not!


  93. its been at least a year since i was that direcion. altho i might head up to zions some time so maybe ill have to look for the statue of liberty then lol. I dont wear long sleeves :P. And why is it this person struck you as me?

  94. LMAO i went there and shook hands with my uncle and got dirty looks from his wives. I dont think my uncle even remembered my name…… could he, hes probably got thousands of nephews by now lmao.

  95. He was kinda chubby and awhile back you pointed that out a few times. Oh, it prolly wasnt you, but the person REMINDED me of you.

    (hey I’m not a stalker ok.? ha) But I do have the National park pass. And I travel up there kinda often. Hunting this fall too.

    Dam tags are expensive tho!

  96. Ill tell what to look for if you ever see me. I have long flowing blonde hair. Im stacked and ………wait thats Fabio lol.

    I have brown hair brown eyes and a goatee. If you ever run across somebody that looks pissed all the time……thats me.

  97. lmao ive lost quite a bit of wieght since talking on trib.

  98. OH and the statue – its not as big as the real thing LOL! mebbe ten foot tall “mebbe” and its not all there.

    That crappy little restaurant has been there for eons but if you take the road to the crick you miss it, its about 1/3 mile past the crick turnoff (which is main st huurican I think?)

  99. another tip for spotting me. My wife makes me dress nice lol. so if you see a guy with a bushy goatee. Dressed in a nice bright colored Tshirt or a nice golf shirt, looks pissed, and looks like a guy you probably dont want to mess with…….that might be me. And if im with my wife if you see a guy matching that description then wonder what she is doing with a guy like me…its a dead giveaway lmao.

  100. A goatee sounds cool!!! 🙂 I have a pony tail

  101. ROTFL! Theres that sense of humor I used to know!

    Hey, one day I was walking into Bishops (now closed) and about ran smack dab into Ross Chatwin. I recognized him from all the press he had recently had. He was on a mission (pun intended) and zoomed past before I could say “Go get em tiger!”..

    Another time I was at that intersection Home Depot and Green Springs, this plyg lady gets rear ended big time by some nut.

    The cops came and she got pulled off to the side. I spent some time with her to ensure she was alright and help settle her nerves. She was OK and we spent some time chatting nonsense.

  102. Plygkid,actually when men have that pissed of look, its called “Character” 🙂

  103. Now Teresa is up on charges in a San Antonio Court for her actions. What’s your view?
    CaJim I looked everywhere on Teresa Steed. Can you show me please?

  104. resturants you might see me at are……olive garden, cafe rio, paulas mexican resturant, ah sha vietnameese cusine, Mongolion BBQ.

  105. Olive Garden and Red Lobster are my favorites!

  106. duane do you realize where it stands right now with the pending San Angelo GJ indictments that there are 10 Fathers to probably a total of 100+ children, Warren has 54 children, who will lose their dads to lengthy prison sentences and 100+ wives, Warren has over 80+ plural wives, who will lose their Priest’s if convicted. The child and spousal support for Warren may not be a problem but for the other members it will pose a large welfare burden on Schleicher County taxpayers, imported problem from Short Creek, Utah natives, very unfair to Texans.

  107. lol lil off topic her but…… do you stand a pony tail……if my hair is 1/2 inch long its driving me crazy lol……too bad too cause im startin to bald on top……cant grown that combover. lmao

  108. BTW I found out in my travels

    Plygs arent aliens

    They are people too!

  109. Its not bad Plygkid,, if it’s pulled back in the ponytail, its like having short hair over the rest of your head, LOL

  110. I have a harley , so I gotta have a ponytail. lol

  111. do you live in southern utah dog?

  112. My wife calls it male menapause, LOL

  113. Nope Plgykid,, live in texas, but have traveled through Utah, the mountains are beautiful

  114. lol stamp my wife once asked me what would happen if s he talked to a plyg lady at the grocery store……i told her…….as long as you dont start with something like ……….i cant believe you marry your children so young….she would probably talk back very politely lol.

  115. What kind of work you do Plygkid?

  116. PK

    You no like Lucky? All you can eat chineeee with sooshi? seben nittynine?

    I havent tried that Viet place yet, behind Texas (BAD WORD AHHH) Road house?

    The wife cant eat there too spicy. As you may soon find out too.

  117. thats the vietnam resurant i posted earlier. I love that place. And chineese food should never be a buffet…….thats just nasty.

    For sushi i go to samuri 21. My wife cant even stand to watch me eat sushi so i dont get to go very much lol.

  118. There was a place in Austin on 6th street called “The Boiling Pot” Fresh off the gulf shrimp and lobster. They set ya down, roll out brown butcher paper on your table,,, boil up your shrimp and lobster, dump it on the table, give you a wooden mallet for the lobster and you go to town!!! Wonderful seafood!!

  119. PK

    Samurai 21 is that like Benihana’s? Love those places!

  120. lol sounds like my kinda place dog.

    Stamp me and my wife are going to go try that brazillian place off sunset some time. Its a buffet of sorts. theres a resturant simular to it in salt lake but i cant spell the name so i wont even try. they give you this lil shaker thing thats green on one side red on the other. You pay by ther person and each person has a shaker next to thier plate. If its turned to green the waitors will offer you whatever they are carrying. When your full you turn your shaker to red they take your shaker and no one offers you anymore food lol.

  121. Ill take Japanese food over chinese food any day.

  122. It is like benihanna’s but it also has a normal japanese resturant as well. Dont have to do the hibatchi grill. They serve the best sushi i have ever had.

  123. That sounds cool Plygkid!

  124. “The child and spousal support for Warren may not be a problem but for the other members it will pose a large welfare burden on Schleicher County taxpayers,”

    I don’t think they will file for welfare in Schleicher county.

  125. Alinusara the case was at 225th District, San Antonio(Bexar County), Texas against Teresa Steed and child.

  126. OK, folks it is official, you know it is the real PK when he starts talking about food! I am hiding the key to the chocolate cabinet!

  127. im hungry

  128. LOL theres CHOCOLATE to be had?

    PK, I’ll have to try Samurai when Im out there next. That Brazillian gig sounds like gambling!

    I did try the GunBarrel out that way, had a kid who liked my Buffalo steak – the waiter brought her a nice cut for free!

    I shoot my own but not buffalo, and I tried to make sushi before but THAT is tough!

  129. HAHAHA LadySadie!

  130. Hey anyone read the story on brookes blog about canada? Seems canadian authorities found that two of Winstons wives were screwing the government with child welfare payments, now they want to repay the money back.

