Poll: Should Polygamy be Legal?

~ by FLDS TEXAS on May 30, 2009.

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  1. I wanted to vote:


    That way they could have something to look forward to.

  2. OR


  3. If they want to work out a way where no minor children will ever be involved maybe they could play their little sex and fairytale games. But they have no right to children that require taxpayer support for food clothing shelter or medical care. Not even one. That is just not something Americans would choose for children.

  4. No US State allows a legal marriage to any person who is already married. Those who attempt subverting the law get charged with bigamy.

  5. State laws are struggling with gay marriage too at this time. The big difference is however, gay marriages don’t involve children as spouses and assorted other social issues.

  6. AH yes – Gay marriage – just served a stunning defeat in CA by their Supreme Court –

    There were some Gay window weddings they let slide though! NOT FAIR!

  7. I’m 100% behind civil unions for gays and lesbians. I truly envy some of the good relationships I’ve seen.

    If you start tinkering with the definition of marriage, you’re going to leave a hole big enough to drive a truck full of concubines right through.

  8. One of those poll choices is unbearably stupid, since “underage marriage” is entirely legal. You just have to be a monogamist to engage in “underage marriage.”

    So really, saying “yes” to “only if it doesn’t include underage marriage” is saying “I don’t like underage marriage PERIOD.” If that’s really not the question then whoever answers yes to that one is just a bigot.

  9. mcbryde, a person under the age of 16 has to have parental permission and a court order from a judge to legally marry.
    Please tell me how many Flds polygamists did that legally?? OH NONE!!! because by law you can only marry ONE person at a time.

  10. Ok, then you JUST ACKNOWLEDGED that underage marriage can occur as long as it is monogamous underage marriage. Polygynists cannot engage in legal underage marriage, that’s the point your making, since the marriage is most likely unregistered and therefore a crime. But you have admitted that “Underage Marriage” is not legally wrong.

    That makes the whole hand wringing about underage marriage, a fraud. You act as if it was illegal and you KNOW it’s not.

  11. I support gay marriage but unlike gays, polygamists molest children and since I’m against child molestation I’m against polygamy. A vote for polygamy is a vote for child molestation.

  12. Hugh, I think you just have a problem because a poll such as this shows that most people are against polygamy period. Kinda shoots your whole push to legalize polygamy down the toilet. With stats that show 93% of people polled are against polygamy it going to make it very hard for anyone to get it legalized. I am hoping that the issue will be put to real polls just as the gay marriage issue has been put to the polls. I think if the issue were put before the voting public polygamy would not have a snowballs chance in hell of ever being legal.

  13. Hugh Ego eliminated himself from the Plyggy Gene pool, first wife said “NO!”

    Hugh Ego:

    “One of those poll choices is unbearably stupid, since “underage marriage” is entirely legal.”

    Mebbe they ought to hire you for the legal team eh Ego? Because you have made the justices mind up? Ya think SCOTUS is gonna go along with that line of thinking..?

  14. Anon,

    You,ve managed to put me in the position, again, of having to defend polygamist. Somehow I doubt that you’re a real person concerned about child molestation, more like a polygamist sympathizer, trying again to make people who are anti-polygamy look like “haters”.

    But here goes… The polygamists who abuse little girls are abusing the girls within their own families and groups, not generally strangers on the streets. This of course doesn’t include individual unaffiliated polygamist fanatics like Brian David Mitchell, who kidknapped Elizabeth Smart.

    “If we could only eliminate polygs for good then our economic problems will be solvd and unemployment willl drop”

    I don’t even know what to say to that except, again, you’re obviously a poser.

    Please don’t think anyone here is dumb enough to buy into your verbal nonsense.

  15. Yeah, his kind has paid my own blog a visit before. The first time it happened I was stunned, but quickly figured out what was really going on, lol.

    They want so desperately for us to be full of “hate” for them, so they can use it to show how poor and innocent and vulnerable they all are.

    It must be incredibly frustrating for them when they keep encountering logical and reasonable argument instead of “haters”, otherwise they wouldn’t try so hard to manufacture them themselves…kinda like the fake photo they submitted into evidence in an open court of law.

  16. Polygamists can do exactly the same thing with ONE wife that any monogamist can do with ONE wife.

    Hugh maintains that he is romantically happy with his one wife and it’s totally up to him to take others. Now why someone would spend lots and lots of spare time defending an illegal practice that they are not interested in, just is beyond me. It’s like spending all your time on legalization of pot and then saying you prefer Merlot, you COULD hit the bong if you wanted to but you don’t. RIGHT. Something is wrong with this picture.

  17. mcbryde, bigamy is against the law to! So, geez, looks like you have no where to hang you drawers!

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