  131. The brazillian place is a 4 star resturant i think. Its actually a real classy place. Not a hole in the wall buffet type of thing.

  132. Say PK you dont wear earing do you, because I saw a guy you just described two weeks ago down there! But he had an earing.

  133. NYC prices? On sunset blvd? NOT Sunset Blvd Hollywood either, mind you!

  134. nope no earing. I do wear glasses tho.

  135. oh you should be hungry… should be. *evil laugh*

  136. lol sunset blv in st gearge is alot different then sunset hollywood. we have a home depot on our susnset blv lmao.

  137. Well, we are all hungry after that exchange between you and Stamp.

  138. I haven had Chinese in at least two weeks


  139. The Sunset blvd in Utah is a far cry from Hollywood – HA

    Transvestites galore there. I think Utah is in a Star Trek time warp.

  140. hey dont go dissin St. George……theres a few transvesties walkin around. 😛

  141. Alinusara the case was at 225th District, San Antonio(Bexar County), Texas against Teresa Steed and child.
    Thanks CajIM. From what I read it appears that she was scheduled to appear March 25 but didn’t bother to show up. It seems that Texas authorities are, without any evidence that the baby has been abused, are, if you will pardon the expression, impotent in persuing the matter further.

  142. well im having Kentucky fried chicken for supper, lol good old greasey chicken!! haha

  143. They must dress professionally – I havent spotted one yet! Best keep a sharp eye out pardner!

    I travel quite a bit and find St George to be a great place – without alot of big city issues. But they seem to want to change that!

    VRMMM VRMMMM!! New airport!

  144. PK

    H HA HA

    Wouldnt it be funny – a tranny in a prairie dress? LOLOL

    That would scare some real religion into Warren right there!

  145. o my gosh all I’m having for supper is hot dogs, beans, and half a frozen ear of corn. I’ll have what you’re having.

  146. Granny,

    Well put yourself on an aeroplane and zip on over!

  147. Well in the FLDS – Blackmore news of the day is that Canada is hitting Blackmores wives up for about 50,000 in welfare they snaked. When Winnie was pulling in 500K annual.

    OOPS and much of that money went to Warren – before he booted Blackmore.

    But now Blackmore has to pay it back. Adding to this dilema, one of Blackmore’s wives is “MISSING” 5 of her children.


    This public announcement is now over. Spend a minute and be thankful you arent a Blackmore.


  148. plygkid: There is a place like the Brazilian place you described in IN. It is called Bogo …? The food is wonderful, but it is a bit pricey. The lamb chops are to die for.

  149. I think PK is raiding the fridge and drinking a cold one. I know what “I” do in times like these!

  150. lol stamp nailed it……..dont have any cold ones tho. but i did make me a sammich lmao

  151. ha ha well you left a trail of crumbs as a clue! And yeah I was joking about the cold one.

  152. we have a HUGE storm coming in

  153. I’ve got to hit the trail shortly myself for the day, its Been GREAT chatting with ya PK – You have a great head on your shoulders.

    I have a little church baggage too but mine isnt currently in the newspapers everyday lol.

    Someday I’ll share.

  154. lol stamp you can always email me if you rather not tell me a story publicly

  155. pk,
    have you given any more thought to a book?

  156. AHA — so it is really plygkid. Welcome!

  157. For some reason I’m hungry now …

  158. FLDS TEXAS, if PK decides to hang around get used to all the food talk, his virtual plyg moms had to put the chocolate in a locked cabinet and hide the key, LOL. Now I am missing Stevenold, LOL.

  159. Flora and I were visited at the Abeline signing tonight by a couple who fostered 12 of the YFZ children.

    They came to hug us, and let us know that in their opinion, at least 10 of the children they kept, for months, were seriously abused.

    They cared for one 5 year old, who after a full body scan was discovered to have had a total of 19 different bone breaks over his body.

    Texas CPS found it safe to send him back to his mother, because she had been counseled on abuse, and signed a piece of paper…Ouch!

    Probably more of an ouch for him than any of us, though.

  160. Guess Barbara Jessop was being kind to Carolyns 3 yr old son when she drop kicked him – she didnt follow the beating up with a rolling pin.

  161. Brazilian steak is just steak on a stick. I don’t get why it should be so much more expensive than any other steak; or steak on a stick at a Thai place. In fact, if you slice it thin and marinate it you can get better results out of a cheaper cut. It’s good food, but really, I don’t think the current ‘fad’ is really justified.

  162. boots – CPS screwed the case up so bad. I hope the whole truth us made known eventually.

  163. Boots I saw an interview with flora on the news last night on tv in Abilene Texas. Hope yall had a good turnout

  164. hello hello lol love saying that. I will not be writing a book. Given my experiences when I talk about my life as a plyg I dont think anyone would take it for what it really is. When i was planning on writting a book i did write a bunch of life stories. I realized that i remember more of the good stuff then bad stuff. I realize………i was a little brat lol.

  165. Anonymous you don’t have to be a plyg to be a brat! LOL

  166. lol sorry that was me forgot to type in my name.

  167. Hey PK

    Glad you had good memories. But as far as the books go, I think they have written some doozies, they would be hard to top.

    I read Krakauers book Under the Banner of Heaven and it was more about lafferties and LeBarons.

  168. PS did you get my email?

  169. Good Morning Plygkid
    Hope your doing well today?

  170. I had 2 eggs over easy, three pieces of sausage and french toast for breakfast!!YUMMM YUMMMM LOL

  171. Hey Kid–

    How you doin’? I don’t come on here very much–but, I did see that you were posting!!!

    I was beginning to feel like flds was taking over my life–so, I have backed off a bit–not that I don’t care about the women and children–I do-!! I was just spending waaayyyy too much time with it!!

    And it seemed to me it was the same ole’ fuss–nothing new!!

    but, anyway…great to hear from you and hope you are doing well!!


  172. WOW!! Nice breakfast deputydog–

    I just had oatmeal–it was good!!!

  173. Alinusara the case was at 225th District, San Antonio(Bexar County), Texas against Teresa Steed and child.
    Thanks CajIM. From what I read it appears that she was scheduled to appear March 25 but didn’t bother to show up. It seems that Texas authorities are, without any evidence that the baby has been abused, are, if you will pardon the expression, impotent in persuing the matter further.


    My understanding is that she never got served with the hearing and once she is served there will be a hearing.

  174. So… She’s on the run then it sounds like. Dang. She’s flipping them off but they have the upper hand – eventually she will pop up.

    She may be 72 when it happens, but…..

  175. Hey I see yours and raise with a pair of home made bean bacon & cheese tacos.

    What state do you figure Teresa’s skipped off to? Maybe the better question is: where’s Nathan?

  176. got it stamp and replied to it….it was in my spam folder.

  177. Hello JOBO you can email me and say hi anytime you know 😛

  178. PK – I know – When your middle name is “VIAGRA” you get laughed at a lot even by email servers!

  179. lmao. thats a hell of a middle name. If you wesn’t maried you could use that with the ladies lmao.

  180. “Hey ladies, you wouldnt believe what I invented, and I have a lifetime supply!”

  181. Hey back at ya PK–

    Yes..I know I could/can e/mail you at anytime and I have really thought of you often, and thought that I would e/mail you..and–I will–tee-hee!!

    Like I said–I’m trying to put flds to the side for a bit–not totally giving it up–but..just not showing up as much..maybe–

    But–we don’t have to talk about flds–do we??

    Gotta run…errands to do…


  182. well you can email me jobo and we will talk about puppies then lol

  183. Have you got puppie, PK?

  184. WE just got a puppy beagle its now 7 weeks, had to buy some puppy goat milk to get it going with solid food again, it really missed ‘mom’ ha ha.

    What a rascal.

  185. I have a dog thats almost 2 years old. She is a border collie/german shepherd mix. Got her from the pound. Best dog ive ever had. Ive trained her to do just about anything you can think of. I can even make the shape of a gun out of my hand and yell bank and she falls down like she died lmao. I love that dog.

  186. I want another puppy but my wife wont let me lol.

  187. HAHAHA plygkid, how funny

    I got a dog, shes 12yrs old, a white alaskian spitz.. she is spoiled rotten.

  188. Our last puppy turned out to be one of those meth addict dogs, gave it to someone who had posters that they lost their dog.

    We called later to see how it was going “NOT GOOD”

  189. Westward ho! Amish escaping crowds, prices in East
    By ALYSIA PATTERSON – 4 days ago

    WESTCLIFFE, Colo. (AP) — A new road sign cautions drivers to watch for Amish horse-drawn carriages in the valley beneath Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo mountains. Highway pull-offs and dedicated horse-and-buggy paths are in the works…
    Coblentz, like all Amish, dresses in plain clothes — black pants and a white or blue shirt. Women wear dresses, bonnets and aprons. He doesn’t drive a car, use a computer, watch TV or allow a phone in the house, which he built from scratch. His family attends church every Sunday at a neighbor’s house. His two school-age sons go to a community-run Amish school. His older son and daughter both married and moved to nearby farms.

    “The reason we live the way we do is it seems to kind of separate us from the mainstream world, makes it a little easier to resist temptations — a quiet life,” Coblentz said. “It doesn’t make us any better. We’re still human like everybody else. … It makes it a little easier.”

    The FLDS on the other hand…

    “Custer County’s sheriff is taking a stand.

    “We don’t want them here,” Fred Jobe says of the polygamists who quietly are settling onto his turf. “I just don’t want them to think they’re gonna move in and take over the county…But there’s no evidence of wrongdoing among the FLDS in Custer County, where I’m assuming there is still religious freedom and the presumption that we are innocent until proved guilty.

    “No evidence so far,” notes Jobe, who has visited the sect. “But just because we don’t see anything criminal when we go in doesn’t mean there’s nothing criminal going on.”

    While Jobe admonished me for asking if he is on an FLDS witch hunt, others in the crowd were comfortable with the term.

    Says neighbor Jeff Thomas: “If what happened with these folks in other communities happens here, you can bet we’re gonna have a witch hunt, and you can bet it’s gonna be big.”

    Living in Westcliffe is “heaven to us,” the silent grandmother writes. “You should tell them we like this little town, and we are sorry that they don’t like us.”
    …She asked inspectors to check out the home and consider code changes to block “compounds.” A July inspection found only minor violations and no criminal activity.

    Still, Burtt said, “If they come in here en masse, it’s a threat to our property values but also our ranching way of life. It is almost like a gawd-darn plague that you have to deal with.”

    For a small county, Custer has a remarkable religious diversity. There are at least 10 different denominations in Westcliffe, including a Mennonite community and a growing Amish presence that includes a new furniture store on Main Street.

    “We’re thrilled to have them,” said Burtt of the Amish

  190. PK with a doggygirl like that one you don’t need another any more than she needs a new man. She got herself a good one.

  191. i was thinking a puppy so she could have a playfriend lol

  192. My meth dog learned lots of tricks – a trainer told me to get a box of hard cat food for treats – like 2-3 for a reward. That dog loved em and would shake, roll over, speak, fetch and act like she was on meth but the latter was natural.

    Like trying to get her to heel, she would jump up and bite my new jeans and rip a big ass hole in my ass.

    Damn dog!


    Thats what I learned about dogs!

    A freind of mines dog, take it to the beach and throw sticks out in the ocean right when shore break came in, she would run and leap over the breaking wave, and swim out there and get the stick, sometimes getting a little surf push ride on the way back while dogpaddling. HOURS of fun doing that!

  194. Speaking of “dogpaddling” where is duane?

  195. …More on Warren Jeffs dictations and the ‘Lords Judgment on Short Creek”

    “I, the Lord have looked upon my people who dwell in the Short Creek Stake of Zion, and behold, my servant,[WS Jeffs] there are many who profess to know my name who do not know Me, but have blasphemed against Me in the midst of Mine House. For behold, the apostate spirit is among many who dwell there, who have partaken of the spirit of the world and are overcome with darkness, because their deeds are EVIL and their hearts are set upon the things of this wicked generation, in the generation which none doeth good save these who obey my Celestial Law in Oneness with my Priesthood, I have established upon the Earth. And this generation now dwelling upon the land is ripened in iniquity and is filled with violence; and their hearts are turned from me, having only EVIL in their minds continually. There are secret combinations among my people at the Short Creek Stake of Zion, and elsewhere,who have joined hands with the apostates, and who are now traitors and apostates in their hearts, and profess to uphold my Priesthood” dictation by Warren S Jeffs on 31 May, 2007.

  196. Whoa what a find! Notice he didnt name any names. Doesnt he just ex everybody he suspects of not being a brownnoser right on the spot, or did he realize it was all following away, that people would rise against his wicked tyranny?

  197. Speaking of “dogpaddling” where is duane?

    Stamp, Duane only come out if you say doggie style…..

  198. LMAO

  199. Stamp–what’s a meth dog???

  200. Imagine a dog – on twenty cups of coffee. With teeth.

  201. I’m not talking about reproduction anymore, I got carried away and some of what I posted didn’t come out the way I intended at all. Was infuriated and trying to make a point that women aren’t forced most of the time. No, I’m not a womanizer, but know people who are. Sometimes it is easier to adapt certain personas when making a point without resorting to a sockpuppet like stamp did with “watching”.

    CaJim, At the time he wrote those dictations, the UEP had been seized, many apostates were in living on and still are, UEP property, and the Mohave Sherriff’s dept. had their little trailer in short creek and from the FLDS’s point of view, trying to recruit spies

    Funny thing, there was one event in particular that WJeff’s recorded, that was very troublesome to me, yet it wasn’t given much attention at all.

  202. duane the ‘troublesome event’ are you referring to the fact that Warren Jeffs had chosen Federal Flight from Justice, was on the FBI’s ‘Ten Most Wanted’ list or was incarcerated and facing trial as an ‘Accomplice to Rape’, the charge for which he is now convicted ? Sorry, duane in the above 31 May, 2007 quote ,here in above, very clearly talks about some of His Priesthood people,”…have joined hands with apostates” and are still faking loyalty and are, “…apostates in their hearts, and profess to uphold my Priesthood”. You know that he offers that the ‘Land of Refuge’ is an option, if they qualify by some new procedure? The fact is the earlier Revelation that ‘Short Creek is no longer the gathering place and is rejected of God’ was information only being shared with members allowed into the ‘Land of Refuge’. Sorry, most Hildale and Colorado City members had no clue that an inner circle of Brethren was chosen and being gathered, the so named ‘Templebuilders’.

  203. Stamp isn’t that type of dog usually called a terrier?

  204. duane, so what was Warren’s exuse in March 2008 in his dictations??

  205. duane, NO refuge is offered to those member without a HUGE sacrifice of their lives, clear down to giving their underage girls to OLD FARTS!!

  206. Forced to participate in an illegal act, deppity? That sounds like mafia.

  207. yes maam grannytoad it sho do!

  208. Man, thousands and thousands for PK’s Twelve Step Program for Blog Addicts, months of sobriety, and then he blows it like this.

    See if I send you any more money for shock therapy, dude.

    For the record, I hate hibachi restaurants. After raising kids, do I really need to see food thrown around? And I too am kind of clueless about what a transvestite fundy Mormon would look like.

  209. Greets

    You cant tell, they just where their wives magic underwear!

  210. I have been unable to get my own underwear to do anything magick all month.

    So far.

  211. When Warren was caught, there were many wigs found in the red Caddy. Maybe a transvestite fundie actually looks like Warren in drag with his wig, size 6 Tall prairie dress and size 12 sneakers with 2 layers of opaque hose on.

    Yea, I can picture that and it is NOT a pretty sight!

  212. Well rumor has it Warren and some brothers swing both ways.

    87 wives and 128 “boy toys”..

  213. Hey GFNY,
    Dont worry i dont plan on sticking around too long. Just a few days then i will fizzle out like bad disco. I pretty much got all my jollys now. I’m not really up to question and answer like it was before lol.

  214. This blog is where the flds action is now. The SLT articles board and Brooke’s blog are almost dead. Thank you flds Texas group for making this blog available and interesting
    Does Brooke still work at the SLT?.

  215. GrannyToad said: “I have been unable to get my own underwear to do anything magick all month. So far.”

    THAT. is the funniest damn thing I’ve read this month.

    GrannyToad…you made my day. (where’s your tip jar?)

  216. PK: I have enjoyed your comments and even though I have not asked any direct questions, you have given me a deeper understanding of how the flds work.
    1. It is a fantasy land and to stay in it you have to buy into the fantasy.
    2. It is like Calvin ball, you make it up as you go.
    3. This from my own thoughts. With warren incarcerated and the various indictmentsn,etc there is not a clear cut command structure nor consistent strategies for dealing with the external pressure.

    People looking in from the outside have little chance of determining what is really going on.

  217. Why Granny Toad your magick undies must be working look how much ‘love & support’ you been feeling. And you with that uneven disposition, see there the undies are ‘wonderfilled’. My sister in-law works at a meat packing plant and she swears by them, too. Don’t you feel how uplifting they are? Don’t they make you feel firmly committed?

  218. Does Brooke still work at the SLT?.

    chemist said this on June 12, 2009 at 2:04 AM

    Last week the Associated Press presented many awards to journalists in the western region.

    Ben Winslow, Brian West, Pat Reavy and the Deseret News staff won first-place honors for their coverage of the raid on the FLDS Church compound in Texas last year.

    Interestingly Brooke Adams won nothing – not even honorable mention.

    Chemist, maybe she doesn’t work for the Salt Lake Tribune anymore. Maybe she went to work for the Deseret News because they report the truth about the FLDS.

  219. Warren needs more than magic underwear. Guess that magic carpet he ordered on EBAY fro Iran never arrived.

  220. cajim, the troublesome event had to do with his sister in law, I guess since she wasn’t underage it wasn’t that important. But then agan, I’m not defending Jeffs as an individual but the FLDS in general. Even the much despised BillM has been critical of Jeffs the individual. Yet many FLDS other than pliggy, regard Wjeffs as a kind, good hearted, and sweet person. Since I never met the guy, I wouldn’t know, would also say that with many celebrities and political leaders, their personal relationships were in stark contrast to their public persona and record, Bill Clinton being a prime example, Dan Fischer another.

  221. “regard Wjeffs as a kind, good hearted, and sweet person. Since I never met the guy, I wouldn’t know, ”


    duane, duane duane

    You OUGHT to know – by now. Oh, he wasnt a madman – until he got the power.

    You ought to look up what Winston Blackmore says about him, about the time Warren exed him fro simply talking to Rulon.

    Winnie said he was SOOO ashamed that he and others went along with Warrens lies.

    Now, Warren has done a pretty good job of destructing the FLDS.

    Call him Sweet, Charming, Endearing, but also call him DESTRUCTIVE.

    And that includes money, real estate AND human resources.

  222. duane, your kidding me about pliggy,, Pliggy would lick Warren Jeffs shoes if he thought he could get back into Flds.

  223. “good hearted”

    LMAO – SOOO many other good hearted people are in prison too!

  224. In Waterboys Adam Sandler Voice:

    “I like Warren, he lights my candle, and thats why I keep him on a pedestal in my room, and I have FIVE 24 x 36″ portraits of him in my house. But momma tells me I shouldnt look up to him just like that”

  225. duane has never met Flora or Ross Chatwin either, yet he has formed strong opinions about them. Just more of duanes hypocrisy showing. Or how about the non flds people in Mancos, CO. deci has never met them, yet he denigrates them for just expressing their opinion about the flds. People who personally knew Hitler probably said nice things about him too, he almost destroyed a country because of his delusions, Warren has almost destroyed a sect because of his delusions. Compare them skinwalker.

  226. Posted on Brooke Adams blog –

    Twitter Feed

    * Considering turning off comments all together on blog. Hmmm. 16 hrs ago

    Why would she do that?

  227. Maybe she’s run out of Steam???? LOL

  228. Still, Burtt said, “If they come in here en masse, it’s a threat to our property values but also our ranching way of life. It is almost like a gawd-darn plague that you have to deal with

    Ole Wife, this is somone expressing hatred, not an opinion.

    I don’t have a negative opinion about Ross Chatwin but he wasn’t arbitrarily kicked out.

    Since Warren “almost destroyed” the sect, wouldn’t that have been a good thing if he had succeeded?

  229. Ross Chatwin was arbitrarily kicked out, because he asked Warren for a wife from “OUTSIDE” flds treasure chest duane, that’s why he was kicked out, NOT A GOOD REASON!

  230. Do you ever bother actually reading why these people were kicked out duane, or do you just go by what Pliggy tells you??

  231. duane: Nice “typo” calling me ole, not ale. Honest mistake ? NOT.
    Actually, I don’t give a flip whether the flds self destruct or flourish. The issue I raised was your hypocrisy about the flds. You think it is Ok for you to demonize flds apostates, etc, but if someone makes a remark critical about the flds they are haters and it is hate speech. Do you know what hypocrisy is?? You surely exhibit it in your posts.

  232. Yes deputy I do read why these people were kicked out, Ross immediately went on the offensive after he was booted. I’m not going to take sides, I’m sure he had his reasons, but it is beyond obvious that his dispute with Warren and Co. was brewing well before he was officially kicked out.

  233. Yes it was an HONEST MISTAKE Ale Wife!I thought it was an “o” not an “a”, thought you were being quaint.

  234. duane,, excuse me? If someone came and knocked on your door and said , GET OUT!! don’t tell me you wouldnt go on the defensive!

  235. Obvious to whom Duane??? Flds go to the regular meeting in the meeting hall and Warren jeffs stands up and calls out 20 names of MEN excommunicated , gives them a hour to get out.
    Warren Jeffs is delusional duane!

  236. Sure it was an honest mistake.NOT. Just like calling me an ole hag a few days ago was an honest mistake. You seem to like calling women who disagree with you derogatory names. Sounds like sexist hate speech to me.

  237. Matthew Royell Barlow, 36, 2615 W. Canyon View Drive, Santa Clara, was arrested Thursday on charges of driving on a suspended license, headlight violation, improper registration, no proof of insurance and an ignition interlock violation. Barlow was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on $1,817 bail.

    Washington City

  238. Jeremiah R. Johnson, 21, 237 W. 950 South, St. George, was arrested Thursday on charges of amphetamine possession, possession of paraphernalia, evidence tampering, littering, driving on a suspended license and three outstanding warrants. Johnson was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on $18,657 bail.

  239. These arrests were done yesterday

  240. Maybe Warren needed some company from home.

  241. Polygamist accused of molesting daughters pleads not guilty

    Here is a guy who claimed a religious right to molest his daughters on the “pure” seed doctrine and on patriarchal claims (his needs come first)

  242. deputydog1 you missed one:

    Washington City

    Public Safety

    Rodney Glen Dockstader, 18, 690 W. Evans Ridge Circle, No. 4, Washington City, was arrested Monday on charges of driving under the influence, unlicensed driver and improper registration. Dockstader was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on $1,680 bail.

  243. Thanks LadySadie

  244. They must be having quite a party in Purgatory, no drivers license required.

  245. HAHA!!! Grannytoad!

  246. HHG, thanks for the link about yet another polygamist perv.

    Odd that anyone would believe that the Archangel Gabriel could be so plug-ugly.

    I’m puzzling over PK believing bad disco fizzled out. It seemed to me that it lasted a couple of centuries, at least.

    I have said all along that WSJ was probably a cross-dresser.

  247. GFNY, do you think WJ misses his chiffon nighties and fluffy mules?

  248. Interesting site you have here, I shall have to come back and spend some quality time. Still no word from Laurene Jessop.

  249. HHG Great find!

    “A polygamist who claimed to be an emissary of God and accused of serial abuse of his daughters has been returned to the United States and pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of molestation and rape.

    Jose Luis Torres, 54, arrived in San Diego Wednesday afternoon from Mexico City, where he had been in a penitentiary awaiting extradition since his capture, Deputy U.S. Marshal Omar Castillo said.

    Mexican authorities took Torres into custody Jan. 8 after he was located at his mother’s home, Castillo said.
    He was arraigned in San Diego Superior Court Thursday on 24 counts of various crimes of sexual abuse. Family members and victims watched the hearing from the gallery.
    Torres faces more than 100 years to life in prison, said prosecutor Rachel Cano. He remains in county jail, where he is being held on $1 million bail. San Diego police Detective Dianna Webb described Torres as controlling and domineering and called it one of the worst molestation cases she has ever seen.

  250. duane

    If Ross had been having “Obvious propblems” with Warren, The Dinkhood are holding Warren over the Helhole and they are losing their grip – Obviously.

  251. good morning. I want to thank you all for all the comments and discussion. I have not had time to review comments for a couple of days and not sure if the other admin have been monitoring them. If someone is concerned about a particular post, you can always email us at and bring it to our attention if admin is off board. Thanks.

    By the way, what happened to Brooks’ blog? Who killled it?

  252. And thank you to the admin who fixed the clock :). Just noticed that.

  253. Brook’s blog is going fine as far as I know.

  254. Hello from Amarillo!

    We spoke to someone last night about one of the FLDS children sent here. Apparently the boy only had one leg and was using a homemade wooden leg provided by his family. Once he was here, some people in the community got together to try to get him a proper prosthetic leg, but his parents did not want him to have it. The community pulled together and had the leg made, at a cost of thirty thousand dollars, and they gave it to him anyway.

  255. Good heavens Boots. Those backward barbarians. It’s not enough to deny children a basic education, and playtime.

  256. Boots that is awesome! Its just like the folks at sky high ranch in Midland, at the shelter some of the girls stayed in. Donations were made to buy them sewing machines and materials so they could sew their own dresses… People are wonderful in Texas.

  257. Texans tried SO hard to please the YFZ children, it’s no wonder some did not want to return. I wish CPS had held out until the DNA results were in.

  258. Alin, Brooke twittered, “Considering turning off comments all together on blog. Hmmm.”

    Which is as daft an idea as I’ve ever heard. She could delete archived comments after a brief time, but people visit her blog to argue. Certainly not to read; there’s little on it.

  259. GrannyToad, WSJ preferred peignoir sets, not nighties. His favorite was sheer polyester chiffon in sugarmelon red, with a ribbon tie at the waist. He also especially loved his black-white-and-gold sequined caftan from Lane Bryant Tall Shop. That was one of those outfits that transitions from day to evening just by removing the little silk slip underneath.

    I don’t know about him wearing mules, but he definitely liked the white silken (polyester, actually) fetters by which he was led around by his faithful amanuensis, Naomi. It was never the same without them.

  260. O is that what it was in those pictures I saw. My eyes are getting so bad. Wish I’d gotten a better look with my Readers or a Magnifying Glass. That one thing sure was a little bitty one.

  261. Sugarmelon red?

  262. June 25,2009
    01:30 PM SPEC SET RESOLUTION HEARING S27 071501596 State Felony
    OTN: 19095116 DOB: 05/12/1981
    F1 – RAPE – 04/14/01

  263. Yes the June 25th court hearing for Allen Steed is a resolution hearing. Allen is supposed to agree to a plea deal with 5th District Court in St. George, Washington County, Utah.

    It’s long overdue and if Allen cops a plea deal, then it will save the Washington County residents mucho $$$$. Warren’s case cost a FORTUNE just for courthouse security.

    I sure hope that Allen goes to jail for raping Elissa!

  264. Anon,

    Another plea agreement from Utah or Arizona for the rape of a child. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

  265. Whats the going punishment out there, a weekend in jail?

  266. I just hope the deal requires mandatory counseling and further education in a secular venue.

  267. Yes, FLDS Texas, sugarmelon red. Check your Victoria’s Secret catalog.

  268. I would just like to say, that I have read Judge Barbara Walther’s credentials, and I respect her very much. I think she handled everything thrown at her with Integrity, and sometimes, humor to get through all the CRAP she has had to put up with the last years. I admire people who overcome obstacles in their lives like Polio and go on and follow their dreams. She loves the law and believes in Justice. She’s an excellant Judge in my opinion.

  269. Thanks for your remark, DD.

    I too admire and respect Judge Walther and I have never met her or lived in Texas.

    From the court proceedings I have read, she seems to be a very caring, sincere, astute and wise judge and I think that Texas is very fortunate to have her part of their judiciary system.

    It pains me that there are people bad-mouthing her for her actions in the YFZ situation. If one reads the actual court transcripts, she does not deserve such blasphemy.

    It also disgusts me how her physical disability has been made fun of. She endured polio. She should be hailed for overcoming a serious physical impediment. Judge Walther obviously didn’t let such a physical impairment slow her down in accomplishing her goals and aspirations.

    However, there are downright mean people in this world (such as Bill M.) who call her horribly ugly names and try to make fun of her.

    These creeps are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. They can’t find honest criticism about her abilities as a judge, so they stoop so low to make criticism of her as a person.

    I think that is a really low-life thing to do.

  270. anon,

    Yeah, they’ve been known to stoop.

    If anyone is interested in some fresh information, you’re more than welcome to check out the latest two posts on the AAAP’s blog.

    I’ve highlighted the relationships between some folks, and asked some interesting questions.

    I’ve also made some very serious allegations.

    I’ve also given an overview of some of the cases we’ve heard about, from people with first hand experience with the polygamists children.

    One CASA worker told us that a woman expressed a desire to leave, but felt the risk was too great and that they could never protect her.

    Sending every last child back to their abusers must have confirmed that for that women, for sure.

    Certain people in Texas
    took those children,
    and then told them:

    We know you are abused.

    We don’t care enough to protect you.

    We’ve successfully stoppped the heroes who tried.

    Go back home and endure it.

  271. When I read the words of someone who needs to call people “dyke” or “gimp” hoping to dehumanize them and discredit all their words and actions with name calling, I immediately see that there is something wrong with him, not his victims and I want to avoid any future contact with him.

  272. Betty: I totally agree. Bill M referred to one of Oprah W.’s assistants as the Asian Chick. When called on it, his reply was that he was not politically correct and did not worry about political correctness.

    If Bill M and duane are the best the flds have in the way of supporters, they are in real trouble.

  273. Not being politically correct is one thing; with as much writing as we have from Mudpucky, we can pick out a pattern and see intent.

  274. Somethings just don’t wash off in the shower like being having been a resident in a penitentiary, BillM still wears his stripes in many ways. His brand or warped and self-engrandizement shows his felonious nature that breaks bounds of normalcy and decency. His brand of deviance, in our society, would have a run in with the Law and thoroughly discredits his views on child protection. It ,also, points up the FLDS Church abnormarlcy that BillM is allowed to interface with FLDS membership in conveying the perverted message. He’s the self-willed run riot cohort to another covert band of FLDS lawbreakers, this is their evil alliance.

  275. Yes, I think there is real intent on Bill M’s part to denigrate and dehumanize those he disagrees with. Surely the flds can see that he is a detrimant to their cause rather than a help. Yet, I have heard nothing about the flds disclaiming him.
    Evil alliance is an apt term.

  276. Chemist, Im not sure what ignorant people who follow medveckys blog think. I do know an attorney, Julie Ward follows it and posts on it. She herself should be ashamed!

  277. Boots – GREAT post on your blog and best of luck on your tour!

  278. AP News service is reporting that the UEPTrust agreement, which Utah AG Shurtleff hopes is still probable with FLDS Church attorneys, will be devoid of the Arizona AG Office’s or Bruce Wisan Trustor for the UEPTrust’s positive endorsement(s). Judge Lindberg has a decision to make today on whether enough promise of a global agreement is likely and decide which further course/action to take. Not reaching a enforceable agreement will portend serious and costly consequences to all parties involved and Elissa Wall’s case is ready to proceed to trial according to her attorneys.

  279. Also today, the FLDS must pay Wisan $192,000, the balance due on a $385,000 bill for six months of delinquent housing occupancy fees. The judge ordered the payments as part of the settlement talks.

  280. Shurtleff is “backpeddling” because he is running for a senate seat…. I hope Lindberg refuses the proposal! And since Arizona disagrees, I don’t know how she could accept only a partial settlement.

  281. FLDS

    Found Little Deal Sunk

  282. From Boots latest post:

    Some of these stories have been, quite literally, heartbreaking. One foster family, which took in 12 of the children, said 10 of the 12 were bed wetters and three of the boys were unable to control their bowels through a whole night…an almost certain indication of damage to their rectums.

    Could it be that this was a result of trauma after being forcibly relocated and moved to an unfamiliar home?

    One 13 year old girl, they were still uncertain if she is already a mother, because they could not locate a child for her, but there is medical evidence she’s had one.

    What medical evidence? Source please.

    And get this, a five year old boy given a full body scan, revealed a total of 19 different bone breaks on that baby’s body.

    What medical facility did the body scan, who intepreted the results?

    As far as the name calling, lets see: “child molestor protector”, polygamist pedophile support group”, “peep”, “inbreds”, “slut”, “pervert”…I was even called a rapist though that person apologized the next day. Many of us have made dumb posts…some apoligize, some do not, others have no regrets about anything they have ever said. The name calling has been done by all sides except FLDS members themselves.

  283. It seems that Shirtleff and the FLDS have come to an agreement, is their proposal the one that was originally posted on this site?

    Could the judge sign off on it despite Wisan and the AZ AG’s objections?

  284. Duane,

    I’m not interested in providing information on my sources to you, or anyone else who would cover up and excuse the rape of little boys and girls.

    Considering the Feds have threatened Texas citizens, perhaps we need to keep this between Texans. Every child on the YFZ who was born there, or has resided here for more than six months is now a citizen of Texas.

    We have a right and a duty to protect the freedoms of our citizens, Duane, even the children. There is no constitutional freedom to abuse children.

    There is, however, a clear right to live free of physical or sexual abuse. When children have to be physically pushed across a room to be reunited with the perps who hurt them, as they wimper and beg not to be made to go back…maybe it’s time for Texas citizens to say enough is enough.

  285. I suppose it’s possible the Judge could sign off on some agreement or the other, but it’s my guess that the one between Shurtleff and the FLDS is patently unfair to anyone else and would amount to a reversal of decisions she’s already made. In other words…I doubt it.

  286. duane: “The name calling has been done by all sides except FLDS members themselves.”

    And exactly how do you know what posts are from flds members and what posts are not from them? Just remeber that you have done your share of name calling, deci skinwalker.

  287. Is there anyone who’s confused about who’s in charge of UEP?

    The State of Utah years ago assigned it to Bruce Wisan, more recently to Judge Lindberg.

    Any questions?

  288. Boots, you are not talking about near majority girls who are legally “adults” in the criminal justice system, “of age” in most states of the union and Canada, and willing, as Teresa Steed’s bamboozlement of Texas LE indicates. You are asserting that almost all the young’uns down to toddlers were forcibly raped complete with physical trauma. If true, I’d grab my torch and pitchfork and join ya! But no, your accusations are shocking and utterly outrageous, but keep at it…your blog has become very entertaining.

  289. certain issues to the judge, that was

  290. It seeme to me that loading sleeping skunks into cute furry balls to fire off from ballistas in Willie’s general direction could be worthwhile entertainment.

  291. duane,

    You’ve already made it quite clear that you won’t get morally outraged about sexual abuse, why should anyone expect you to be upset about physical abuse? You are here to argue that they were all 100% innocent and anyone who believes different is a bigot.

  292. duane, are you saying they didn’t talk to people who worked with the children at the Boys ranch in amarillo?
    Are you calling Boots a liar? And if so, prove it!!

  293. No betty, I would be very morally outraged if what Boots sez is true. I also didn’t say they are 100% innocent, if you don’t believe me then ask Boots, she’ll vouch for me. I didn’t call Boots a liar but her sources are highly suspect, since they are super-duper secret “sources”, well what can I do? Its kinda hard to prove a negative.

    This reminds me of the bad old days of slavery and Jim crow, when white people tried to defend the rights of black people, the racial bigots would be like “So, are you a ni__er lover or what?”

  294. duane: Whom do you think in the flds is not 100% innocent? Name someone or someones.

  295. Well, pliggy is not 100% innocent, Flora’s dad went to prison-I heard he and Flora are now good friends, is that true anyonoe? Don’t remember the source.
    Warren Jeffs certainly may not be 100% innocent but his conviction in Utah was super flakey. There was an FLDS father convicted of molesting his daughters-he’s not innocent.

  296. Not being able to control your bowels through the night has nothing to do with being forcibly removed from your house. duane.

    And Boots sources seem to be ALOT of the people who cared for the kids, are you calling them liars?
    Just about every survivor’s story is a story of abuse whether they suffered from it or someone close to them did.
    How many stories or survivors have to come out before you will acknowledge it and become “morally outraged?”

  297. Have you watched “Banking on Heaven” or maybe Many Wives: Vows of Silence? Have you read Elissa’s book or Flora’s or Brent’s ? Maybe you would enjoy reading about the LeBaron Group,oh wait, they had sexual & physical abuse as well! hmmmm….let me see if I can find one without the abuse so you won’t be “morally outraged”.
    You could look at the website for “Gateway to Freedom Foundation” for Valerie Jeffs Mackert and read Paula’s story too. Oops, You will really be outraged after reading those stories, never mind. Hmmm…I’m still thinking……who has a good story for you to read? oh, no one.

    Then come back and post. When you know what your talking about. Because it’s obvious you do not. I am offended AS A WOMAN that you are not morally outraged and you take up for them time after time.

  298. I agree with you mississippigirl. Duane will always call the flds women who left liars and support the men who abused them. Or, he may bend enough to say that he is with holding judgement. How anyone could read Warren’s dictations and with hold judgement on warren is beyond me. Oh of course, duane won’t read the dictations. He might learn sonething critical of his flds heros.

  299. I don’t care about Warren, most of what he writes is not illegal, the illegal stuff-we already knew about it. Warren could be the most evil, murderous, baby eating cannibal who walked the face of the earth. That doesn’t make the other thousands guilty. While some of his dications are clear, much is useless without collaboration.

    You condemn these folks collectively, I don’t…by and large most FLDS are good people.

    Shirtleff has a mess on his hands because he now realizes you cannot use brute force to impose your personal moral code on an entire religious minority group, especially one with a long history and a pop of thousands. By “moral code” I mean polygamy, communal property, and spirtual beleifs.

    Evril Lebaron, Lafferty brothers…they were psychos who used religion to justify their murderous predilections, not the other way around.

  300. One must keep in mind how few cards the FLDS have in this trust negotiation.

    If the Arizona AG’s office won’t sign off on a deal, how enforceable is it? Most of Short Creek is in Arizona.

    What is to prevent non-FLDS residents of Short Creek from suing both the trust and the state of Utah? As much as has been written about a “constitutional right to polygamy”, there is far better potential for a lawsuit from the other side, seeing as any proposed religious redlining cuts pretty close to the heart of the Fair Housing Act.

    What is to stop the designated trustee, Bruce Wisan, from suing to nullify any agreement that he doesn’t think serves all beneficiaries fairly?

    And of course, Elissa Wall and any other third-party claimants would take the gloves off.

  301. Wasn’t the UEP Trust set up in UT? So what if it now includes property and resources in 2 or 3 countries, much less more than one State.

  302. Yup, Granny, it was. But there is nothing to stop an Attorney General from suing on behalf of the citizens. That was how Eliot Spitzer became a political force in New York.

  303. mississippi girl thank you for the Gateway Foundation link,,, its a wonderful site. and very informative!! God Bless Rena Mackert and Her sisters.

  304. correcton: much is useless without corroboration.

    I have much of the books by ex-flds and yes, most of their memoirs I take at face value but also understand that is their interpretation of events. IMHO, the books are mostly true but with a little bs thrown here and there, for example, the reason why they wear prairie skirts and Brent’s assertion that he was raped by Jeffs, Lyle, and Blaine during church services with the alleged perps taking turn as lookouts. So KMackerts FLDS “forced’ marriage lasted 14 years-the last 4 after they both left the FLDS together-That was a relatively successful marriage in this day and age.
    Perhaps I would agree with Carolyn’s assessment of Barbara but to take Carolyn, Elissa, or Flora’s experiences and extrapolate them onto the entire population is unfair and just serves to feed prejudice.

  305. And yet the Mackerts younger sister Valerie evidently committed suicide,, she was raped by warren ‘s brothers, her brothers… Valerie Jeffs.

  306. So did the FLDS pay their 192k today as ordered?

  307. Yep, right on time.

  308. AG’s office files proposal to end litigation over polygamous trust land
    June 15th, 2009 @ 8:32pm
    By Ben Winslow
    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Attorney General’s Office has filed a proposal to end massive litigation over the real estate arm of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    The proposal calls for a lot of land in the border towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., to be returned to the polygamous sect.

    In a letter of intent and a proposal obtained by KSL NewsRadio on Monday, the Utah Attorney General’s Office said it would like to see a pair of farms returned to the FLDS. Some land on the outskirts of town would be handed over to non-FLDS members.

    “FLDS will complete the survey and division expeditiously,” the letter said.

    The attorney general’s proposal also calls for the town cemetery and a park to be returned to the FLDS.

    Ex-members and non-members can have “reasonable access to visit graves, but conduct and dress to be in compliance with FLDS standards.”

    A library would also be built in town, but anything visible from outside would have to meet “FLDS standards as determined by the Bishop.”

    The proposal is meant to settle litigation filed by FLDS members over the reformed United Effort Plan (UEP) Trust. In 2005, a judge in Salt Lake City’s 3rd District Court took over the trust over allegations that FLDS leader Warren Jeffs and others mismanaged it. The judge appointed a fiduciary, Bruce Wisan, to manage it.

    For years, the FLDS were relatively silent as the once communal property was dissolved in favor of private property ownership. FLDS members ignored the changes and rules instituted by the fiduciary. Then they sued, arguing the reforms violated their right to freely practice their religion by consecrating their property.

    A “stand down” was initiated after lawsuits when the fiduciary sought to sell some land to pay outstanding bills. The FLDS claimed the land was prophesized to be a temple site.

    The UEP Trust controls homes and property in Hildale, Colorado City and Bountiful, British Columbia in Canada.

    The proposal calls for Wisan to be replaced, and a neutral advisory board made up of appointees by both FLDS and non-FLDS members. “This shows our best efforts,” said Paul Murphy, a spokesman for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

    A judge must ultimately sign off on the proposal, but Wisan has already objected, arguing in court papers that it violates the reforms enacted by the courts when the trust was taken over. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office has also objected, ex-FLDS members also have concerns over the proposal.

    “It’s all slanted towards the FLDS,” said Katie Cox, who lives on UEP land and is on a court-appointed advisory board for the reformed trust.

    For their part, FLDS members said in a court filing that they essentially agreed with much of the proposal. “We’re very close to agreement with the Utah Attorney General’s Office,” said Rod Parker, an attorney for FLDS members.

    The FLDS also paid $192,000 to the courts on Monday, as required by a judge for occupancy fees and housing costs. Attorneys said it was a good faith effort to keep negotiations ongoing.

  309. This is all a bunch of Horse Hooey!!

  310. Utah Attorney General’s Office said it would like to see a pair of farms returned to the FLDS. Some land on the outskirts of town would be handed over to non-FLDS members.

    Awh,, isn’t that nice of them???? NOT!!!

  311. Flora says even with AquaNet, there is no way she can make her wave go high enough to conform to FLDS standards…and her prarie dresses don’t go long enough. Does she have to prove she’s wearing the right underwear, too?

  312. Open Discussion 4:

  313. WOW caJim – that’s a doozey!

    He’s the self-willed run riot cohort to another covert band of FLDS lawbreakers

    That’s a $2 word … no a $5 word … no that is a $10 phrase if I ever heard one!

  314. “Warren Jeffs certainly may not be 100% innocent but his conviction in Utah was super flakey. There was an FLDS father convicted of molesting his daughters-he’s not innocent.”

    duane said this on June 15, 2009 at 3:43 PM


    Super – Flakey? Both Warren and Shurtleff fall into that category. And Michael O Leavitt too.

    How big a poo poo mess can those guys make?

    Obviously one of the largest of all times. Utah really puts em out!

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